hey guys so today jaden wanted to play floor
hockey but he accidentally froze it overnight and so he decided “Hey! i’m gonna put knives
on my shoes!” and that’s where we are now oh and very conviniently, jaden is, if you
didn’t know, he’s the only one wearing the orage shirt and now he lost it hey guys so
i just moved closer and now i’m all the way up here so theres jaden again he’s in the
whaddyacall hockey jersey oh wow look at how close we are woah oh jaden opp he missed he
missed yup jadens advancing and he completely missed ok somebody just fell ok jadens advancing
by the way this is before the fricking game i’ve been recording for 6 minutes there’s
about 50 seconds left on the clock and yeah we’re still oofing it up i thinkwe’re
gonna have a scrimmage game afterer this and oh here comes jadenhi jaden wow theres a bunvh
of markings on these glass barriers i dont know if you can tell and theyre all gross
also theres buckets hanging from the ceiling i dont know why but yeah theres buvkets hanging
from the ceiling yup {buzzer} here we have jaden in a post-game interview what i have
no idea what youre saying what i dont know what youre saying if only ha could use sign
language but those gloves are too huge somebody’s oofing over there hes coming for the comeback
here he goes still missed warning oh there’s a warning i wonder why it says to use common
sense rules are for nerds so here we have jaden again hey guys hey guys so jadens gonna
fight this guy here he comes [oof] [oof] [oof] [oof] [oof] oh the gloves are off [oof] [oof]
[oof] [oof] oh no aw theyre hugging it out hug it out guys oh jacey’s here to lend support
COMEON JADEN uh i dont know who won oh is it still going on um i guess they stopped
oh well bye guys hey guys so here we have jaden whats he gonna do oh hes got a hockey
puck oh he just oofed the wall [h y p e ] im so sorry you guys had to see that oh somebody
fell ooof fun fact: hockey was originally called cold… golf soccer so sorry guys wow
look at that look at that skill look at how lit this is guys ta da ok jaden
wants me to yeet it back yeet look at him look at how oh wait im actually confused here
he comes oh and he lost it oh look at that guy and then look at this guy hey guys im
cold wonder why its like theyre playing air hockey but on the ground fun fact: thats how
jaden invented hockey wonder if i can make this into like a viral video if like jaden
does like a flip or something jaden can you do a flip uh oh uh oh uh oh everyoes in trouble
ohhhhhhhh ohhh why am i recording this video? here we have more action nevermind theres
no action

Jaden froze the ground and now he’s got knives on his shoes

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  • April 25, 2019 at 2:16 pm

    its me with my lit talents


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