Two weeks left on the Junior Grand Prix and
much has yet to be decided as to who will be in Torino
for the Junior Grand Prix Final. We are in Zagreb for week 6 as the race to
the final both clarifies and gets more complicated.
In ladies the quad queens Kamila Valieva of Russia and Alysa Liu of the United States
have secured their spots. Kamila who has a two quad
program supported by speed and grace and Alysa has a quad lutz and two triples
axels supported by charm. It will be quite a show
down but four more highly skilled ladies have yet to skate and as others will sit at home
waiting for what will be determined. In men Yuma Kagiyama of Japan with his incredible
skating skills, speed, massive jumps and soft knees and the Russian phenom Danil Samsonov
with his remarkable style and his extraordinary skill both have qualified for the Junior Grand
Prix Final. But here in Zagreb there are six men all with a chance to put
themselves in a good position for the final but with such a strong field some will be knocked out and with only one week left. In Dance two teams have locked in their ticket
to Torino Avonley Nguyen and Vadim Kolsenik of the United States with their superb
and dramatic program and Elizabeth Shaneava and Devid Naryzhnyy of Russia with their dynamic
and energized style. This week there are four teams who could position themselves for the
final and next week two more teams that also have
a chance. Clean performances are a must and the pressure
is on to deliver. In Pairs this is the final chance here in
Zagreb but Apollinariia Panfilova and Dmitri Rylov of
Russia with their unbelievable pair and skating skills and team mates Ksenia Akhanteva and
Valerie Kolesov who also posses Senior like qualities both have secured their JGPF
spots. The other four spots will be determined by three teams here within range and three other teams at home waiting for the final results. Hello everyone welcome to Zagreb I’m your host Ted Barton. The Junior Grand Prix
just keeps producing better skating more exciting competitions and a very clear glimpse
into the future of Senior Grand Prix as these young talented skaters grow and mature. It’s week
six and the pressure is on many skaters with their eyes clearly set on the Junior Grand Prix Final so stand by for the final twists and turns on the road to Torino. and it all starts right

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