I'm here with cee-lo ready to start the wakeboarding event we've got a lot to look forward to what a beautiful location for this event indeed we're out here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia out here at a the new city of neon and we're really really excited to be involved here it's the first time that we're gonna have this high of a caliber event for wakeboarding out here in Saudi Arabia so we're really really looking forward to get the action started today yeah and you are the man in the know so we're kicking off with the women's event to start off it's a who is there to look out for and what we can you expect from today well we've got six countries involved for the women's division but for sure the notables that we want to really be looking out for is Dallas Friday from the United States of America she's been in the game for the past 15 years and always dominating she's always been able to hold off the young kids from coming in and dominating too hard so she's definitely one of the favorites but so far this year for 2019 Sarah Kell of Australia has been making a major major statement in the game she's pretty much won everything so far this year so she's definitely one of the heavy favorites to take the gold out here in Saudi Arabia yes oh really likes a really high standard in Saudi Arabia then we move on to the men's round there's more men competing who we could look out for so we've got like 15 guys and three heats so the major major players that we have all let me just explain to like this is the cream of the crop 15 in the world so these guys are no joke each heat could be a finals round in any other local competition or any other international competition so the stakes are really really high but if I had to select a couple of people I'd probably looking at Ireland's David O'Keefe he's always super consistent in the water very very technical with his writing aside from him we've also got from the Land of the Rising Sun shota show time to Zuka this guy is angry with gravity he absolutely blasts off that wake and goes so freakin high and he's going to be real real treat to watch and of course we have another Australian Tony ayah Kony and he's also been in a constant tear this whole year as well and he likes to mix it up with growing big and going technical as well but as far as probably my bet for this particular leg is a new young comer as well just like Zarek l and that's Francis Maxime rue and this kid is I believe only 15 years of age and yeah he's an absolute beast man he's an absolute beast this kid has everything in his pocket and it's pretty much just a mental game thing for him right now if he's able to put in two good passes down in his run he'll easily see himself move into the finals and it's gonna be a really really exciting final tomorrow it's gonna be exciting to watch everybody today in the first round as well CeeLo talked to me about how the event is seeded for the riders are we going to see the best at the beginning or the best at the end and how will that affect performances well you're definitely gonna see the best at the very end they're ready but all these riders are ranked based on the number of events that they've participated in so far this year and in previous years as well so that's how they are seated into the groups and that's just like a fair system that the I WWF likes to implement so that they give value to the best rider and they allow the best rider to play some strategy and see how the other guys do in the water before he actually goes they've gotta change yes exactly exactly okay and in terms of watching all the performances today you're going to be doing all the commentary yes what tricks are we going to expect to see because it's a little bit windy conditions are okay they're not amazing but they're okay is that going to affect any tricks well for the untrained eye it may seem like it's gonna be a little bit of a little bit of a challenge for most of the riders but these guys have been riding like this all over the world and considering that this is the first time we were doing it here in neon the conditions are actually pretty nice we're no strangers to getting just a little bit of a sunburn getting a little bit of wind in her face and a little bit of chop in the water but mind you we have two days to operate this event and you can expect to see some of the best writing that wakeboarding has to offer you're gonna see a lot of really really big spans from seven 20s to 900 even perhaps 10 80s which is probably the highest pinnacle of the sport and of course you're gonna see a lot of flips and combinations of flips and spins and just let the viewers know at home the judges are looking for technical performance and overall impressions so the technical performance is basically the types of tricks they do how technical do they get and in the overall impression which is my favorite is how high do they actually go does it look like they're having fun in the water and of course the style it's always about the style and that's pretty much what we're going to be looking at over here at neon for the IWW F and the wakeboard World Cup and I'm super pumped the blah blah Asia is super fun super fun they're gonna be having fun in the water and we're gonna be having fun watching them and obviously you're going to be doing a commentary thank you very much for speaking to us say thanks

IWWF NEOM Wakeboard Cup – in conversation with C-Lo
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