So far in the Junior Grand Prix 2019
we’ve seen some extraordinary performances. In men week one Yuma
Kagiyama of Japan demonstrated power and skill in producing two quads and take
the men’s title by 34 points. Then last week his colleague Shun Sato of Japan
delivered three quads and won his event by 14 points. Is there more to come from
Japan this week? In ladies week one in Courchevel saw Kamila Valieva another
Russian ice princess deliver a strong quad toe loop and beautiful quality in
all other aspects just breaking the two hundred point mark making us to believe
well here we go again. But then last week in Lake Placid
Alysa Liu of the United States in so much has said hold on I have something to
say about this as she delivered not only a quad luxe but also a triple axel
earning the season-high of 208 points in breaking the Japanese and Russians five
years dominance of the ladies Junior Grand Prix. In dance Avonley Nguyen and
Vadym Kolesnik of the United States were spectacular
in the free dance with superior quality in earning 170 points. And in pairs
Apollinariia Paniflova and Dmitri Rylov of Russia laid down extraordinary pair
elements in dominating their event by 15 points. Hello everyone welcome to week
three of the Junior Grand Prix I’m your host Ted Barton coming to you from Riga
Latvia. Well as you saw in our opening this might be the best start to the
junior Grand Prix season in several years. So what can we expect here in Riga?
In ladies we have week 1 silver medalist Maiia Khromykh of Russia and two ladies
who earned bronze medals last season on the Junior Grand Prix in Haein Lee
from Korea and Rion Sumiyoshi of Japan and maybe a few surprises from a number
of other new and skilled competitors. In men we have the seasoned and
experienced junior grand prix medalist Joseph Phan of Canada and Andrew Torgashev
of the united states who will go up against a very young russian phenom in
Daniil Samsonov. Will experience win out or fresh energy surge to the top? It’s
week three live from Riga Latvia and the road to Torino continues providing
twists and turns as the competition heats up and it all starts right now.

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