Evie: Hi, I’m Evie. I’m here with In The Loop and I’m here with
James Min, the three-time Junior Men’s champion and [the 18/19] Senior Men’s bronze medalist. Hi, James. How are you today? James: Hello! I’m good, thank you. Evie: How did you first get introduced into
figure skating? James: I started skating when I was ten years
old and I actually got introduced by my auntie. She took me to a few public sessions and then
I just tried it out and had so much fun on the ice, just going around really fast, and
just went from there, because she was an adult skater. And then from then, I just loved it, I guess. Evie: That’s nice. What would you say are the differences between
competing at an international event versus an Australian one at home. Is there a difference between the crowds or
the energies? James: Yeah, 100%. I feel like the crowds in Australia are a
lot more supportive, obviously, because there’s a lot of people that you know that support
you. If you compete internationally in places like
Japan, let’s say, it’s just as good – if not a thousand times better. Because there are so many people watching,
just cheering extremely loudly. There’s not much of a difference, I would
say. Evie: What would you say is your favorite
place that you’ve competed at in your career, traveling-wise? James: Definitely Japan. Evie: Did you do a lot of exploring around
Japan while you were there? James: Yeah, definitely, yes. I’m a big fan of Japanese food. [laughs] Evie: You competed last month at Asian Open
Trophy, where you placed eighth overall, and you got the scores necessary to compete at
Four Continents this season. How did that make you feel? Are you excited about possibly competing in
Seoul in February? James: I’m just really excited that I got
the score because I only had that one comp to get it, because I hadn’t been on the international
stage as much the last season or so, because it’s been a whole year since I’ve competed
internationally. I’m just so glad I got the scores and I’m
definitely ready to get back into it full-on. Evie: It’s such a big event too. I’m sure you must be excited. James: Yeah, definitely. I’m extremely excited. It’s gonna be my first big Championship event
if I end up going, so it’ll be very exciting. Evie: Tell us a bit about your programs this
season. Your Short Program is “Moonlight Sonata,”
and your Free Skate is “Your Song.” What was the creation process like for the
programs? Did you choose the music yourself? James: The Short Program, I chose with my
coach. My coach, George, had a few recommendations
and we just chose the best option and I really liked “Moonlight Sonata,” because I think
it suits my style of skating, so we went with that and I was like, “Yeah, I really like
it as a Short Program. I can really express myself and just feel
the music and take my time.” And for the Free Skate, I originally was skating
to “Your Song,” and a few other “Moulin Rouge” soundtracks. Then halfway through the season, I actually
changed it to “Dreamland” or something by a Swedish composer. It’s more contemporary. Both programs I love. This program is more mature. Evie: Shows off a new side of you. James: Yeah, definitely. Evie: Awesome. I’ve seen on your Instagram social media that
you’re really into singing. Can you tell us a little bit about how you
got into that? Did you take lessons? James: No, it’s something I love doing, I
guess. I am a piano player and I’m quite musical. I did go to a music school. I just always loved singing and I started
posting videos one day and then my confidence grew a little bit, and it’s just something
I love doing, sitting at the piano and singing. It’s the best thing. Earlier this year, actually, I made it to
the blind auditions of The Voice. [Evie: Oh, wow.] That was another good experience. Evie: That’s so impressive. Wow. James: A lot of fun things. Evie: Figure skating is a pretty non-stereotypical
sport to be into in Australia, at least. In comparison, what would you say is your
most typical Australian personality trait? James: I love Vegemite. Absolutely love Vegemite. What else do I do? I think that’s pretty much it. Oh, I love Milo. I’ll have, like, ten thousand scoops of it
with milk. I’m not really a Weetbix fan. [Evie: Me either] I’m sure I say a lot of
Australian slang words and stuff. Evie: The last question I have for you is,
if you could let the whole figure skating fan community know one thing about yourself,
what would that be? Something that people not know about you already. James: That’s a good question. What’s one thing? I love sushi. Well, I think that’s obvious. I like hanging out with my friends. Evie: Well, thank you so much for sitting
down with me, James. I hope you have a really good competition
here at Nationals. James: Thank you so much.

Interview – James Min

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