Last season on the Junior Grand Prix records were broken and the world began to follow the juniors like never before. The skating was at the highest level even to the point where some of the juniors were dominating the senior championships in their own country. At the senior World Championships in Saitama Japan skaters only two or three years who moved from junior events were taking world titles home. The gap has closed and now a new wave of extraordinary young skaters take to the ice. Hello everyone. Welcome to Courchevel and week one of Junior Grand Prix 2019. I’m your host Ted Barton and we are thrilled to be bringing you year six of the Junior Grand Prix. It all started in 2014 right here in Courchevel. We’re back for the start of another exciting season. Last year three young Russian ladies took the skating world by storm winning the junior Grand Prix Final in Vancouver, the Junior World Championships in Zagreb, and dominating the senior Russian nationals sweeping the podium. So what about this season? Well as usual there’s brilliant skating coming from around the world. New Russian and Japanese ladies and an American who was too young to even be on this junior grand prix last season but who won the United States Senior National Championship. We’ll see her in week 2 in Lake Placid. Last season the men were stronger and we saw some excellent dance teams and the pairs events is in good hands with some of the young talent coming up. There is much to be discovered this season many stories to follow and young people to be celebrated for their efforts made and skilled delivered. As we always do, we will respect every athlete and support them through the disappointments and help them celebrate their personal victories Get ready as the ride is about to begin right here in Courchevel and it starts right now.

Intro | Courchevel 2019
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