Nancy Kerrigan is one of the most famous American
figure skaters in history, but she knew hardship from a very young age and into her career
on the ice. This is her tragic real-life story. Mother’s fading eyesight Life didn’t wait to start throwing Kerrigan
curveballs. When she was just a child, her mother Brenda
contracted an extremely rare virus that would have devastating consequences for her family. Her vision started to blur, and by the time
the virus was finished with her, she was completely blind in one eye and able to see only a little
bit out of the other. Brenda was grateful that she could still at
least see her daughter up close, but her compromised vision meant that she could never watch Nancy
competing out on the ice. Instead, she watched from a television in
order to gain a closer view. In 1992, she told the New York Times, “As nice as it is being able to look at television
up close, being underneath the stands my husband Dan and I feel we’re missing something. We don’t see people and that’s a loss. It’s really lousy for him. It’s much more fun being part of a crowd.” Bartering for lessons After his wife went unexpectedly blind, Dan
Kerrigan, a welder by trade, was forced to assume all of the duties Brenda had previously
performed on top of his own. The couple couldn’t afford to put Nancy through
the skating lessons she wanted, but instead of telling her she couldn’t have them, Dan
struck a deal with the manager of the local rink. He would operate the Zamboni and keep the
ice in good shape, and in exchange, his daughter would be taught how to skate. The Kerrigan family’s mornings began at 4:30,
with Dan driving his daughter to the rink, where he would get on the Zamboni, then take
a nap while she practiced, and afterward drive her to school and then go to work himself. All of his hard work and sacrifice paid off,
as Nancy rose through the ranks and quickly became a skater with Olympic potential. Clubbed in the knee It was Nancy Kerrigan’s medal-worthy potential
that almost led to her downfall. Two days before the trials for the 1994 Olympic
Winter Games began, she left the ice at Detroit’s Cobo Arena, and before she could even remove
her skates, she was clubbed in the knee with a baton. The assailant was later identified as Shane
Stant, who had reportedly been hired by Jeff Gillooly, ex-husband of Kerrigan’s skating
rival Tonya Harding. Doctors told Kerrigan that if the bar had
hit her just one finger-width lower, her kneecap would’ve been smashed, and she might never
have walked again. The aftermath of the attack was captured in
shocking footage, sparking a media frenzy fueled by the revelation that Harding was
somehow involved in the plot to remove Kerrigan from the competition. The plan backfired, as Harding only managed
to finish eighth at the Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, while Kerrigan was able to recover
well enough to take home a silver medal. “Yeah, uh, what makes the human knee bend?” “It’s a ball and socket joint that swings
kinda like this.” Death threats Kerrigan’s experience at the Olympics was
tainted by the attack. She couldn’t go anywhere without somebody
staring, pointing, or taking her photograph. The ordeal was made all the worse by the fact
that she and Harding had to practice together. Her misery was compounded when she narrowly
missed the gold medal and then was uninvited from the closing ceremony by the Norwegian
royal family. Concerned that Kerrigan’s infamy might make
her a target, the King of Norway reportedly asked her not to attend the event for her
own safety. The move seemed over the top to some members
of the public at the time, and many people even thought Kerrigan fabricated the conversation
with the king. But threats were indeed made on Kerrigan’s
life, and her potential presence at the ceremony was considered a security risk. A series of miscarriages Years after her figure skating career ended,
Kerrigan competed on Season 24 of Dancing with the Stars in 2017. During her stint on the reality competition
show, she shared some heartbreaking information about her personal life. It turned out that she had suffered through
six miscarriages over the course of eight years. In 1995, she married her agent, Jerry Solomon,
and they welcomed a son named Matthew the following year, but it would be another eight
years before she gave birth to a second child. “And it’s so hard on your marriage and you
think, ‘God, what’s wrong with me?'” “You blamed yourself?” “Of course.” Kerrigan revealed that one of her failed pregnancies
went wrong at such a late stage that she had already told her son that he was going to
be a big brother. “He’s so excited he’s gonna have a brother
or sister and then you have to go back and say that’s not gonna happen.” Kerrigan eventually turned to in vitro fertilization
and had her second son, Brian, in 2005, and her daughter Nicole in 2008. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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Inside Nancy Kerrigan’s Tragic Real-Life Story

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