Hello everyone welcome to week seven on the ISU Junior Grand Prix 2019. I’m your host Ted Barden and this week we’re in a
little bit of heaven here in northern Italy about two hours north of Verona 30
minutes south of Bolzano surrounded by rivers lakes and majestic mountains in
the Tyrol region. We are in the final week of competition and opportunity for
Junior Grand Prix final spots. In ladies essentially there are only two spots
available to be claimed here in Egna. Already Kamila Valieva of Russia
Haein Lee of Korea and Alysa Liu of the United States have earned 30 points
eac h so for sure they are in. Daria Usacheva of Russia sits with 26 and a good chance. But here in Egna Ksenia Sinitsyna of Russia and Yeonjeong Park of Korea
will skate here having already earned 13 points so a first and second by these
two skaters will round out the top six going to the final but as we know
anything can happen. In men a first second or third by Petr Gumenik of
russia will round out the top six but should he falter and not be in the top
three and if Daniel Grassl of Italy wins Daniel will grab the last spot. In dance Elizaveta Khudabieradievia and Andre Filatov of Russia just need a
top four finish to complete the top six for the Junior Grand Prix Final. We
continue to see remarkable performances from the juniors and the future looks
bright for our sport as they move towards senior. Two and a half years
before the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and there’s little doubt that these juniors
will play a role in who is there. It’s week seven it’s Italy it’s the Junior
Grand Prix and it all starts right now!

Intro | Egna-Neumarkt 2019
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