Hey guys it’s Matt from Ruroc and I am
super excited to be able to introduce you to the brand new RG1-DX Series 3.
Our third year of RG1-DX and our most advanced yet! Series 3 is an evolution. It
stands for a redesign and reengineering of the RG1-DX whilst keeping that
original iconic style in 15 epic new designs. With 3 new safety certifications
it’s your winter helmet all year round. The helmet is now tested for 3 different
sports – snow sports, cycling and skating. When it comes to gravity and pedal sports
the RG1-DX Series 3 is your absolute go to helmet for all the things you
love. With 4 helmet configurations, you wear the helmet the way you want to.
Whether it’s full face for snowboarding or open face for riding your bike! The
Series 3 Bluetooth audio system has been redesigned to be louder and clearer than
ever. It’s your own in helmet studio. We’ve increased the bluetooth strength
and it’s now our longest battery life ever!
Installing the Bluetooth audio system has never been easier. With our new
velcro attachment system you can pull it out to charge in a second and it looks
absolutely seamless. The new updated strap design causes less friction when
you wanting to tighten the goggles and doesn’t stretch the logo out when you’re
wearing them on the helmet! We’ve upgraded the built in action camera
mount and it now has a hex nut holder for an easier attachment so you can
record your rides wherever they may be. Safety is our number one priority, that’s
why we’ve fitted the Series 3 with a Recco Avalanche reflector so if the worst
happens in your caught in an avalanche your chance of survival increases just
that little bit extra. Something we hope you’ll never need but it’s great to know
it’s there. Our partnership with Rheon means the helmet reduces concussion by
up to 30%! This helps with both rotational and
linear impacts and in our opinion is the best option for added protection inside
the helmet. Series 3 comes with the magnetic Fidlock strap which is the
fastest and easiest locking system in the world! We’ve worked to increase the
ventilation and even further reduce the chance of goggle fog by lowering the
density of the foam around the goggles. The overall feel of the helmet has been
massively improved and we’ve made all the finishes matte to give it that
really tactile feel. Now let’s take a look at some of the designs that we’ve
got coming for you. The Series 3 Limited Edition helmets are looking insane! We’ve
got four helmets for you this year instead of an usual three. First up
is the Toxin. This thing is EPIC! It’s got a hydro-dip scale wrap on the base
and we’ve painted it over it with these insane teeth decals. The details on the teeth
are incredible and we know this design isn’t gonna last long! Introducing the Chainbreaker – this thing is super high contrast and really stands out on snow.
It’s got the matte rubber shell with these crazy chain details!
Next up is the Spitfire military-inspired design with a camo
print across the shell and it’s got the iconic Spitfire shark design right there
on the mask. It’s also got the notches which shows how many enemies this
thing’s taking down! To finish off the Limited Editions we also have the Ronin!
We had to bring this to our RG1 range because I’m motorcycle fans loved it
so much. It’s a Japanese inspired theme with an amazing dragon design and men-yuroi face mask! Be quick if you want to get your hands on one of these as they
will not last long! They are only available for this season. The Chaos
Series has had a major design upgrade! You can now get the Chaos Ice, Viper, Inferno all in a matte black finish with a restyled, more aggressive design. We’ve
also introduced one more color to the range – the Chaos Nova which is a bright day-glo orange. The Series 3 will also be available in full color paints. We have
the Midnight and the Magma. Full colors are a first on the RG1-DX and exclusive
to the Series 3 range. Their paints have an incredible feel and finish
and the straps on these looks super nice with the two-tone colors! We’re also
bringing back our best-seller of all time – the Chrome helmet. This thing is
iconic and turns heads everywhere you go it was also worn at the Olympics by
Spanish legend Regino Hernandez! Another fan favorite – the RG1-DX Series 3 Core.
This thing has a super mean triple black finish and looks epic with everything!
Returning to the range is the white and black Eclipse. This helmet has sick white
details and looks epic on the snow or on the road. We’ve also brought something
back from the archives, this is known as the Panther and it’s a matte black
helmet with hot pink accents. It looks badass! In the Series 3
line up you’ll also see the resurgence of an all-white helmet! This is really crazy!
The RG1-DX Series 3 is looking incredible and from September 27 you’ll
be able to order the new range with next day shipping at www.ruroc.com. When you get your
helmet be sure to tag us @ruroc on Facebook and Instagram because we love
seeing all the posts! Thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon!

Introducing the 2020/21 Ruroc Snow, Skate & Cycle helmet range!
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5 thoughts on “Introducing the 2020/21 Ruroc Snow, Skate & Cycle helmet range!

  • September 12, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    They dope too bad i can't afford them

  • September 12, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    I love it, it's to exspensive

  • September 12, 2019 at 9:35 pm

    I love these helmets, I was watching them for three years, I even got one for my girlfriend, and 3 friends already bought them….they are epic and great protection….this is my year and after the 4 limited editions, I was torn, but now even more so with the new ones….but the re-engineering is not how advertised 🙁 you introduced the Recco system from last year, also the Rheon technology…also, from how it looks, the camera mount seems the same(I will study it and come back with an answer after comparing it to last year's model)….I love you guys and can't wait to decide on either Ronin or the first full-coloured blue one, but please brag with the stuff that are truly new 😛 keep up the good job on blowing our minds every year!! 😀

  • September 12, 2019 at 10:58 pm

    So will the new shockwave liner not work for series 2?

  • September 13, 2019 at 2:34 am

    Will there be an upgraded version of the ruroc series 2 shockwave system?


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