[Intro] Evie: Hi, I’m Evie with In The Loop and I’m
sitting down with Holly Harris and Jason Chan, our newly minted Australian Ice Dance Champions. Congratulations, guys! Jason: Thank you.
Holly: Thank you so much! Evie: How did you feel about your performances
over the last couple days? Holly: I felt really good. I felt super calm and excited to be competing. Jason: Yeah, especially since last week. Holly: I had the flu! Evie: Oh no! Really? Holly: Yeah. I only skated two days last week, but I was
okay, just coughing a little. Evie: Oh wow. That’s good that you got recovered in time
enough to compete this week. So this is your first Nationals together as
a team, what’s the difference between competing at a different event not in Australia versus
one here? Are the crowds or the energies different? Holly: I would say for me, I don’t know because
your not from here [at Jason], I feel like it’s very homey. A lot of people I know and everyone supporting
each other. Especially because we were the last event
today I feel like the crowd was really being supportive. You just feel supported. Jason: Yeah I really felt that support even
if [I’m] not originally from here but… Holly: Yeah, it’s kind of like family, I feel
like. It’s nice. Evie: So Holly you used to compete in singles
just a couple of years ago. So what fueled your decision to switch to
Ice Dance? Holly: Well I had a couple of concussions and then
I was a little bit afraid to hit my head again and I had all that time off. I was always good at and loved the components
side of skating: the skating skills, choreography, that expression and all [those aspects] of
skating. It was a big decision but I think it was the
right one. I was excited for it. Evie: What are your favorite aspects of Ice
Dance in comparison to Singles? Holly: Definitely getting to tell a story
with someone else. I feel like it’s very fueled by components
and skating skills so those things are really highlighted. I think it’s a lot about performance, so I
love to perform. Evie: And Jason how did it feel switching
from such a big federation like Canada to such a tiny one like Australia? Was it a bit daunting at first? Jason: Yeah it was a big decision that I had
to make but [when] I started skating with Holly I think we both knew that it was a good
partnership that we were going to create. I think it was the right decision to make,
it was worth it. Evie: So you guys both train at the Ice Academy
of Montreal, so what’s it like training with all those top teams there? Jason: It’s super motivating. Holly: Yeah. It’s really motivating. It’s seriously like a big family, like we
all support each other. Just going to a competition, there’s usually
a big group that goes so it’s like you have this family. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine it any other
way because we’re all just supporting each other and every corner you turn there’s someone
from your team. So it’s like there’s always someone there
to help you. Always a girl in the locker room you can count
on to zip up your dress. It’s just amazing. Or we’ll just be on a session in Montreal
and one of the top skaters will just see something and they’ll give you a tip. It’s just really nice. Jason: And they cheer you on. Holly: Yeah we all cheer each other on in
[run throughs], we’re like “C’mon you can do it!” So it’s great. So motivating. Evie: Are you looking forward to the fact
that Senior Worlds is being held in Montreal this year? Holly: Yeah! Everyone is really excited. Jason: Everyone is talking about it at the
rink. Holly: Yeah, it’s a big deal. Evie: So tell us a bit about your programs
for this season. Your Rhythm Dance is “A Chorus Line,”
so how did you go about choosing that music? Jason: I think it was me that just put it
out there. Holly: Yeah, there’s a Broadway coach that
works with everyone in Montreal and she was helping us because I’m very picky with music. I want it to be something I can skate, perform
and express to so we were like “No. No. No.” And then you just played it and we were like
“Oh, that’s really cool!” Evie: So Jason, why did you pick that specific
musical? Was it one that you’ve seen before and liked
or just heard the music before? Jason: I actually didn’t see the Broadway
show. I was just going through Wikipedia, going
through all of the musicals to see which one would work. And then I saw this one and it was actually
pretty famous. I saw some videos and was like “Oh! That’d be pretty cool”, because I think the
Broadway [musical] is about them trying to make it. So I felt that it was kind of fitting for
our situation. Evie: And your Free Dance is “Ain’t Nobody
Loves Me Better”. So what was the creation process like for
that program? Jason: That was kind of the same thing. Holly: I was being extra picky, I think, especially
for this. And he played the contemporary version and
I was like “Wow that’s beautiful.” Jason: And then Marie[-France Dubreuil] was
like “That one!”. Holly: Yes she was like “That’s the one” and
then another skater, Olivia Smart, she was like “Sometimes people mix two versions of
the same song, why don’t you put in one of the old versions?” We were like “Oh yeah, that’s really cool.” So then Hugo, who does everyone’s music, he
mashed it all together! Three or four songs, I think. Evie: Wow! Holly: And he just made this experimental
version and it was really remixed and we were like “Oh yeah that’s cool. That’s good for it!.” Evie: Awesome. So what does a typical training week look
like for you guys? How many times a week are you skating? Jason: So we usually skate Monday to Friday. Usually around four hours each day. Holly: Four to four and a half and then ballet
and a work out. Ballet is usually twice a week. Work out is twice or three times. Jason: Physio. Holly: Physio, yeah. Jason and Holly: Pretty full. Evie: Do you guys make time for any hobbies
in between training time? What are your favorite things to do with your
off time? Holly: I love to bake. Evie: Oh really, what’s your favorite thing
to bake ? Jason: Cakes? Holly: Yeah, cakes, I guess. Cookies, anything really. Jason: She made me a really good pistachio
cake for my birthday. Evie: Oooh. Wow. Holly: Yes. Evie: What about you, Jason? What do you like to do? Jason: Video games? Evie: [laughter] What’s your favorite video
game at the moment? Jason: I just got a Switch. Evie: Ahhh, I’ve been eyeing one recently. Jason: Because I was like if I’m going to
be on the plane for 16 hours… Evie: Yeah, better find something to do! [All laugh] Jason: Yeah so I was like, “Okay, I’m going
to invest in this. This is an investment.” Evie: Very valid. Holly: He was like “I really want one.” I was like “Then get one!” and he was like
“But I don’t need it…but I want one” [laughter] Evie: So just my final question for you guys
is a little fun one that we like to end on. So if you guys could let the whole figure
skating fan community know one thing about yourselves as a team, what would it be ? Holly: Okay, I used to compete in skiing. Evie: Oh wow really? Holly: Yeah, and then I quit for skating because
I think Sectionals and Nationals were on the same weekend and it screwed up my competition. Never doing it again. Evie: A bit too hectic to do more than one. Holly: I think I won nationals for Moguls. Evie: Oh wow. What about you Jason? Do you have a secret past as a skier as well? Jason: I don’t…I just graduated from McGill. Evie: Oh congratulations! Jason: Got my Bachelors in Science so there’s
that. Holly: Yeah, it’s pretty impressive I would
say. Evie: Awesome! Well thank you so much for talking to me,
guys. Holly: Thank you so much! Jason: Thank you. Evie: Congratulations on your win here and
good luck for the rest of the season. Jason: Thank you!

Interview – Holly Harris and Jason Chan

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