very complaint against mixed murderers mixed martial artist Jake Shields mr. shields are you here to get representation – you do understand you're entitled to have representation here today and you're waiving any right to have counselor representation thank you sir and those ah miss Charles go and have a seat we'll go ahead and go through the process and we'll walk you through we cooked up Jarrod – Jen was it Sam Awad would be on the telephone he is a representative mr. shields but he's not representing as an attorney to purposes of this hearing but he he may want to comment at some point of all history what are you on the telephone okay commissioners I can just quickly give you the basis of the case mr. shields as a professional mixed martial artist he fought on the world series of fighting art here on August 1 this year he lost by a Tapout the third round due to a Commuter submission and the submission itself is actually the basis of the complaint against his opponent mr. Paul Harris whose case was continued at mr. Paul Harris's request so the basis of the complaint is that mr. Paul Harris held the submission beyond the time which the referee had ended the contest you're going to see a very short video of the last minute of the contest and mr. shields after mr. Myles Gotti and the contest did then punch mr. Paul Harris in the face and so that is the basis of the case against mr. shields so again my understanding and having conversations with mr. Awad is that mr. shield is here just to explain the circumstances perhaps explain his frustration Tommy's not contesting that it was a violation if it was Tasya who steals the attorney general will present the case after presents the case you'll have an opportunity to present your case or make any comments that you want all that Michener's will ask you questions now just before we get started that we're going to swear you Lenya the only other no definition is the mother daddy has been given a number I expected him to call in in case you had any questions or wanted to know about the pre-flight instructions the warnings he had given each of these fighters to put some more context into this if you wish he's on the phone mr. man's got a re on the telephone yeah thank you sir will call upon you should we have any questions thank you for being here today and mr. Echols those warnings in the description of those warnings were contained as part of the complaint dark breath yes specifically the warnings related to mr. Paul Harris and if the commissioners would I'm sure you can do the contain Ian's mr. Farr's but if you would like I can give you a brief background on that just maybe a few a few seconds here the complaint alleges that mr. Paul Harris has a history of holding submissions past the point when his opponent taps out and past the point when the referee has ended the contest by physically touching mr. Paul Harris and by yelling at him stop stop stop he has a history of cranking or holding the submissions and a executive director Bennett upon learning of this fact had instructed referee maza Gotti to specifically warn mr. Paul Harris and pre-fight instructions mr. Mazda Gotti will testify as to his warnings in the Pires case but it's alleged in the complaint that he did specifically warn mr. Paul Harris against holding a submission he told him exactly what he was going to do in order to let him know that the opponent attacked and what he was doing to end the contest and that he did so in a very controlled manner in the dressing room free of distractions and he actually gave time for the translator to translate every sentence in order to make sure that his warnings were being communicated effectively to mr. Paul Harris mr. Paul Harris was asked to give his answer that he understood the instructions and he allegedly you'll see in the complaint he said yes that he understood referee Mazda got his warnings that if he held us a mission he could be subject to discipline so I just want to put that in context for the Commission mr. Maserati can answer any questions okay can we swear in shershow's mr. na Scottie mr. man Scottie yeah do you swear to tell the truth before this commission are you okay and you understand the penalties of perjury if you don't I order okay thank you do you want to swear mr. shields at the same time yes I do anyway the standard is to don't tell the truth is subdue the same penalties of perjury yeah thank you thank you did you wanna make a statement oh yeah can we go – no idea versus you'll see okay yes yeah so this is the third round this contest were 3:23 mark this is about the end within about a minute here don't be Oh okay I wanna see me Charlie fresher now that we make shoes you might be like us who screws up decision at least skin the question shoot so Wow let me try and do that again I call an IT person is there more fields we'll go ahead and move forward at this point time on mr. Chilton and the out something that first Murtagh obvious I'd like to apologize for throwing a note upon it was got a complete frustration it was reaction after getting the arm you know cranked it's not excusable but I think it goes far beyond just dumb holding the submission too long throughout the second round he's repeatedly taken his thumbs and get been gouging my eyes over and over you know I was winning a point the fight until that point and then second right third round I couldn't see my eyes both over completely gouge it out I was completely uh when there something this mission is bad but it goes far beyond that and I was just completely frustrated and not masking hopefully I'll get some leniency thank you any questions of commissioners that pictures are well with my eyes inside my eyes were completely you know red and bloodshot got eye doctors after in mr. shields I would imagine that's probably difficult to watch the video of this it's not right uh yeah a little bit I mean being life on martial artists to you know how did someone not respective submission is one of those things it's just uh it's you know I fought 15 years over forty professional fights and ever any things they happen I've always uh always shaking all my points hands afterwards gone and talked to their four corners on the very respectful martial artist so it's uh this is not my character um did you know about Polaris propensity then I'm prior to going into this fight yeah he's famous for being a dirty fighter the us he's actually already kicked him out of the show because he's done this several times he's also done this in submission matches as well not just professional fights and did you have some prepayment instructions then with the referee mr. mouth Tecate I don't think Maserati was worried about me doing anything because he was his joshan's were more that I was gonna watch Polaris for being dirty but I mean the eye gouging was unexpected and holding the submission was expected but the eye gouging was something that uh the way maserati actually did warning about diagnosing so something maserati had tad seen tell me a little bit about your career in the sense of how many fights have you had whether or not that you've had any circumstances that have been similar to this whether or not that you've had similar accusations made against you yeah I've had um I've had 45 five 16 years professionally I have had one other situation where I've been in two was also a very strange situation I mean you want me to get the details right a three-month suspension because um be going after a fight I found Dan Henderson general he's one own fighter we had a good long 20 minute by after the fight another guy who wanted to find me jumped in the ring whose guy with long criminal record jumped in the ring grabbed the mic ripped out of my hand and then you know I kind of pushed him and then bunch of other people were in the cage and kind of a scuffle broke out so what was that an our jurisdiction I know that was in Tennessee you were involved in the incident with mr. Diaz yes sir all right I'm sorry okay um the I didn't punch anyone knows it was a scuffle involved because I thought the guy came to rip the mic out of my hand in it that led into a brawl to break out all right and you have some involvement in the brawl I mean I was in I was only at the microphone in my hand and I kind of pushed the guys I grabbed my mic back and that's when the fight broke out okay and you got a suspension then as a results just three months because it was there a hearing that was held on that or was it simply issued in by the executive director I was issued by the directeur okay um we're gonna see this kind of behavior from you again even if it happens to you again absolutely not I mean obviously I wish I could take the punch back it was just more reaction but if it happened again I would learn that it's uh it's not worth it you know I don't want to you have to go to this situation again what do you think it's going to take for you to have learned your lesson in other words what if in fact that we find violation and of our rules and regulations what do you think the appropriate penalty is for you in this type of circumstances for me right now or a future right now I mean I'm asking for leniency and daveed off but that's even after you guys I just think a situation hopefully uh you know I know what I did was wrong I know it was wrong so it's I mean it's really up to you guys I'm told it's also you know something's also financially cost me money now I can't fight right now except injured shoulder I can't charge me to teach it to which I'm a hammock living so it's have already been negatively affected the eye gouging quite possibly cost me winning this fight not being able to see in a third round and the arm injury that you sustained as a result of this particular fight yes mush my elbow and my shoulder were torn in the submission from him not respecting that out Thank You mr. shield those are all the questions I have make yours from any other commissioners try it again sure I think all the commissioners have an understanding of what occurred during the fight I think we have significant video of it at least I have you know it's an unfortunate situation we don't expect this to occur at the end of the fight it adds to so many other situations that we do have to take these pretty serious in the understanding that when we expect the decorum inside that ring we expect it you mean it I'm not playing around so mr. shields you uh you live in California is that correct do you participate in any charitable or communal activities Adichie I work with on the humans organization that works with inner-city youth you know uh caught the poor children I do sports programs with them to try that get them doing things you know staying out of gang activity uh with that chief Suhr and how much time do you spend doing that let's say on a monthly basis and it really varies there's been time to won't do it for a few months and they'll top you time for them out there every week you know several times a week but the injury that you have at this point in time I would assume that you don't have any food bites that are on your calendar no nothing scheduled yeah thank you was the total press your show is $35,000 your win bonus was $45,000 so it was a total of eight thousand eighty thousand dollars so in the past that seems in disciplinary hearings of this nature we've done 15 percent of person ten percent of the purse and in the second case where there was ten percent there was also a community service requirement one of the thing with it are we in deliberation um – do you have any further comments for the Commission I mean I suppose not yeah I also I mean I do think this was a fight I was clearly winning until the eye-gouging so I was majorly affected my win bonus which is you can't save with wandering off about something that happened by gouging to me when I'm not gonna see the third round was a big factor but you did receive a forty-five thousand no I did not know you did not receive that but you just had to $35,000 yes so sorry I knew I may have already been you know cost out from this fight but okay mr. echolls gaming further comments now you see the finding that it was violation of the statute we can't have the fighters take things into their own hands that's why we have to be able to rely on you know the referee to take care of this because when something bad happens the corners get in and everything turns ugly real fast so and I think he's acknowledged that all right so now enter deliberation where we will take the information you provided us the information respect courses provide us have a discussion amongst ourselves get to another okay so if you have any further comment now it's time to make it I don't think so all right thank you sir well not into deliberations comments from commissioners one of the things that at least from my perspective I don't think that two wrongs make it right but at least I can understand what appears to be almost an involuntary reflex reflex in that type of a circumstance the thing I don't think that we can overlook is the fact that it is a violation and I think that we can make a finding of a violation I guess my suggestion concerning the penalty to be imposed on that is maybe a discussion about some enhanced community service that he should be required to perform and to demonstrate then back to the commission that he has done that performance at least that's what I would be supporting them Eggar fisherman's you know I favor that mr. chairman give recommendation commissioner level I would recommend that this athlete be required to serve 50 hours of community service and that that 50 hours of community service be performed in or near his place of residence that he provides some type of documentation that he has performed that prior to appearing before us or a new license if there's any fees and costs associated with this hearing I would ask that he be required to reimburse those fees and cost I don't know if there are any but if there are that that be part of the penalty I was like a bill motion there's been a motion by Commissioner Lundvall in a second by Commissioner Mar now for 50 hours of community service in or near his residence that he provide documentation that the hours have been completed at the fees and costs related to this hearing are reimbursed the state of Nevada do we had one just one question I have it do we want to put a time frame on which these 50 hours have to be concluded somebody's before his next fight here in schedule Nevada okay thank you should put you can how quickly can you do that mr. shields huh with six months all right that's my new gangster Dixmont cells are to accept a family member assess high commission level has accepted a friendly move a program builders work with the do same programs or is it effective either get them to sign it off and look I got every organization you're working with should the best to the thank you guys for understanding I'm sorry for I voted no sorry for okay there's no solution so the new motion is 50 hours of community service in or near his residence within a six-month period documentation be provided to the commission office any fees or costs related to hearing are reimburse the state of Nevada all those in favor of the motion please say aye I was opposed say nay motion passes unanimously Thank You mr. shells were being here today let's not see you ignite another opponent next time yeah thank you will now move into item number 19 hearing a discipline complaint against mixed martial artist Nick Diaz

Jake Shields' Full Athletic Commission Hearing for Palhares Post-Fight Punch

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