So far on the Junior Grand Prix we have seen
some extraordinary skating remarkable quad jumps from the ladies combined with exquisite
performances. The standard just continues to rise and there is more to come. In Men through
the first four weeks we have seen two titles go to Japanese skaters and two to Russian
skaters. But the scores have been close and there are several other competitors
ready to challenge for titles earn the points and book their own ticket to the JGPF in Torino
as it remains wide open. In dance the level is extremely
high with many teams fighting for podium finishes and with only three weeks left every
performance has meaning. And in Pairs the quality has improved but the competition for the Junior Grand Prix Final
really remains mostly between the Russian pair teams.
There are 24 entries that qualify for the Junior Grand Prix Final and at this point there is one lady Kamila Valieva
of Russia one dance team Elizaveta Shaneava and
Devid Naryzhnny of Russia and one Pair Team Kseniia Akhanteva and Valeri Kolesov
of Russia who have qualified for the Junior Grand
Prix Final. That will all change this week. Hello everyone welcome to wide open spaces
on the beaches of the Baltic Sea. We are in Gdansk for week 5 and it is home to around
half a million people and is Poland’s principal seaport. On the ice this week it is possible we could
see at least four more Junior Grand Prix Final spots secured.
In ladies Alysa Liu of the Unites States set a new technical standard in week two in Lake
Placid by landing a quad lutz and a triple axel in her free skate. And she is here in Gdansk this week with a
chance to wrap up a JGPF spot with a win or even a second place. Seoyeong Wi of Korea is
also here and she has a second place finish so far and if she can take the gold or silver she will put herself
in a very good position for the final.
In Men Week one winner Japan’s Yuma Kagiyama is here and also is in a good position to secure his
spot at the Junior Grand Prix Final but the young Russian phenom Daniil Samsanov is also eying the top spot
if he is to have any chance of qualifying. He
most certainly has the skill but he is still just gaining
experience we will see. In dance Avonly Nguyen and Vladimir Kolesnik
of the United States won in week two and can wrap up their ticket to Torino with a win or a sliver but
the French team of Locia DE MO GEOT and Theo Le Mercier already have a second
and desperately need a top two finish to have a chance.
In pairs Apollinaira Panfilova and Dmitri Rylov of Russia can solidify their spot with
a gold or silver here in Gdansk.
A big week here in the Junior Grand Prix but it’s time to get off of the beach and into the rink for week 5 from Gdansk and it starts right now!

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