wagwan everybody today's video has been requested an awful lot in the comments recently and although I have my doubts about how many people are going to watch it I can't put it off any loss Jamaica is a fantastic country that has given the world Bob Marley jerk chicken and the world's fastest map the fourth largest island in the Caribbean Jamaicans are also pretty passionate about their football and there was a fair bit fh @ CZ sevens which is great since as you could probably tell from the way in which i pronounced wagwan I'm pretty sure I have some Jamaican heritage in me anyhow whilst did you make a national team better known as the reggae boys don't have the most illustrious past there have been some excellent footballers either born in Jamaica or of Jamaican descent over the years today we're taking a look at what the Jamaican national team starting 11 could look like right now if everyone it was eligible to represent the reggae boys chose to represent to be clear just being of any Jamaican descent isn't enough to feature in our 11 you need to be eligible to represent your maker by FIFA regulations which means either being born there having a Jamaican parent or a Jamaican grandpa here is a what if Jamaican a lot goalkeeper Andre bike one of only three Jamaican internationals in this 11 we don't think any of our potential Jamaican goalkeepers are better than the Reagan boys current number one Andre Blanc born in the town of may pan in Clarendon Parish Jamaica Blake made a name for himself as a really talented college play in the US while studying at the University of Connecticut he was selected first by Philadelphia Union in the 2014 MLS SuperDraft and has been with the Eastern Conference out there ever since registering over 100 appearances and having won more than 30 caps for Jamaica right wing McHale Antonio we're going with a back five or back three depending on the opposition for our what if Jamaican alert which means we can get with wing backs on either side of our backline we start on the right side with McHale Antonio who has played a right back before for West Ham that is very much a right wing are these debts a great athlete with an eye for a goal and a terrific attitude Antonio has rejected call ups from Jamaica in the hope of representing England at international level he received call it from both summer and Gareth Southgate but is yet to actually when his first cap for the three losses sensor back Cal Walker on the right side of our sense bacteria a position he played in the 2018 World Cup and what I can't say lubberman is Cal Walker the rapid Man City fullback starts there simply because we can't leave him out this formation suited us and we wanted to include McCallum Senya Walker was born in Sheffield to a Jamaican father and an English mother make him eligible for both England and Jamaica he's been part the Engel youth set up since under-19 level and has now won 48 caps for the country at the age of 29 sensor back where's Morgan the second Jamaican international Ennis Aladdin although where's Morgan was born in Nottingham he was eligible to represent Jamaica through Jamaican grandparents Abed his mother and his father sides he accepted a call-up for the first time in 2013 and he has since won 30 caps and has caps in the reggae box the first Jamaican to win a Premier League title and the first to score in the Champions League despite the fact Harry Redknapp called France again England cap in 2016 Morgan is our second center back Center back liam more the last of our three center backs Liam or is a really talented defender who I've thought might leave riding on a couple of occasions a calm and composed central defender who could also play it right back more husband with reading for three seasons now haven't been a regular on so where's Morgan Alister when the Fox is one promotion to the Premier League he has confirmed that he is eligible to represent Jamaica and I'm not yet received a cut from the senior England team maybe you will do at some point left wingback Danny Rose another Yorkshire born England international of Jamaican descent Danny Rose played alongside Kyle Walker at Tottenham and still does with England and in theory the two could have been international teammates for Jamaica Rose came much closer than Walker ever did as the regulars tried to poach the former England youth international in 2015 when the 25 year old was yet to win his first senior England cap it did arrive in 2016 though and the fallback 'since 127 caps for his native country central midfield Alex oxlade-chamberlain if any of you watched Jamaican football and yes there is something I've done it seems as though most players wants to be forwards or attacking players and that is reflected in the players available to has hit whilst we managed to cobble together a decent looking back line we went with a fat at the back since we only rarely have one top plus option in central hold midfield a nice Alex oxlade-chamberlain the son of another former England international of Jamaican descent in the form of mark Chamberlain alex oxlade-chamberlain would have been eligible for the reggae boys through his grandparents he made his England debut at 19 though and the 25 year old already has 32 caps to his name we love to Palmer him with Ruben Loftus cheek in midfield who asked the Chelsea midfielder is of Jamaican descent apparently not enough to make him eligible for the reggae boys right wing Leone baby we should get some excellent overlaps going on both flanks with four quick and adventurous full backs and why players and in front of Macao Antonio on the right is Bundesliga star Lee on baby who finally became a Jamaican international for the first time in 2019 born in Kingston Jamaica bailey moved to Europe in 2011 as his adoptive father tried to find a club foreign gang became the teenager's new home before a 20 million euro move to Bielema Kuzon in 2017 it had previously been suggested the Bailey could represent England although that turned out to be pots anyone whose first caps for the reggae boys in the Gold Cup last month attacking midfield kimahri through the middle we have the only uncut player in our entire 11 Leeds United start key re born in Walsall England Ruth is eligible to represent with England and Jamaica despite an excellent season at Allen Road under marcelo bielsa at england Koloff hardly seems imminent for the 26 yards he was apparently off the chance to play for Jamaica at the Gold Cup this summer he presumably said no since he isn't in their squad laughs wait Raheem Sterling the star of this side of that that can be no doubt only John Barnes can compete with Raheem Sterling when it comes to the greatest jamaican-born footballers of all time like Barnes Stirling chose to represent England international level his family having emigrated to London when Stirling was just five years old he scored 25 goals in all competitions four months since he last season winning the PFA Young Player of the Year award having by 23 this is before the prolific and ever improving white man has won 51 caps for England at the age of 24 and Iannuzzi England's second best player he also has the potential to become the nation's most capped player of all time center forward troy d we have a handful of good options that center forward without having one truly outstanding one Daniel Sturridge is the most talented striker who could have represented your maker he is made out boss and he's played so little football over the last couple of seasons Troy Deeney is a less gifted footballer they is Watford to talisman club captain and has been a regular for the Hornets for almost a decade a strong workman like centre forward who is good in the air and tends to it double figures four goals Deenie has turned down the Jamaican air phase corpse on a couple of occasions saying he still dreams of playing for England now aged 31 and with Gareth Southgate looking towards the future his chances don't look great on that run ever iced the team including substitutes and a manager moving on to the substitutes bench and we start out with Shaun Johnson the experienced New York City FC number one form of Chicago Fire Holmes jewel US and Jamaican nationality he had tryouts with the regulars at youth level before getting on the us room and here's when 8 caps to the USMNT at the age of 30 as backup to our three centre backs we're going with Freud a nice fellow long serving Watford teammate Adrian marietha born in England to a father of Fijian descent and a mother of Jamaican descent Mary Appa had the choice of representing any of those three unlike Deenie he accepted a caller from Jamaica in 2012 and he has since won 42 caps as a reserve fullback we have to find a place for another Premier League winner namely danny simpson the 32 year old free agent left leicester sits in the end of last season following 132 appearances in four seasons with the Foxes the former Manchester United trainee is eligible to play for the raggy boys since his father is Jamaican at the age of 32 he remains uncapped we have the same central and holding midfield problem up next so we've opted for talent over practicality and just gone with the best plays we can crossing our fingers and praying nothing happens tonics oxlade-chamberlain Premier League white men and Ross Townsend Thea wall car and Amari gray all our places on the bench Townsend has been capped 13 times by England Walcott 47 times and Grey's uncaps first played 28 games for England's under 20 Watts all were also eligible for Jamaica but the trio were brought into the England youth system very young lastly up top and in spite of his obvious problems we are going to go for Daniel Sturridge I share Tyler Sturridge showed in the 2013-14 season just what he is capable of scoring 24 goals he hasn't gotten anywhere near that level in the five years since all of Sturges grandparents are Jamaican and he runs a charity import more Jamaica to try to help young kids get to sport and the entertainment industry the himself has been capped 26 times by in terms of plays in missed out with our bench and starting 11 we will give quick on Valencians to likes of Michael Hector kemar Lawrence Scott Sinclair Dwight Gayle jr. hilar Reece Oxford Rolando Aaron's Fraser Campbell and Bobby Reed in charge of that eclectic bunch we have to go with the reggae boys in Montego Bay United legend encouraged Jamaica national team boss theo with a brilliant silky skilful and stylish six foot sacrament builder in his playing days we don't have a plethora of topless coaching options so Whitmore has to be the obvious choice so recap our Jamaican what if 11 reads like this Andre Blake McHale Antonio Cal Walker where's Morgan Liam or Danny Rose Alex oxlade-chamberlain Leon Bailey Kim our roof Raheem Sterling and Troy Deeney with a bench made up of Shaun Johnson adrien-marie Appa Donnie Simpson and Ross Townsend theo walcott d'marie gray and daniel sturridge an all managed by 1998 welcome staff Theodore Whitmore thanks for watching layers now are you think that 11 wood gallon in the international stage give us a like if you enjoyed the video and do make sure you're subscribed and have notifications turned on for the walnut only hate tracks you see Sam's Piazza I'm sorry to say my blog

Jamaica XI If All Eligible Players Declared For Them
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