We are at the source
of the whole world. [MUSIC PLAYING] Today, we’re at the world’s
largest wholesale market. We’re here in Yiwu, and
I’m with Collin Abroadcast. Hey. Collin, you have
a YouTube channel that has been
blowing up recently where you go to
markets and you bargain for all sorts of clothes, and
shoes, and fake brand stuff. I think this is where everything
that you’re bargaining for comes from. I think you’re right. From what I’ve seen so far,
and what I’ve heard about it, what I researched,
is it really does. Yeah. This is, as far as I know,
the largest wholesale market of its kind in the world. It’s 5.5 million
square meters, which is about 60 million square
feet, 7 kilometers long. So I think we’ve
got to go inside. We’ve got to go find a map
and come up with a plan here. Because there’s no way we’re
going to see all of this. Without a doubt,
we’ll need that plan. Let’s check out this map. So we walked from over
there, and then this is the full list here
of where everything is. Nice. It is pretty well organized. When I go to Huaqiangbei,
everything’s kind of mixed up, and you find one thing mixed in
with a bunch of other things. Here, it’s pretty
well sorted out. Look. “Face to face negotiation
with 210,000 suppliers.” Dude, that is where you’re at. I’m going to do
every single one. I think you could spend
a year here and still not negotiate with everybody. Probably, yeah. Inflatable toys, electric
toys, ordinary toys, stuffed toys, and
artificial flowers. I feel like we
should hit up toys. But also festive handicrafts,
I think that’s Christmas. Oh, hardware tools. “Wedding supplies.” You want to do wedding supplies? I think that would be kind of
cool actually, to show people. What I like about this is
that all these districts are connected. Pretty much everything is
connected by skyways, right? I’m down. Should we jump into it? I’m ready. Let’s do it. [MUSIC PLAYING] They have every possible
electric vehicle you could dream of here. Anything that’s got a battery
and a motor in it, it’s here. [MUSIC PLAYING] What is this thing? This is a crazy,
crazy contraption. How much is this? 720 RNB? Yes. Per unit? Yeah, per unit. So like $100, a
little over $100. It’s a what? A hover bike? Yes. Hover bike, awesome. Do you think Strange Parts
fans need hover bikes? I think so. I think they need
this too as well. These are amazing. So these are really cool. Collin, I think we
need to move on. This is one shop out of 75,000. I agree. This is like the
first [INAUDIBLE] We’re having fun here, but I
think we got to keep moving. I think we’re walking
into hardware land here, like hardware store stuff. Holy cow, this booth is
nothing but X-ACTO knives. The level of specialization
here is just amazing. It blows me away. Oh here we go, now it’s
proper Strange Parts action. We got digital multimeters
and soldering irons That’s pretty legit. Not only do we have this,
but we also have this. I wonder how wide this building. Let’s go figure it out. [MUSIC PLAYING] There’s a shop for
everything here, a specialty shop for everything. Dude, this is so incredible. It’s like, I think
one of the things that this really hits
home for me is like how specialized everything is. Like, we saw a shop
that sells nothing, but like saw blades, right? Yeah, it’s crazy. We are at like, like the
source of like the whole world. Like, [INAUDIBLE] Pretty much like
everything is made here. Like this is the building. Like everything that
you buy, and like your average retail shop, like
a lot of it comes from here. This is a shop that
only sells scissors. And not only is it every kind of
scissors, but there’s only one of each one, right? This is not inventory. We can’t buy any
of these, right? Or very few of them. This is just samples, right? And it’s every possible
sample they can make. [MUSIC PLAYING] So I’m kind of feeling
like for every product I show in this
video, there’s maybe somebody in the
comments who’s like, dude why didn’t you buy that? That’s so amazing. I can see that. And I think– I mean, we talked about
maybe buying whatever the minimum order quantity
is of stuff and putting it up in the Strange Parts store. But at this point,
I don’t even have any clue what we should buy. Right. There’s just so much cool stuff. Let’s explore another section. We’ve only seen
hardware thus far, and I feel like you and I
could spend all day here. But there’s so much more to see. Holy cow, look at that. That is cool. It’s really tempting to
put your hand in that, but I think it’s
probably a bad plan. You should make that
part of your video. Put your Strange
Parts logo on there. How I built my
custom fan in China. Yeah, we totally should make
a Strange Parts fan logo. We just saw she has
a sign here that says “Retails” which I think
means she has retail stock. So she’ll actually just
sell one of something. So I totally want to
try and get that sign. But she’s super busy right now,
she’s got a customer in there. It looks like they’re
negotiating over quantity, so I don’t want
to interrupt that. Maybe we’ll come
back in a little bit, and see if we can hook that up. That was all one
district, and we started in the middle of the district. So now we’re on the
skybridge connecting the two districts walking
over to district 1 Just trying to give you guys a
sense of how big this place is, it’s a little bit hard
to show on camera, but this place is massive. It really is hard to
wrap your head around. Sorry, you were saying
you’re a trader. We’re traders. From where? From Dubai. We just come here and
we’ll see everything. Yeah, what kind of
things do you buy? What’s typical for you? Door handles. What is it? Door handles. Door handles. Only one item. That is so specialized. So you’re a door handle trader. Do you own a shop? Yeah, we have– You own shops. We have five shops in five
countries, Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai– And only door handles. Only door handles, one item. That’s amazing. We were just commenting how
specialized each shop is here. You are persistent. She’s come up– this is the
third time she’s come up to me and I finally figured
we got to do it. I– One boss, two boss,
money big big. No, not big bosses. But I did have
dirty shoes, so I’m going to take you up on this. Money big big. No, not money, money, big, big. Money big. I’m going to have wet feet now. It’s the only problem. What are you doing? You’re going to
add this, Collin. You kind of got
it pushed on you. I guess. Yeah, I can feel it
through the mesh. Thank you. Thank you. Holy shit dude,
look at those shoes. Those are pretty darn clean. So we have finally made
it to another district. We’re in district 1 now,
bottom floor which is toys. Should we go look at some toys? Yeah. This is I think my
favorite section. It’s looking pretty wild here. Yeah, kids everywhere. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is crazy. So this thing is
filled with helium, and then it’s got like– the tail wags on it
for forward motion. To go up and down,
it’s got this weight in the front that
slides on a track. She’s controlling it
just with one hand. That’s amazing. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s like every crappy toy
store, and novelty shop, and Halloween shop. They should just name this
market made in China because– I know. Do you notice how
quiet it is in here? This Is cool, yeah. It’s insulated. Yeah. I would love to
work in this shop. I know, right? Should probably get one
of these sweatbands. [INAUDIBLE] have one of those [SPEAKING CHINESE] MOQ. [SPEAKING CHINESE] 600. 600. Yes. So MOQ is minimum
order quantity, right? So it’s how many– like what’s
the least number we can buy. Weigh in that situation
where they don’t sell retail. So yeah that was– A little lucky. Yeah, you did. I was surprised
she had a sample. I thought as soon as you were
like, I need a sweatband, I was like, he’s not
getting a sweatband. This is not going to happen. But she hooked you up with one
of the few samples she had. She had what, four samples? One of each color maybe? So yeah, that was
really nice of here. So what do you think? You want to start heading
through toys over to Christmas? Yeah, let’s do that. All right. It’s like you can only
look at so many toys before they all
start to [INAUDIBLE].. But that’s how Christmas is
probably going to be too. Right. No, it all sort of– your
eyes glaze over like– And really even in hardware,
it was like that too. Yeah, there’s just
so much of it, it’s like total
sensory overload. Yeah. You need to come here knowing
exactly what you want. You can’t come them
here and just browse. Like door handles. Yeah, like door
handles for instance. I mean, you can browse, we are,
but it’s very overwhelming. I sort of feel like I don’t
know what I’m doing anymore. When you think of stuff that
comes from China in bulk, you figure it comes
direct from factory. Yeah. Right. Which it does– Yeah. But, there’s also like
the in-between where the storefronts– Well, there has to
be a way for buyers to find factories, right? Yeah. And this is it. This is the biggest place
in the world to do that. Because for a lot of businesses
it’s trade shows, right? So a lot of industries
have their industry trade show of the year,
everybody comes together. It’s where deals
are done, it’s where people meet new suppliers. But this is like a
year-round trade show, right? It just never stops. Now it looks like we’re
in the floral section like fake flowers. We’re in the fake flowers
section which is all plastic. But it’s pretty. It’s very peaceful around here. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is my favorite sign
I’ve seen in the market. “Warning fire” What? What is that a warning of? I don’t see any fire. There’s no fire. The closest thing
I can figure out is that it’s warning
flammable things. But are fake flowers
really that flammable? I don’t know. I think we’ve made
it to Christmas. It is Santa Claus
everywhere, Christmas trees as far as the eye can see, and
tinsel around every corner. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s like we’re walking through
a Christmas shop, right? Yeah, we’re at Walmart
during the holidays. During Christmas. Yeah. I probably had a fake
tree in the past, as a kid, that has
come from this market. I think that’s true. Supposedly 60% of all Christmas
decorations come from Yiwu. Yeah. Which is a crazy, crazy number. This is where all the cats
you see all over the world come from. This is a store that sells
craft herpes in giant bags. Giant bags of glitter
floor to ceiling. This would be a shop I
wouldn’t want to work at. I know, right. This is one of those. I imagine you’d just end up
with glitter in all your clothes and all your belongings, right? Like glitter in your underwear. Well, I thought we were going
to find some St. Patrick’s Day stuff. I feel like I’ve seen, either
on a previous trip or this trip, I’ve seen some St. Patty’s day
stuff, but I’m not finding it. So what, we’ve seen like maybe
one and a half districts kind of, like one or
two floors of each. Yeah. How do you explain this? How do you explain what
it feels like to be here? For real. You can’t because you’re going
to tell people like, hey, this is how big this
is, and they’ll be like, oh, yeah that’s pretty big. But no, it’s like
10 times bigger than what you’re thinking. And once you get inside,
you can’t really see it all. You can see sort
of down the aisle, but it doesn’t
really look that big. It’s just that it goes
on forever, right? It just never stops. Right? Yeah, I mean, we’re at one end
and it goes on for 7 kilometers through the city. This is Decoration
Arts and Crafts which as best I can
tell, is Americana. Stuff that you would
find in a thrift store. They’ve all got a Sharpie
written on them stock number. And it’s because
they only have one of every different variation
that they make, every mold or whatever it is. And so you can be
like, I want 2065, I want 100 pieces or whatever. People who are
watching this video, they’re going to be, I
have that in my home. I know. I know. I have this right here. I know. I know. Like this stuff right
here, like Pepsi Cola, and maple leaves, and I’ve seen
all of this stuff in stores that I consider 100%
American, right? And it all comes from here,
it’s all made in China. [MUSIC PLAYING] I bought these in the
fake market, right? Yeah. For a present for my mom. How much did you pay? Like 80 yen. Why don’t you figure
out how much it would cost you to buy the same thing? [SPEAKING CHINESE] So seven. Yeah. 7, compared to what
I paid like 80. You payed 80? I think so, yeah. It was at least 50. It was at least 50. So how does that make you feel? I don’t know. Ripped off? No, I don’t know
So these are 7 CNY and then they got redistributed
to the fake market, and I paid at least
50 as I remember. It was a while ago. I know it was at least 50. So I’m thinking 80. So I paid 10 times
more in the fake market than you can get them for here. So that puts everything
into perspective for me. This changes how I see
the world being here. It’s like a real mind
twister being here. All right, let’s go
find tourist stuff. Navigating this
place is just so big. So this is super interesting. This is magnets. It’s got London,
Budapest, Grand Canaria. All of the magnets that
you buy as a tourist, they all come from Yiwu. Nothing is made
where you buy it. [MUSIC PLAYING] So next time you’re in
Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, anywhere in Southeast Asia,
and you’ve seen this stuff, you go to a shop and you
buy this, you’re like, I was there where it came from. I know. None of it like– yeah, it
wasn’t made by that monk. There’s no history behind it. Yeah, it wasn’t even
made in that city. Yeah, right. So isn’t this shop selling
monk’s robes and bags? Is that what that is? I think so. Oh my God. Right? The orange and the
brown, I’m pretty sure those are monk’s robes. The shoes too. Buddhist monks robes. Yeah. Wow. That’s mind-bending,
mind blowing, whatever you want to say. Keep calm and kiss my rebel ass. Wow. This is like a
Confederate kit shop. “Due to price increase of ammo,
do not expect a warning shot.” Wow. So think about it,
the type of people who would buy this hate China. Just hate China. That’s so true. That’s so– oh my God. So, so true. So Collin just asked her, like
pointed at a Confederate flag. Yeah. And so I asked her and was
like, do you know what this is? She’s like, no, no sorry. I was like do you
know what it means? She was like, no I don’t. I just sell it. And then what did you ask her? I asked her if she knew
what country it was. Yeah, what country it was. She was like, no. No, no idea. You had mentioned
that you really want to check out wedding supplies. Do you have a special
lady in mind or like– No, [INAUDIBLE] I just want to
ruin some marriages, all right. I just want to ruin
it for you guys. Let’s go find that market. I think it’s pretty
far from here. Let’s see if we can get a
motorcycle taxi over there. Because we’re in district
1, and it’s in district 4 which is like kilometers
away from here. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m not sure this is the
safest way to travel around the market, but it’s
definitely the fastest. [MUSIC PLAYING] Just to be really clear, we’re
driving all the way across town it feels like all to a different
part of the same building. We could have walked
there without ever leaving the building. This is just a lot faster. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SPEAKING CHINESE] Awesome, that was super fast. Now I’ve got dust all over
my lens from the road. Dude, it was far. I know, right? I thought it was
just going to be like a fourth, a quarter
of that distance. So I was all excited for you
to bargain with the motorcycle taxis. We got a good price
straight off the bat. So I don’t know. I don’t feel good
about bargaining if you know you’re
getting a good deal. Right, exactly. That’s how I am too. It’s like, why would you even
bargain like that, like 5 CNY. I mean, yeah in my videos
it does get to that point, where it’s over 5 CNY. But that’s because the initial
price to my price difference is so high. But 10 CNY is like $1.50. I don’t know. Based on what I know of
taxi rates and things like that, that seems fair,
that seems like the right price. Let’s go find weddings. I don’t know. What are we going to see? Yeah, wedding dresses. There’s so much
more to weddings, right, like table decorations. I don’t know. I feel like we’re going
to have our minds blown, but I don’t know how. So let’s talk about what
we’re not seeing here. There’s not brand name stuff. Right? There’s no Apple stuff here. There’s no Samsung. Even cleaning supplies,
there’s no brand name cleaning supplies. Right. So it’s all either Chinese brand
or kind of like white label. Where is wedding supplies? So we keep seeing signs,
but it’s all Chinese. Chinese wedding supplies. Oh. Right? Yeah. Duh. Parts of it are very
Western, but I mean, I think you’re right. This is Chinese
weddings supplies. I was expecting white dresses,
and tuxedos, and stuff. Same here. Yeah, not at all what we were
expecting in terms of weddings supplies. It is Chinese wedding
supplies I guess. And they’re all closed, so. Well dude, I’m about worn out. I think we’ve tapped
this place out. Now we’ve walked all
the way to Africa. Which was a nice surprise. Think about it. I don’t know. What are your
takeaways from today? This is your first time here. A lot. A lot. Sensory overload for one. Kind of really puts
everything into perspective. Literally everything you
see when you go buy things, they have it all here. It really changed my worldview
about how I see stuff, and where does stuff come
from, and how is it made. It really changed
a lot of things that I thought of like, oh,
coming from a particular place. No, a lot of it probably
comes from here. We’ve just barely scratched
the surface in this video. I mean, it would
take, I don’t know, 50 videos for us to
really do it justice. We’re working on at least
one more video in Yiwu. So stay tuned, if you want to
see more of the manufacturing side of Yiwu of what
happens in the factories, definitely stick around. That should be coming out soon. Thank you so much
for coming along. Thanks for having me, man. It’s a crazy adventure. If you guys want to see
more of what Collin does, Collin does a lot of
bargaining and markets, definitely go check out his
channel, Collin Abroadcast. I’ll put a link somewhere
on the screen here, and down in the description. So definitely go check
him out, and subscribe if you like what he does. If you like this video,
and you like what I do, definitely hit the
Subscribe button down below. And hit that bell
icon next to it if you want to be notified
about each video that comes out. Stay tuned for more
adventures, and I’ll see you guys next time. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Inside the World’s Largest Wholesale Markets – in Yiwu China
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    8:37 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • July 25, 2019 at 10:18 am

    I have been there

  • July 26, 2019 at 7:37 pm


  • July 26, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    Thanks colonel ,and as always scotty love your vids

  • July 27, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    I just had my mouth open the entire video. This is so incredible!

  • July 27, 2019 at 11:25 pm

    Physical Alibaba

  • July 27, 2019 at 11:39 pm

    How to explain the confederate flag to a Chinese: well it is kind of the "Tibet" flag of America, It means autonomy and rebellion to some, but also slavery, and it pisses off communist leaders.

  • July 28, 2019 at 8:48 am

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  • July 28, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    7:35 peppa pig omg 😲 I love peppa

  • July 29, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    10:15 is probably a fire door. the warning is to patrons in case of fire this door may crush you so stand clear at all times. Seen in a few large indoor markets before.

  • July 29, 2019 at 4:09 pm


  • July 29, 2019 at 10:23 pm

    I wish we had this here, sadly we have to go online and order from China.

  • July 30, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    Why are there no wedding dresses? Because the wedding dress is in Huqiu District, Suzhou City, China, where a whole street is a shop selling and customizing wedding dresses.😉

  • August 3, 2019 at 6:56 am

    Scott looks like the guy out Travlers David. So similar thanks for sharing

  • August 3, 2019 at 7:08 am

    It would take about 50 video to give this marketplace justice

    Collin: I can do like 3

  • August 7, 2019 at 3:36 pm


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  • August 9, 2019 at 2:35 am

    u can find almost everything in yiwu

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    11:51 kid taking a pee on the grass.

  • August 12, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    Hello I m Tibetan

  • August 13, 2019 at 1:51 am

    Yiwu is one of the commodity markets, it’s famous for small gadgets, low price and large stock. Actually in China different cities have its different products, for example, if you wanna buy electronic products, come to Shenzhen, for furnitures, to Foshan, clothes, to Guangzhou

  • August 13, 2019 at 4:34 pm


  • August 14, 2019 at 9:50 pm

    Amazing video, almost a documentary, you guys should think about going a bit more specific and with some interviews and boom a documentary sold to discovery channel or history channel, BOOM

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    I would have a heart attack in a place like that.. Spend all the money I have…:)


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