(gentle clapping music) – My job involves
interaction with suppliers, negotiating deals,
making sure we get ships to the U.S. in time. Ships come in 24/7 so
you have to just be ready to work through things and
make sure ships get out. My family lives in Colorado. So I work here in Houston. I visit them on the weekends. It’s challenging at times. I’ve been doing it for seven years. My family moved back to Colorado so my daughters could
train in figure skating. My youngest daughter tours the world, skating for Team U.S.A. She’s on the world team. She just recently moved
to Los Angeles to train. She’s always been a hard worker. (piano music) – [Mariah] It takes a lot of commitment. You have to completely
dedicate yourself to the sport so even when I’m not at
the rink I’m doing things that will benefit me on
the ice the next day. It’s my first world championship so I don’t really know what to expect but I know that I’m getting myself to be as trained as I can possibly be and I’m so excited to be there and the experience is going to be awesome. (dramatic orchestral music) I just feel really lucky because my parents are so supportive and have given up so much and done so much for me to
be able to chase my dreams. I know that he’s very, very busy so just to have him here
and have my mom here too in the stands watching
so I feel really lucky. (dramatic orchestral music) – From Houston I worked through Wednesday. Wednesday night I flew to Denver. Denver worked from home
for the day on Thursday and Thursday night flew out here to California to watch Mariah. Juggling flights around and schedules and I don’t get to get out
here very often to see her so it’s a real treat to
be able to come out here and watch her practise. This is definitely an
exciting part of my life, be part of such a great
project within INEOS to be the first company to export ethane and the incredible amount
of work and team effort that that took was just amazing and Mariah coming into
her own as an elite skater is just it’s incredible time right now.

INEOS Connects Father & Daughter in Ice-Skating Dream

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