This is probably the coolest sport I know because it’s a combination between short track speed skating and roller derby. You’re really on the edge of your chair when you’re watching that sport. Everybody’s moving everywhere. It’s just pretty cool; pretty exciting. I grew up as a hockey player. I loved skating on the ice. I love the free-flowing aspect of it. It’s like an out of-body experience knowing that you’re going that fast. It’s magical. I got involved in inline speed skating because I like to go fast. When a whole bunch of skaters are sprinting as fast as they can for a couple of laps, there’s a lot of drama. We had a crash. Some people crash. We have a few young people who are working really hard. I have the privilege of coaching them and helping them understand the nuances, the dynamics of the sport: how to race, how to manage your stress, how to effectively train. I think it would be so exciting to be in the Pan Am Games. It’s in my home city. I just want to compete, do my best and make my country proud. I want to show the world what I can do. There’s a few of us older skaters still hoping to have one more crack at it and certainly a lot of young up-and-coming skaters working hard to make sure it’s going to be a battle. It’s a really, really positive atmosphere where the kids are really sharpening their skills and honing their fitness, technique and strategy for a great Pan Am event in 2015.

Inline Speed Skating, Part 1: TO2015 Pan Am Games Hopefuls

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