[Applause] see how we've we've winched here quite a bit take the boat out put the winch up in a pulley hope it doesn't hook on the cable ya know it was just crazy because every time we'd set something up we'd all go kick her the bank and then you just go through the roof and go like the legs yeah it changed everything I mean from the different setups this is where this where Graham went what hand joy always promised when she was pregnant yes she was having another boy and had four wonderful daughters after that so Graham was the big brother for four siblings we were really active we were never like chilling on the couch whatever we could do you know let him take good chances and have fun and that we wanted wanted that environment around here so I was a crazy cautious mother and then he changed that with all his crazy steps along the bike with gate board trampoline bike trails that turned into motorcycle trails we have neighbor kids that aren't allowed to play here because they got hurt but that's okay because we just let them have fun it would have been when I was maybe around like 11 or 12 my dad came home with two words at one point and said we're gonna figure this out and so I just went to like heard marina up here and I bought two boards about one a Voyager for him and I bought a Marie for me and we went to the lake and said we're gonna figure it out I mean spending like you know eight hours a day or whatever it was on the boat together as a family like kind of taught us all to put up with each other were some of the best times in my life skateboarding and wakeboarding were definitely the two things that I found myself cleaning to the most um just like to find a way like fill void that I was craving just to be creative and to do something different skateboarding definitely like perfectly filled that void there's maybe two or three skateboarders that we like had a little crew around like 2002 or something Lawrenceburg built a skate park and a skate shop opened up and it just like gave us all place to all kind of come together hang out when we weren't skating gave us a crew to film with just turned into blacklist we were trying to find a name for the shop we were kind of thinking like who are we you know what are we about and we were kind of an outcast you know as as most skateboarders are but we didn't really fit into you know the scene we kind of just did our own thing and so we're kind of like a we're like the blacklisted kids or the Outsiders I mean it's just like so instrumental and growing up and like having a crew and like an image to belong to I mean I can't explain like how much it did for me being blacklist it doesn't have to be something so negative we just kind of said hey that's who we are is what we're about like let's just be proud of it so here we are dude it's like a couple of times for sure I would like get thrown towards this way and somehow I'd get my hands on here and then I would just like those because I still got it yeah man this spot was like definitely like a turning point for me like I'd always been like trying to skate bigger and bigger stuff and after skating this thing in like hell much it scared me it really like kind of drove me to like find something else I could do to like go big but not have quite the consequences of like concrete in skateboarding and it's like wakeboarding fit in so nicely there because I was able to like send it twice or three times as big and you know land straight on my head in the water and just like he was so forgiving as far as like being able to hop right back on the cable and not end up in the hospital after something didn't work out so definitely big turning point for sure the cable park opening in 2009 was a super big thing for me prior to that I hadn't even ridden a wakeboard on Rails ever before and so like that first feeling like I just got so hungry for it and just wanted to ride and ride and ride and progress as much as I could you could just hear when gran was on the water for the sound of him riding was pretty impressive it's like 10 or nothing if grams not riding like cool out he's not on the cable shortly after Graham moved down the BSR we built the bi-level and we started filming on it and I don't think the world really knew who Graham Burris was before that edit at BSR in the bi-level he pushed pushed the sport to a whole new level I think a lot of riders at the time were blown away with his style of riding and I mean just after that he traveled to the Philippines where another edit came out another one that was unique and then just to see his sponsorships and stuff everything started rolling and that just his career took off when I found myself like really gaining a lot of momentum up in Cincinnati riding I kind of came to a crossroads where I had to decide whether I was gonna get a real job or really try to chase after this dream and I jumped off the cliff I moved down to Texas and got hungrier than I've ever been about anything in my whole life and just started sending it as far as working as hard as I could to film the best of I could pump out content I got picked up by Hyperlight I started traveling even more the red carpet was just getting rolled out for me anywhere I went it was seriously like all way too good to be true and then just hit the fan you know we as humans are just sometimes two three four clicks away from spiraling it's hard to know what to do for your adult child when they are out of your reach but they seem like they need some kind of help

INSIGHT – Graeme Burress – The Past
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