the hard work that intensity athletics track and field has put in is paying off how well take a look the AAU program based out of Warner Robins is heading to the Junior Olympics at North Carolina A&T later this month the tournament runs from July 27th through August 6 and 20 up to 26 at leats who qualify are going to the tournament hey coach Roy Thurmond says the reason why he pushes his athletes so hard is of course to get them to this point for self-improvement no matter what level you're gonna be on whether you make a junior it's not as long as you come to the program started whatever level you start in it and then try to improve upon your competition phases it's a program in his second place overall and the AAU Invitational meet this year they also placed fourth out of 71 teams in the AAU Georgia qualifier the work ethic dedication and commitment these young athletes put on display is nothing short of fantastic they practice four days a week some even train year-round now that's intense long jumper Solomon Mitchell talks about how his hard work is paying off jumping afraid there you know getting my technique better holding my tongue long as far as ab workouts that really got me that more more distance than I had before yeah that's about hard work and Bristol Whitley who's going to her fourth Junior Olympics talks about her expectations so I'm hoping to PR in every single event I hope to hit five feet and my high jump I want to do really well really get up there in terms of points in my pentathlon and I also want to PR in my 100-meter hurdles system intensity athletics will compete in the Georgia games this weekend before heading to the Junior Olympics on July 27th

Intensity Athletics Track and Field sending 20 athletes to the Junior Olympics
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