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falling off 10 you notice the change issue at golf career of yours you know when I do these say at golf career of yours you know when I do these say we do research you had one PGA Tour event correct British Open yeah I'm pretty sure yeah yes I lived the qualifier Network here as you go I applied terribly is it bowling alley where was it because it can do see was he that John little French family prizes John Van de Velde went crazy and lost the tournament but for 7up was neat he was three here three surely Johnny and I lost but I remember um I uh I got there because I played well enough inah where's the strain opening I went over there to qualify we she saw I qualifying for the open and I shall see seen ICC 911 fine with two other guys I called Luke Donald mmm-hmm we're on the be number one player in the world and Michael Michael cannon going off winning a US Open I'll live with those guys my UI was cooked but because I hadn't done anything from time three radio stations gave me a call almost KB when he's back working at 97 PG me Andrew boy called and by the time raaah Stevenson and then banks called me other aw yeah at the hang of this radio stuff completely and I told him a couple of stories that was happening in the wake of my love didn't I said listen could you be a correspondent for the week and I said absolutely no mrs. card okay yes let's go and I shot a tu 85 or something like that it was the toughest golf course of all you know I came in history it was ridiculous like I don't know I never got into the class mmm so how the course was your scores in the British Open were 80 and 86 you said you didn't remember about like talking about it I tell I remember being Sergio Garcia and Seve Ballesteros that way the rough was is high then it was crazy it was a crazy week some of the fairways in the practice rounds were six and seven maybe eight steps wide you know our peers on the par fives it was the most ridiculous course setup the world had ever seen in that stage now you make sure Michael Campbell yeah you were leading the New Zealand open there playing round 3 yes with the local Michael Campbell yeah that's right what happened then well I played well for a long time I won really good summer 92 93 and then I decided to change my swing and it didn't work out I'm just getting the hang of those swing changes now to tell you the truth but a couple years down the track is from 64 and the first round of the New Zealand open and 69 was a better score and I went from leading by to the leading by four and I'm play with Michael Campbell who was a hero in New Zealand and I got on the first day the next day and I was ready girl was gonna win this thing I was playing great I was hit the ball well I was putt and well I was going to win and change my life Michael Campbell gets on the team they went through the list of stuff that he'd done and rounds of you know I think it was 69 70 or something from New Zealand Michael Campbell crowd goes crazy and he is goes straight down the middle now on this and yeah what you do you watch on TV you're doing you practice swings and I'm visualizing this nailed 3r 3-wood right down the middle of the fairway little draw and he's gone through well it's TV time tuned year so they had this card the first teams basically from television didn't do much golf clearly they said from Melbourne Victoria with rounds of 6469 he's never laid a tournament at this point before let's say you fake it hold it together Mar tellin you and I looked over at Michael Campbell and hated his hands in his face and that visualized 3-wood that ripped it down the middle and scared the hell out of me it disappeared made some popcorn rottens shout out to the right shot 76 and that was it that was a torment it broke my heart you would have had lots and lots of messages in the last few months you any that have really touched your heart yeah yeah it's excellent yeah you were calling out the blue was a ripper the guy called my father you say a message it may be it may be tear up really yeah he said something along the lines of in your life of golf if you the longest drive right there in the mill but you've just found yourself in a divot yeah I'm sure you'll get out of this one other bad metaphor is it yeah that one there one made me think about yeah just tell me I support from ops and people used to work with you know another radio station you know all these people just time being with their thoughts and yeah I'm sure it happens to everybody but those things really do help Trish it locally you know you're in the kids are at school yes you've been here for a while did with how do you differentiate between people who want to help but sometimes you just don't you just need your own privacy some people got so emotional over and it really didn't help us but I've got a great we go to a great school we've got great friends and they've been so supportive helping us just staying positive not drowning us in too much emotion I'm just getting us up on our feet and yes but we'll take the kids to school for you we'll drop off a dinner for you if you want someone to touch you just call me just really good attitude I think what was your what's been your darkest moment ah jr. took a while because at first when I heard the news I just didn't even want to believe that it was like No mmm this isn't happening to us it just felt surreal and then there came a point where you sort of I guess face it and you go oh my god this could really happen but then at every step we sort of you have to brush that aside and you have to really look at what focus on what you can do right how are you going to you know confront this cancer can be set up like we've come a long way in dealing with cancer and the chemo and the radiation and everything we've got so I tried to stay focused on how we're gonna get back on track but yeah they were there was a moment where I did where I had a cry and look where markets his stoma bag removed that was probably when I'll cry again because it's been two really crazy years with the before with Marx radio Joe yeah and then again at the end of the sheeny we had a crazy year and it's like oh my god christmas is coming up to this christmas is sort of like what's gonna happen this year to us you know that that who are you talking about the SCN situation when you and ox were woodchop to the sea and that was just before Christmas was it yeah well so you know you angry then you know I took a breath alignment yeah I was we were angry because they went to the trouble of saying comments organised next years ago four weeks worth of negotiation I went up by about this much about salsa is the August came there and $100,000 early because he went from breakfast to afternoon yep so you went there in a hundred thousand bucks which I so we went through all that negotiation awkward as gold and then they leave this they said we had jobs and then they said you don't have jobs hmm and then McQuarrie came along with and lived to spend so wonderful they've been unbelievable the they've been just such a great support they've not put any pressure on mark they've just been nothing but professional caring sort of company you know we're mates but I'm professionally just that really in awe of the fact you've been prepared to share your story and we all wish you the best from here on our thanks for coming on yeah we all wish Marco the best you can't wait to have him back on arrow McCrory sports radio on Drive great interview by Mike Sheehan to let's give credit to Mike as well and and we thank Fox 40 on Fox tells well for allowing us to play that inform have your say to win a holiday to a grande three McCrory sports radio is giving you and a friend the chance to win a trip to the Macau Grand Prix on a magical seven-day tour hosted by Australian racing legend Kevin pop I want a finish win 12 13 12 893 to have your say if you get on there join racing legend Kevin Bartlett at the Macau Grand Prix 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you we totally agree with you on my count wait to have him back on air and I know the Ox can as well change your pace it's still a bit of a sports update with Mike Pearson Mike somber but positive positive with mark oh yeah oh yeah it's doing the updates for a little while we're with Marco these good blow I know I've never met met him in person never shaken Marco his hand but just talking down a line and over the blower with him uses obviously a champion of a bloke so you know we can only only sit and pray and hope everything works out yep yep I've known them from I used to do betting updates on sports what's bit every one of their shows on another station for the last five years so I can tell you they're both top likes they're both 10 out of 10 blocks let's talk World Cup cricket and the Aussies cricket preparations yeah it's wrapped up overnight so we've gone three from three and our warm-up matches before the World Cup so we take on Afghanistan on Saturday night in the first the first match of the World Cup for our final warm-up game last night against Sri Lanka we took a five wicket win David Warner didn't play just proportionally precaution precautionary with leg soreness it was when koala the high scorer with 89 nearly all came done undone for Aussie though he copped a cricket ball to his knee while fielding actually had to leave the field as he couldn't walk on it shortly after he sort of like collapsed on her but nevertheless he was all good to return came out with a big knock of 89 Shaun Marsh Marcus toys and Glenn Maxwell or with Knox in the 30s just interesting Pat Cummins came out and said he reckons Glenn Maxwell and his form is key to successfully defending the world cup titled so a tipping a big tournament from all hoping for a big time maxi he's t cuz he's a match winner if we're gonna need scores of 350 above you need Maxwell to be higher you need Warner to fire Smith and khawaja they'll be the backbone of the innings but you know that hitting power yeah and if there's one player it's Maxwell buts another is probably Marcus Torres as well and both will have to Bowl join us and Maxwell the Dragons they got a bit of salary cap news yeah this story is obviously been going on for a while and today the Dragons were we're given $239,000 a cap relief for Jack de belem while he stood out under the no-fault stand-down policy now that covers the value of his contract for the rest of the season his talk that sir George Illawarra would send an SOS to former Clubman Trent Marin and Russell Packer to sort of fill the hole while to balance out they're obviously struggling at the moment the Dragons now Marin is in the first season of a four-year deal over the Leeds Rhinos in the super league after leaving Penrith but he is said to be homesick so he could be looking for a way home back to the NRL Packers also a 29 years old out of favour at the West Tigers Michael McGuire not really having a bar of him he's been with western suburbs in the new sales cut for the last month so he's also someone they could turn to with that that packet about $250,000 you know for a six-month five-month contract you know it's well Tigers want to get rid of Packer so yeah so that makes sense they want their shopping of Dipendra that well yeah I haven't clear you man but yeah a little bit of relief there for the Dragons before where you go to the breaks we need to take a break before get you out greedy disagree mark what an email from you I we're talking you're your top five burger ingredients in sports ours the old you know two all-beef patties special sauce that is cheese because onions on a sesame-seed bun' ball marks put that little jingle – sports – two all-beef patty mills special Roger sauce merit lettuce Martina Swiss cheese graham pickles Graham onions on a sesame-seed bun' we which is a North Korean tennis player that is absolutely sensational from Mark to pull out a North Korean table tennis playa definitely complete the burger shows you how to search far and wide probably have it a punt on at a floor of the morning yeah barn way the greatest north korean table tennis player i've ever heard i will take a break and be back with agree to disagree Matty Ryan from the Socceroos league was acknowledging boys would love the dear I'll tell Dave Kramer you're in town and my old love to I love to just tell Dave McKay evening Mike Radel on Macquarie sports radio got a coffee craving heads in a cafe too smooth delicious the wrister made coffee made with care and craft it's yours to enjoy anytime day or night we're 24/7 people in the cafe we're coffee people in selecting responsibility in 1969 Kevin Bartlet finished first across the line in the Macau Grand Prix now KB's back hosting a special 7-day held Wong's tours experience to mark the 50th anniversary of his success join Kevin Bartlett in Macau for an experience like no other see the Motorcycle Grand Prix World Touring Car championships and the Formula three Grand 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Blood Service need his new donors so patients can get the blood they need customers love our coffee but we just can't keep up with the morning rush I need more hands on deck when you're ready to grow your business you should call on deck the small business loan specialist on deck group has led 10 billion u.s. dollars to over 80 thousand small businesses globally apply in 10 minutes get approval in hours and have the money in your account as fast as the next business day so for a loan to help you hire more employees apply now at on deck comm day you or loans are subject to lender approval HD Nelson here and I'm here with Royce live in a Roy what are we doing here just sort of an interview love create if you love Australia you'll love this show 10 o'clock Saturday mornings McCrory sports radio let's agree to disagree goddess in a bit of trouble last night with Peggy and levy but I'm sure you've got a more well behaved v potentially potentially look I thought pretty sure you'll disagree with me on this first one I know this is very much a cricket strong show with jewels at the helm and I dare say jewels would disagree with this as well I think the Cricket World Cup group stage is too long the first games on the 1st of June the last group games on the 6th of July it's over a month yeah I see where you go in there but it's cricket you can't play every day you have to have a gap between your matches if it do you need 8 9 games before the finals can't you do hmm the thing is they've actually shortened it for a minute in cups gone by so I think they go in the right way I think they could shorten it more yeah but it's not something I feel strongly song and we disagree I'm okay with it ask me after if we played a game every three days over two weeks ever there's what six games seven games in there every three days it's possible yeah it's possible to play cricket every three days of course they play Test matches a gave a flyer on you know five five games in in a two week period if you play every three days yeah but you want a lot of the games on the weekends you don't want a game on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday necessarily yeah every day so look I'm okay with it but I could be proven wrong ask me on the 6th of July yeah I'm sure I'll be over it anyway number two Robbie fara and I don't necessarily believe this one I'm just I think this is good good one Robbie fara going to watch the Champions League final in the middle of the NRL season is unprofessional you don't have to agree them you can disagree with the statement that I think but I this is a group you don't think that's unprofessional no only because I think it's good from his club only because they're not playing this weekend I can't see a problem he's not gonna miss a training session they've got the weekend off the only problem I can see with it he's spending a lot of money obviously to get the tickets and to fly over there and a bit of time in transit to watch his team go and get flogged by Tottenham I say it's an Everton like gag I say and Everton having a Liverpool it's not unprofessionally you know what it would have been very unprofessional if he'd missed AE session with the rest of the team yes and as soon as I said this story I thought what Shirley's gonna miss training but he's he's gonna be back in Sydney less than 24 hours after the game Wow no no Wow but I've got to say I couldn't be bothered I mean have you have you flown over to Europe yep how painful is it yeah it's very painful I dare say he may be may yet miss a training session if they win in here have you a few beers to celebrate he wouldn't do that it's very professional but what if the plane gets canceled or delayed yeah that's German that's you know just control but it could it wouldn't be out of his control he didn't go he'd be fine let's hope that doesn't happen no no it's fine they've got the weekend off he can go wherever he wants as long as he's back for training if he's not no I'm professional all right moving on as you said earlier in the show Christian the balls back in our court with a little feud with the breakfast team I know it's done the feud over we're not talking about there anymore are you sure know a grater disagree with me here mark Peggy Odell could easily do mark lady's job Mike Peggy Odell could easily do Levy's job you're saying yes yeah I think no what are you gonna do you just like someone who's never sat in the lead turn it up now I'm in Levy's seat now and Marc Lieb is a great broadcaster and to host a show as opposed to being the special comment sports update man funny guy is a totally different kettle of fish did you get did you get a passive-aggressive email from mark levy this morning I can't I've blocked him and but I don't get his emails or calls and that's another story no no yeah you think it's just easy you know you think that what Jules and I and Levy do it's just easy when you sit over there but once you're getting this seat you realize it's not and only the best can do it oh you just like leaving Kerry awesome that's about it isn't it Mike levy is a pro and could I do leave his job of course with my eyes closed yeah yeah continue as good as Piggy's Hey the man for that see he's the funny guy he's the bounce-off yeah guy well you want to me we're both good-looking blokes as well being piggy okay yeah so you know well we don't headlines then tomorrow morning so I don't think you will so I'll be good to speak to them tomorrow number four back to the burger theme you should never order a burger on ubereats well because they ate it well well because rat by the time it gets to you yeah you know what I've never I don't even have the uber eat zap yeah it was spoil you don't have Wi-Fi I don't have you buried so don't live in this century get a pad tired had to see you I mean if you're picking up a burger you pick it up yeah yeah yes sir no matter over eats or any any sort of hairy guys get a burger delivered sogginess especially the chips yeah exactly and my friend does a braids regularly hooks into the chips oh wow I've heard that happens it's too old we'll go time right yeah again with the burger theme pulled pork underrated on a burg that's fantastic how good are they yeah it's underrated yeah I'm not saying it's not right as long as well yeah it goes well because you got the textural difference the crunch yeah and the freshness of the coleslaw with the fattiness of the pulled pork and the juiciness of the so good what a combination what a flavor bomb it's like as a party in my mouth if everyone's invited a shame we couldn't work it into the work it into the top five tonight but a last ball we'll have again pull it off that's a that's a win for the agrees three – thank you for help tonight ma I'll be back in C tomorrow Mike peaceful a great disagree and a sports update well we'll take a break for News I'm got Jim Wilson from the Seven Network coming up Adam horse from Fox Sports News with his team at least Tuesday Matt guy at pro golfer and Matt Zerbo AFL author all the time some of the nice member melian saw the hardest moments and they're the things that you eventually become most proud of Macquarie sports radio if you ever felt lonely like there's no one to turn to no one who cares have you ever felt like you've just lost hope and there's nothing to look forward to you ever felt too broke to go out and that you'll never have enough to get by then you know how I feel every day you can help end the pain of poverty please donate to the Vinnies winter appeal call 13 18 12 or visit Vinny's org today you without your help nothing's going to change Oh George Clooney's long-awaited return to television he stands to offer us the new series catch-22 the bring me back the last line bringing me back the last not my last lines that's my last line based on the groundbreaking novel around me I'm crazier not crazy catch-22 I have to get out of combat duty your diviner crazy starring George Clooney hurry Christopher Abbott and Kyle Chandler are some catch that catch-22 the brand new series catch-22 every episode no streaming only on Stan if you're a fan of the world join me Rob Gilbert with Mike allegedly book box the box from 5 to 7 p.m. every Friday on McLaury digital radio envious or later by podcast on radio NTS combo you its with weekly guide taking you closer to the action with behind-the-scenes news from the domestic and international game plus in-depth analysis from a who's who of players coaches and journalist box the box / chemists warehouse of the real brands and real Satanist and spiritual proteins that storage moving more from cheering on 11 Aziza Lords to finding an apartment for two nearby ah from Lords to Trent Bridge find the perfect accommodation for your trip with hotels city apartments and more live curious on proud partner ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 hello I've I've got something important to excuse me sorry about that I just needed some water kind of like greater Sydney right now the long hot summer and lack of rain falling over our dams means we're in drought and that impacts all of us but if we all do our bit and save a little together we'll make a big difference see how you can save water at love water Sydney sports right here but if you're in Perth that's just short of a link with Troy registry national news 10 good evening I'm Holland Lambeth sauce a heavily pregnant woman has been attacked in a violent and vicious assault as she walked to work in inner city security footage shows the woman being repeatedly punched in the head and pushed into a post as she tries to protect her stomach and off-duty police officer and a passerby managed to step in and help her Detective Chief Inspector Alan Johnson says a woman has been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm was an unprovoked a violent confronting confronting attack by a 28 year old female from my own throat shortly after there was a member of the public present who are intervened and assisted the the victim and also an off-duty probationary constables from Surry Hills they just happened to be walking past on the way also in a way the woman's husband says the baby is unharmed but his wife is recovering as they thanked police in the passerby who came to her aid a woman and her four children have been killed when the car they were in tried to overtake a truck on a Queensland Highway their station wagon collided head-on with another truck last night the 35 year old and three children died at the scene the fourth child died while being flown to hospital police inspector Graeme Payne says it's one of the worst crashes he's ever seen it's always a challenge for first responders to such a significant incident where vehicles have collided at high speed and and it certainly compounded by the fact that it's it's there's been four involved so look it's it's just a tragedy forever more than a hundred and forty million dollars worth of cocaine and MDMA has been uncovered inside boxes of shampoo imported from Spain a joint agency strike force swooped on the consignment earlier this month after a tip-off from the public a 33 year old truck driver has been charged with minor drug possession after police raids on storage facilities in Sydney's north victorious coalition MPs are being urged not to lose sight of the aspirations of everyday Australians the party room has met in Canberra for the first time since the government's re-election prime minister Scott Morrison has congratulated the team that says it's now time to get to work a team that is hungry a team that is committed a team that is united in the in the way we are able to fight on this campaign to do one very simple thing and that is to ensure that Australians will be at the center of our gates New Labour leader Anthony Albanese has visited Queensland following the party's disastrous election result vulnerable Australians are being urged to get vaccinated against pneumonia data shows about 10 percent of those aged over 65 who are hospitalized with the infection will die immunisation coalition chairman Robert boy says free vaccines are available to those considered at risk immunization against the pneumococcus is free for many people you can check with the GP if you're one of them but at the same time as you get a flu jab you could also get the pneumococcal tube in the other arm there are many reasons for getting a flu jab and many of them overlap with reasons for getting the pneumococcal vaccine to finance one Australian dollar buying sixty nine points so for US cents Macquarie sports update John Millman is fighting back against fifth seed Alexander's very thin their first round match at the French Open we go live to Craig Gabriel at roland-garros today enough users of conditions it's breezy but Millman just keeps on fighting he's really tested severe and hasn't allowed the German to hit freely so it's very was now up to set what's up two sets to love but Millman forged back with the third is varied 76063 263 one earlier burn atomic was beaten easily by Taylor Fritz 6-1 6-4 6-1 and high martín Del Potro 1 in 4 live at the French Open Craig Gabriel Macquarie national news thanks Craig with the NRL's origin stars out of action this weekend a number of players have been named to make their debuts billy britain will replace damien cookers hooker for South Sydney Brett Nathan comes into the centres for the Penrith Panthers and Wallabies and Brumbies back row at David Pocock has played his last game of Super Rugby announcing his retirement it's four and a half past 10 this is Macquarie national news hello I've I've got something important – excuse me sorry about that I just needed some water kind of like greater Sydney right now the long hot summer and lack of rain falling over our dams means we're in drought and that impacts all of us but if we all do our bit and save a little together will make a big difference see how you can save water at love water dot Sydney this winter gently hate your place with an economical neuroelectric panel heater no fan totally safe and totally silent you are electric panel heaters at allergy-free ask my friendly and sensitive choice approved pop it on the wall or use the EZ glide wheels to take the warmth with you to every room Noir o is your low-cost heating alternative for this winter and simple fears new ro this could be the beginning of a warm relationship new ro calm a you whether g'day this is Paul Serena whatever your code Cory sports radio has it covered all sports all the time windy & partly cloudy tomorrow and overnight low of 9 degrees tops of 21 in the city 20 in the West looking ahead partly cloudy Thursday and Friday a shower or two over the weekend right now in town it's 13 degrees 11 at Campbelltown and Terri Hills 10 at Lucas Heights 12 at Bankstown 13 Gosford Penrith I'm her Lenny Lambeth sauce on Macquarie sports radio Sydney and 954 all sports all the time live on air and online at sports radio Comm Ave you nights with Christian Jensen welcome back to Macquarie sports radio nights I'm Christiane Jansen great to have your company coming up this hour we'll hear from Adam whores the team was Tuesday in the elf Maddy Guyot our resident golf pro Matt Zerbo he's an author but a good AFL book out but let's first talk about some of the stories making news in the world of sport with Jim Wilson from the Seven Network good evening Jim very well thanks it's a big time in sport of course origin headlining everything we heard the story today pinehearst the teenage debutante for the blues he's honoring his faith while trying to prepare for his origin to he boo yeah with Ramadan it's an increasing story isn't it I mean I think it's obviously his faith and it's what he believed in and you know and good luck to him and world under him I think he's it but when you go into an origin campaign and when those serious training really started today there are very strict rules around when you can eat and when you can and when you get a drink and and as far as watering take and I know they had a fairy sword sitting today the boys and but the rules are from basically 5:00 a.m. to sunset is when the Sun comes up until the Sun sets there's no food intake if he's gonna have a have any water he can a you can basically have a swig of water but he must not what I must spit the water out so apparently the story's been going and this has been confirmed by that the boy hierarchy that he's getting up at like around 5:00 a.m. absolutely before the Sun comes up loading himself up with carbs and with food and with water to basically get through the day until he can eat in the evening but yeah I've worked out from origin and as I said I've had a very very heavy workload today and that number of the pliers actually stepped off the off the ground at the out of Sydney Olympic Park and said to our reporter mr. Bishop that that was an absolute torture test it was a grueling grueling session but Payne ass he can taste a bit of water but he must not swallow the water and he certainly can't have any food so as I said it's a a very sort of regime at regimen but he's abiding by that and then obviously in South Wales respect for the G supplies officials respect his religious beliefs yeah yeah and good on him you wouldn't want to be behind him in the queue for the buffet I reckon a dinner no I saw last night at that tree blues gala which good well done other New South Wales rugby like I know Queensland have one last night as well would I announce daily Terry Evans but the Blues one that I went to at the style was just fantastic it was a great night a great celebration and I think um certainly the two inductees to the Hall of Fame Steve Moore about 30 who's just a legend to former New South Wales captain and the cattle dog himself Tommy ray Donatists have got a got also elevated into the Hall of Fame – very good selections great champions legends of day and legends of origin and as I said when I say it's a great celebration I know they haven't won the series but there was a celebration of New South Wales rugby league and of two greats of the game so well done to the blues and it was a terrific night of the Star Casino yeah and we send our best to tell me regarding us who's not doing doing – welcome just on that I was poked yeah I supposed to both close to him this morning and and obviously passed on our congratulations from from us and yeah he's just come out of palliative care and an out of treatment and he's obviously a continuing continuing treatment for cancer and yeah I'm with you I our thoughts with those around him and he's a wonderful character Tommy and he's always been so generous with his time with us as a network at 7:00 he's been very fair to the media across the board I must say when I think I would you know I mean I grew up in Queensland and I was born doors of the toy so I think Arthur beats it in the king with Wally and Alfie but see what New South Wales have had some great sand and the cattle dog call and with Tommy when I think origin certainly Tommy's right at the top of the tree so hopefully in fingers crossed Tommy can and watch his beloved Blues have success again but yeah it's right now he's he's going through a pretty tough time but you know what he's got the fighting spirit the Cattle Dog spirit and dark as I said thoughts with Tommy Andy's anything those close to him yeah he's a 10 out of 10 boat Tommy no now Kevin Walters he's he's banned the words New South Wales and blues his origin camp what well I've got my rides running through my bags I live in Sydney I love Sydney but I'm a Queensland supporter and I always have been I mean I grew up on a dog house so I state of origin is just that but I heard this come through today that he's gone and banned journalists of Chris Gary our senior rugby league reporter and Brisbane rain be from charleyville they're out there today the Queensland is out in central Queensland and you know he said they can't ask any questions although we can ask questions about New South Wales or the Blues but they can't mentioned New South Wales or the Blues I mean what the hell I mean is talking about over the top and political correctness gone crazy I mean apparently some sort of coach Whisperer he's been watch sports sites been basically having a chat – kevie and cabbage taken on the the manager basically told his players no I you can't ignore the New South Wales or the Blues names so all today Ben hunt the number applies of us all or basically saying our opposition them I'm thinking come on but if I was Freddie and Danny Buderus and bring Greg Zander at the Brian's trust I'll be going let's let's make let's absolutely milk this this is great mo for us they're already sort of weary of us and it was a really weird and bizarre thing to do and I I just think I mean it's not rocket science right below you and I think why try to reinvent the wheel just keep it simple Kevin just dieter with Dave line up the calls or next Wednesday night that's the easiest way of doing it where you saying while some blues in a particular ain't sore and they doing obstructing journalists not to will sort of steer away from having to actually go down a part of them having to mention do South Wales of the Blues I'm going hello it's there's two states in this it's New South Wales V Queensland so yeah a very bizarre on Kelly's behalf yeah Bradley Charles Stubbs the coach whispery he charges five and a half thousand dollars an hour and that's what he comes up with but one the Roosters competition last year now the West Tigers they've given Robbie Farrow one of the greatest leave passes you'll ever see Jim yeah but a lot of little pulled Robbie and obviously they're taking on Spurs at the yard at the final in Spain and yet Robbie he's been given a leave pass with the boys dog is having a bye they've said you go with our blessing so mate Michael Maguire and the and the West Tigers hierarchy I go good on a Mama's sort of Ghana and for him to get a lead passed like that during a season I I sort of went key deep they've been generous the other top the tide so I'm Jeff all at all well another Robbie but and I thought let's just hope his beloved Liverpool could get the job done again Spurs yeah yeah they they certainly would want to either so it's five a.m. Sunday the game out time and he's got to be back for Monday training so I think you'll we won't be sticking around in Madrid for the celebrations well we get the red eyes he lights up it's a fair red eyes Madrid red are very good Madrid or a tie here but about he's a fanatic I mean I know when I hosted the Liverpool games with our out figure for seven that Robbie was front and center everywhere at those Liverpool games he loves it and he's been to Anfield and he's I mean he's obviously very being I'm very proactive been on social media and through social media revenue so if we ever get to Spain sort of final let's say it shows just how devoted and passionate is for the cause and for the to the for the for Liverpool yeah and no harm done there in the by it's fine little bit of AFL jim Dale Thomas he's been copping some flack for drinking a function a couple of days before that game against and kill them all it's a bad law I mean it's not again it's sort of hang up all offense and it you guys have gone have gone absolutely you know I blow out but the bottom line is it when you do that when you're winning games when you're not winning games and when you when you're down the book the bottom of the ladder do you know I understand I mean I got wind of this story a couple of days ago that he was out on them at a charity function and he kicked on apparently and had a few beers and I'm going on a Friday night before a Sunday game against and killed her it's not a great look it's a perception and I think you know again he wasn't bought out and he wasn't out on a mad bender but he has had a history and as you know is God form and I sort of go days you're having a good year I mean he had a good year last year he's had you know he's obviously had his battles with injury and soft-tissue injuries and stuff so don't cut yourself with a position like that on a Friday night and I go to the charity event which i think is terrific that he was at the charity event don't get me wrong you know I love sink footballs and all of us put back in there even what really matters in life but to go in and have a few more babies and you know I just think oh you know two days before a game or 36 hours before a game against a killer which they narrowly lost the Blues you know as I said if you're leading the comp you know which you know that's when there's a bit of room to move I'm not saying sure I'd get blotto if the Giants or Geelong but you know just I don't know I just think it's a perception and I died thinking he did he put himself in that position a fancy people saw him and it wasn't like having a couple of Reds in the backyard he was out about in a public place and again I'm not being over-the-top these guys are grown me but I just think it went when the club's struggling like they are I don't need a city Daisy Thomas if you know that I'm a Carlton supporter and I and I looked at that and I went oh Daisy come on like you know we are absolutely struggling here and we don't need you putting yourself in that position that's you know it's it's where it's pure and simple I think he should have known better and again I'm not the over-the-top PC but I think that you know he's been around long enough to know perception and is reality and and and to be out of a sort of in a public place having a few bevvies a two days on a Friday night before a very important game against killer wasn't a great look yeah I think you summed up you said not a hanger ball offense but a bad look from Daisy there for Carlton all right did you see the the process that saw Brad Scott leave North Melbourne as quite bizarre I certainly did you know I'm surprised I mean people have a lot of people in our game who say you know I've been coming well yeah maybe I didn't see it coming bit quickly I mean I I certainly when it all unfolded I think the fact that it got leaked to the media on Friday I sort of sped up the process I think that he was happy to see out that the season but then once it leaked to the media on Friday I think North Melbourne just went right all stuff this what will move down outside it's a mutual agreement I think you know he's been there what's the best part of 10 years how many prelims one or two you know is that enough or you know I think that probably I've got a lot of time for Brad a Chris Scott I think I've always loved them as players when I talk but suppliers and that Joe they're not sort of individuals very deep thinkers and very good football brains but I think it's a mutual agreement but for him to go I mean even last night on AFL 360 on Fox I was sitting there watching it going he's in the North Cobb and clobber well I I thought he was out the door so obviously he wants to try to make it as a dignified exit as possible yeah he could have done without the David King yet decide on the weekend David Kim former North Melbourne champion who's been fairly critical of Brad Scott they've got a running battle I think they came with cameras and in a public place he probably he probably didn't need that I think in the whole scheme of things but yeah it's obviously it's interesting now to see what its next move is because I know that he's got very close connections at this and killed a football club now Alan Richardson isn't out of the woods there as far as being safe and I know that there's a number of secured a power dry because they were very close to Brad Scott so that will be interesting and of course Britain Bolton we talked about count before Brendan bolt is under enormous pressure I don't forgive Brendan bolt yet another five six points for the remainder of the season which is very tough for you I don't bring a bowl can we Calvin HG so that may be another option for Carlton for Brad Scott but yeah it's interest the coaching circus or merry-go-round and it's just got interesting with his departure and then we think about who's going to replace him at thought Belleville well I mean they'd love John llama he was a great player for North Melbourne for the campus but John Longmire says no I've had go phone calls I've contracted to Sydney a family's happy in Sydney I'm staying at the swans let's just watch this space on that I still I mean he's had an amazing record and success rate with the Swami's and as I said he was a very good player for North Pole but but it would be interesting to see if how much North Melbourne throw at John Wong right I try to get him back or even out of a Simpson who I'm sure is gonna be tired up by West Coast sooner rather than later if he's not already because of course he was also a champion of the of the North Melbourne Football Club as a player so it's a pretty handy platformer players who have gone on to be very very successful senior coaches it's Simpson and Wawa can they get them back to our street that remains to be seen and that's a would you leave the West Coast Eagles all the cities wants to go back to the North Pole but that is something all the money in China with with due respect to the shin bone as a taut bulb and if they ate west coast they are at the Sydney Swans no no and I also think that John Mayer along like I said they haven't called me but yet they will be making phone calls I think CalPERS should with those individuals as well all I think Brad Scott belongs at calc I think Brad Scott as I said I've had a lot of time for Brad Scott I don't think Brad Scott's the right fit to replace Brendan bulk I think we knit Aaronic Carlton beat someone like a lawn mower and Adam Simpson but they're hard to find yo David Hardwick Alistair Clarke's and they were two others I'd look at they need a big fish and right now to try to get one of those – Carlton it's a bit like North Global trying to get a lot Meyer or Simpson even though they played at the club that very tough to get them away from successful franchises where franchises and clubs who are resource rich and of Yahoo have had great on-field success yep yep and who knows John wall's file might even throw another spanner in the works if he doesn't start winning games a tester did Jim thank you very much for your time mate – great wrap-up of the headlines in sport debate Jim Wilson from the Seven Network we'll take a break be back with Adam whores and team lists Tuesday in the NRL well folks I've got to let you in on a little secret Matt Ryan as he was leaving the studio said to pee Matt I was a big fan of you also become a Parramatta fan and the next week save I produce on the Premier League I might do a salute the 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team this Tuesday it's an abbreviated round 12 because of State of Origin coming up we can't have all the origin players missing from their teams but eight sides in action will have no state of origin players let's run through them all with Adam Halsey whores from Fox Sports News how a mate good thank you yeah right let's get straight into it cuz we've got so many games to get through not bad this versus hey we might get a perfect round this week we'll hang on you you had one from four when I had none from four so you're not the worst tipster oh no yeah Parramatta the wind would you to abandon us off the Gold Coast they can have both like I said you're the only positive is manly lost Hank that's all that matters how do you reckon they'll go in the big battle what to form teams Penrith versus manly it's not really excited too much at this one unfortunately all types of people back sea of the state of the year and penalty mainly and penalties are not really doing it for me I mainly of course will be without spoilers daily Terry Evans probably won't be applying but he's off with the bronze well pen arts are missing nice and clearly James Maloney he comes back from suspension apply halfback Paris did a couple of injuries we've won a Blanken that thief RA out in the center so Jose Joe so the background he comes into the sentence and Brett night and he comes and also interestingly in that question no gallant with Canada Lesniak who is still obviously our favor there at the Panthers better manly at Brad Parker he's had a broken jaw against the Titans last went with a woeful against the Gold Coast so I really Gary pushed him in the Sanders to come for him and this whiskey honor to the wing Corey Vidal in forward for a voyage and it's an all Thompson he is the captain all right yeah if there's no Delon with Tina's Lesniak he will never ever be picked for Penrith again fair to say absolutely yeah this is certainly the week he shall be playing it across I'll tell you what what my mail is obviously paramount is the favorite to get him but my mail is West Tigers offered Elijah Taylor as a swap and Ivan clear he said no thanks so the Tigers have come back with Russell Packer they are waiting to see if they can swap pack up for what Tina's leaves that we know Packer is it an Ivan Cleary band so watch this space but still your eels are the favorites they're speaking of your eels good week to meet South Sydney isn't it big problem any years panel to you that at all the pressure is on Parramatta cause as you mentioned Chris in the rabid eyes has been torn apart by injury and obviously state of origin that lost a guy called Barry Walker to origin jerseys and Reynolds has been named but there is a serious down out of him with that leg injury you picked up against Livia the Tigers Alex Johnston also he's on the injured list Carl Turner Bradburn Salina at their parent in fact itís the only thank 20 pies when he supplies the time at 21 men's coach I think that applies that's what we can say Adam do he comes into the circus gonna try to use fathers Billy Britain thanks Ivan from Damien cooker okay Jeannie Tortola he walk and Bailey serum comes onto the bench now Parramatta they're the only Turner partially newsela Warriors have God had a stat emergent player so they are looking to bounce back after three straight losses including that horrendous loss to the Panthers last week you can call the loss but panel slope or equal themselves difficult to take that one and also this question it is one coach you don't want to go up against this Tom beers wines better why I've been has been coaching through these origin period since 1988 you knows how to get teams ready I'm nervous yeah look I'd be nervous too I mean South Sydney they've only lost one and that was demanding golden point that's it I don't I know you don't want to play you want to play your sides chances down but seriously if you do not beat this South said you sign now and you are favors I'm gonna put a line through you for the eight is that you know any food in the competition Brad Apple is also frustrated cynics make some changes dropped out of the 17 T banana Brad Tocker rainy Daniel Elvira and huge Jennings Michael Jennings returns of entry he goes into the centers like sports in fact the lordís back to the wing after a shocker in the Senate last week can't even so start a proper long kept on Marella he's back castle yeah okay well that's handy tip I'm a really good player and you are at bank with stadium or we can't use that anymore you lost to Penrith I was using that Rob it wasn't it was a fortress you just need to play the Tigers there if you're weak and you'll be right how about at the Bulldogs vs. raiders this is Saturday night at ANZ Stadium she can smell an upset here with the Bulldogs well can't we like it a better chance climb up the bottom a letter there's I whatever cool enough said they should win this the writers they're missing three applies words ingenuity to parley white and contract now they've lost also Josh Hodgson the captain to a broken families after eight weeks so he can tell you a lure or Aparna and job Bateman on the energy lift that their master doubts there's names for the Raiders a Canterbury they're only missing bill and Martha to origins dirty mihika comes in Adam Elliott is back from injury on the extended bench and ramen scarlet banner he's also on the bench camber there staring at losses being a rider below their best against the Cowboys Sebastian Chris he comes into the setter suggested second in our old game I see that we all know a the Susie's back at five a four white and he's been playing a bit of Richards Aiden Seaver well so about Ellie he takes hunters place at hooker John babe that has been named on an expense without a scratch at all stop it so lately if he gets to call up okay so kontrick whiten per paulien and Hodgson and they're already missing late partner for Chile I'm tempted to say they can't we you said it wouldn't be a surprise right is our favorites does that surprise you does it seem as well so I'm on canopy with this for the most part by Melbourne last week but against the week in Canberra coming off three straight losses I give them I give them a huge go yep yep all right we'll go the Bulldogs there and the final game is a Sunday afternoon game before p.m. kickoff also another uninspiring match I think they've deliberately picked them because the origin players are missing Titans at home to the Cowboys G tune in for that one the gold case will actually be because either the Cowboys have lost eight in a row 24 days I asked on like tasted success but they has to be at this time because the cowboy isn't missing Michael Morgan their captain and also Josh McGuire to origin Judy now Justin ideal he's instruction explained in Canberra plan to miss the game would you believe it'll until the next morning when Carl filled his room I was concerned about his health that he got taken hospital and I discovered a ruptured spleen hoping sideline for a fair length of time you would think as will Matt Scotties assurance shoulder injury so Mitchell done he goes into the sentence Jake lifted his back he will play heart back Karen has six back from injury also into the bench so and go goes well let's go he'll play a conference often that we know that they leave out this enjoy era he missed last week against Bailey he's the Queensland side actually I was planning to run into a bit of fall but so I'm on the car classes with us we're off to typhus couple of weeks ago never pick up again okay so we're gonna go the Titans to beat the Cowboys the Bulldogs to beat the Raiders are we gonna go the yields to beat the bunnies yes yes and pampers manly aren't you what are we gonna do a confidence did you hear that confidence above us I feel no pain I Panthers will manly Hall let's go for the four from for all right okay Panthers eels Bulldogs and Titans all home teams and look it wasn't team this Tuesday I was team this Sunday for New South Wales and team list Monday for them rounds and no real surprises in either of those origin sites know what I think so I think both sides know I could be really considered unlucky even before all really inform as a few players a bit scratches but overall exactly match to them this is going to be an absolutely built right go wait for yep absolutely but first we get through around 12 four matches pampas Eagles eels Rabbitohs sat Bulldogs Raiders and Titans Cowboys Adam horse from Fox Sports News thanks for your time Adam Hall is there from Fox Sports News that will take a break and then Maddie guy is gonna talk some golf we wrap up a Charles Schwab challenge and look ahead to the Memorial Tournament this week and the Corey sportswear yo it's all sports especially in our breakfast show what's the worst thing to be stunned by we've got three bays Hornets wasps blow bottles all sports I got stung by blue bottles not long ago 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Tripoli or combi hi you or column on the number 135 triple 7 Tripoli of calm hey you 1312 83 have your say – holiday join racing legend Kevin Bartlett at the Macau Grand Prix booked through heaven Wong's tours calm on the quarry sports radio pity golf with Matt diet American golfer Kevin Na has cemented his reputation as quote the king of colonial after taking out the Charles Schwab challenge at the collodial country club now now already owned the course record of 61 he had four top-10 finishes there going into last week as I welcome golf pro Matt guide from golf central and Brisbane Mandy the question has to be asked how do we miss him that's a great question isn't it I think the reason being is that this is not tennis so we're not just looking at Roger Federer Djokovic and Nadal you know we're looking at 144 players that are quite capable of winning most weeks you know on the tourists they put it all together but yes you're quite correct we probably have to take a slap on the wrist there so in and and sort of fall and our sort a little bit and say is probably a name we should have looked at but I don't know if for some reason maybe it is the it's the Kevin our factories a bit quirky and you know other know you maybe just doesn't gel with us that we we picked got picked up on him yeah he's seriously quirky right I remember a clip of him taking 12 or 13 in the bushes and he couldn't even remember he lost count to remember that one I think every golfer on the planet remembers that and could sympathize understands realize what he was going through and we've all lost count at some point in our golfing careers about how many shots we bought a house surely surely back when you were you know back when you were you know three or four and just starting out you know it sounds old and I look when I was my first handicap was 25 so you know there was a few high scores back back in the days of my 25 handicap but now I certainly haven't had a cricket score like Kevin had that day that's for sure and you know biggest biggest belief as to why he kept going and didn't you know think of some other option release wise anyway it was great entertainment and he's done a few things have been entertaining is as much to pick the ball out of the hole recently he was a bit of a stir and tiger mimics email in the course made a good laugh about it so you know but certainly yeah his record of that venue is excellent and we will make notes of that not to miss him next year in our discussion about that question yes he's a showman even gave away a car to his caddie yeah not quite Matt Kuchar like is that um so you know he you know I think it was an old-school car too wasn't it what I saw it was I don't know what to make is they have some different stuff over there in America but some pretty cool-looking car wasn't it you know I think yeah you know it'll be worth quite a bit and pretty good deal pretty good deal with the caddy but you know he's pocketing probably a bit over a million dollars I suppose on the on a Sunday night so what does it counted you what's of a percentage usually for a win most of the guys probably are working off what would be a five seven ten type percentage of winning so five percent for anywhere after the cut outside the top ten seven percent if it's a top ten finish and ten percent for a win so some of the guys might be on slightly different scenarios to that which is you know obviously Matt coaches caddy from two weeks back but he was just a local caddy that Matt Kuchar picked up for the week for whatever reason which was extremely odd because most of these guys are taking their caddies week in week out with them and for those guys that are regulars they'd be on some form of retainer plus those percentages that we've talked about tweets however the player and that can either negotiate I suppose right well Tony Fein out he finished second he hasn't won since 2016 but he might not be too far away from a victory he's such a good player you know you think back to the Ryder Cup and and here we're coming down under we know for the Presidents Cup later in the year and he's going to be one of those guys that you know the crowds are going to just be in all of our at Royal Melbourne it's going to be phenomenal and you know I think he's going to be one to watch for sure in the Presidents Cup and and I think even this week coming up he's got a reasonable record you know at at this this venue where they're playing the memorial this week so he might actually just take that good form to this week and be a real threat because he he does play well at this venue yeah and Jordan speith the old jordan Spieth looks like it's slowly owning that what happened by the way with him why did he drop back I think there's a combination of things I think his his ball striking you know definitely started to fall by the wayside and you know most players throughout their careers go through these little flat spots or lolled periods where they're not hitting the ball so well and a bit like an amateur golf he goes searching for answers and you know sometimes the search for answers causes bigger holes you know it's almost like you're digging yourself a bigger hole by searching for answers rather than you know just trusting what what got you to the top of the game and and then I think the other the other factor that affected jordan was that his punting went off as well and you know we all know how clutch he was and how good he was with that plastic during his media our meteoric rise I suppose to the top of the world game and so I think if you put that combination together where you're just not hitting the ball as well as sure he was hitting a lot of random really wide golf shots that were just starting to eventually catch up with him and then do you put the you're putting game under more pressure by missing more greens and having to chip it on and you know all of a sudden everything just gets amplified just gets blown up in your face so to speak and if your games under pressure you're putting games now under pressure you don't quite chip it as close eve also got a few more six footers and eight footers the year you weren't having before and yeah that's just what happened I think and you know it's nice to see him back in some form you're so open and then a pretty solid week last week and you know be good to see him play well again this week – and I think this is also a venue where Jordans played well too tight third in 2015 so you know it's a venue that he's got some good experiences and good memories and I think he's you know confidence is massive in sport Christian you know that and you know from all the sports we've watched here in Australia we're lucky enough to have it all on on TV and on radio that we get to see confidence is an incredibly huge part of sport and so the confidence is building out of a couple of good week so you know our top five in a major and then moving into last week he'll just carry that forwards and you just get momentum you have momentum out of those weeks a bit like Tony Finau which we just talked about you know he's going to take momentum into a venue where it's a great result say he becomes a very dangerous proposition this week all right well well you've been to the Memorial Tournament the Muirfield Village Golf Club who does it favor a great question it's a great question well the year I went which was a year Tiger won which was right back in 2012 I would followed around of all people I followed around Camilo Villegas he was playing with Bad's as a friends of mine so he you know bad got me tickets to get there I was over there for a US Open qualifier you know higher the day after the tournament finished so I had the Saturday to you know to chill out and go watch some golf and dad's got me some tickets so I went and followed Bad's and he was also playing with Jim Furyk now Jim Furyk is you know that that famous golf swing that just doesn't look like a golf swing got that particular day it was incredible because bads was hitting his 3-wood I think comfortably past Purex driver Furyk just not a long player you know renowned for being very accurate but this particular day he wasn't accurate and this golf course is extremely penal if you're not accurate but you know what he just didn't take on the water carries to the par fours when he was out a position in the thick rough he just laid it up and it's the best six it's the best example of a wedge and padding game I've ever seen live and how he played and it looked like if you were just standing as an observer watching on you would think he was having millions if you didn't watch him wedge it onto the grain for his third shot on par fours and just repeatedly made the putt for par and he shot 4-under and a windy cold day and it was one of the rounds of golf that I've seen live that I'll never forget it was just incredible to watch so who does it suit long answer a long long long answer to your question was who's it to the end who's YouTube knows what I'm asking yeah yeah here's my tip yeah well actually after after looking at the field and looking his playing and looking at records and previous tournaments around this venue you know the the bottom line is you're going to have to probably weather-permitting get somewhere between 12 and 12 and 15 under that's the first thing that the players are going to have to try and get to in the last all the way back to tiger I think Tigers win there in 2012 was the lowest like as in there you know he shot 9 under par where everything else has been 12 to 15 since that year so weather permitting the players are going to have to you know sort those numbers out and you know they're just the players are getting better and better every year but this venue is where Jason Day spends a lot of his time playing practicing it's the time called that's essentially that's Sam I'm actually loving and I'll do this week you know so he hasn't necessarily ever really stepped up around this course but I just think it's time it's almost like we're taking the Kevin knife theory from last week and we're going to put it into this week and say Jason Day it's your home track you do for a win and all these do for a win on the tour and and here's my tip for this week Jason Day wins the Memorial heard it here first Maddi a fantastic preview and review of last week's action great don't catch up with you and make sure you get down to golf central in Brisbane just near the airport get a lesson from Adi he'll sort it game thanks for time mate as always my pleasure question Matt go out from golf central take a break AFL author Matt Zerbo coming up next Roy it's a dream come true to be rolling the arm over for Macquarie sports radio what are you expecting from this world cup flowers just short bollocks with roy NH G's in a.m. Saturday on Macquarie sports radio explore Alaska in boutique luxury with Azamara Club cruisers with special fares 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anytime and on any device talk the safe track Australia's best compliance training provider Google safe track compliance or call 1-800 one seven zero eight three zero Thank You Nelson here and I'm here with Royce live in a Roy what are we doing here sort of a lens if you love creel if you love Australia you'll love the show ten o'clock Saturday mornings McCrory sports radio a village at Ron Barassi one stole my next guest football is a heart and soul game and that prompted author Matt servo to travel the country interviewing everyone from the grace to the journeyman to find the greatest stories the code has to offer and he's put these stories together in his new book it's called heart and soul forty stories by those who played the game and a place to say joins us on the line hi Matt very well tell us about the book firstly what's it all about yeah I apply myself on on at a mug's level I guess and just play my 37th season of senior fully at about 650 games give or take and I love from a footy obviously and I just wanted to UM I just want to hear the stories from the players without the the fair their spins without the gloss just trading stories football the football and say what came out I one of the history of the game and as seen from the oval as opposed to from the club's and from the press and from the NFL right just good old-fashioned yarns and not just the big names although there are some in you in your book we'll go through them soon but every day hacks like yourself hey no offense yeah well not quite but I'm concerned anyone who's played at the top level is a champion but yeah look I wanted the history of the game at its top level and and you don't just get that from the superstars the game involves rather back poppers people who played one game and were done by injury people who were just good honest Oilers as well as the superstars it takes her that the tough men and the silky players it takes all sorts to make the game oh give me a good tough back pocket like that marks a naughty or mark Yates and the stories and the workings of football flow just as you'll get as much from them as evil poor zora body school they were both an honor to speak to but it was just as much an honor to speak to the players that worked at his watch weren't quite as bright yeah I'm looking at some of the names Michael a Lachlan Simon black Rene King he must have been a great yeah I mean famous for losing five grand finals then being injured for the one they won right that's right he I think all that he missed a he lost seven grand finals all that because he went to yesterday and had some bad luck there too and and had the night game he's I disclose the joy to listen to him talk about larger than life in the end he even gave me some solace to give to my dad he was just engaging full of mannerisms personality and stories the an absolute Ripper so just what you see is what you get played rather than life we've lived larger than life and and tells these stories the same a joy to be around got a cult following a great name so before Chad and Kane comes of course there was Graham corns certainly it was Graham lasar a very honest and passionate man as I was quite surprised people often mostly that level level guarded and I respect that and but he was he was very down the line and honest and his stories of Vietnam impressive as they are fared at times and his love of football to get him through coming back and he is gratitude to football seeing this is behind the actual stats and he resented North Melbourne and things were pleasure to be around we spoke for hours he was I thought he was a density Ripper II the real inside on on Adelaide and the workings of it and its passage into the AFL football did you get a good story out of Robbie flower cuz I was a kid growing up in Sydney in the 80s I didn't go for the Swans I went from Melbourne because of Robbie flower he was my favorite player tell me he had something just had Kathy Leino biro he was great we actually met twice Robbie and I got along so well and a great to meet another time but unfortunately as we all know that never happened beyond the book Robbie you used to sort of personally sit down and you have to remind him this an interview because he's asked you he's asked you ten questions before you've asked one he's just a man with no tags on himself he just he just he's just curious about who he's talking to and and if you've got fully in common just a river he told some great stories the ones I like best work when he was young you wonder how someone gets to be as good as Robbie he used to put a bucket in his backyard and he had a thin strip on the side of his house and he would kick the ball up over his house from the front yard run down the side and then get to the back yard to see if it landed in the bucket and I bet it went in sometimes too I bet it did too and he also told stories of thumb he's dead was a passion of Collinwood supporter and his mum was passionate of Melbourne and that was back in the days like Ford and Holden there were two types of supported you are either they would have been their parents would have grown up in the 50s so would have been Collingwood or Melbourne and that they'd said all had the first one you can have the second to the mum so uh Robbie was the mo supporter and the brothers either side of him or Collingwood so in the backyard it was always calling on the vs. Melbourne no matter what he always played so on one he's entire youth and this was just from being a kid you you want to know where people came from it's not enough just to know the stories of the game you want to know what made them what they are and and there were stories that were just indicative of how Robbie then went about his 10 years his whole story was just brilliant he was just a great man and what was your favorite story from the whole book that we can read my story I think would have to be start to finish Henry Goodwin any good one just that no-frills rough knock about heart bigger than his chest and cellar and as little guys we spoke to a hundred and seventy one champions of the game from the 1940s until now and and so this is the best 26 interviews flashlight life stories from start to finish of their careers and and so there's many a story but Andy Goodwin start the finish all over okay and if I was trying to explain someone's comedy routine just just you've read it you get into his language you can't do it justice it's just he's a great man well we'll have to check it out it's called heart and soul 40 stories by those who play the game written by you Matt Matt Zerbo failable are all good and bad bookstores I imagine how do we get a copy yes and and and I hope do enjoy as I said from the first person I think is is that bloodbath grand final and it goes all the way through to the current day football it's got something for all generations and stories go all within the big story that is football I hope you enjoy excellent and I'm sure some stories from your 650 amateur games as well we thank you very much for your time met appreciate it no worries thank you very much near his meds over the author of his new book heart-and-soul 40 stories by those who played the game check it out are you swimming in a sea of debt are your credit cards and personal loans out of control you could take control back just talk to capital debt solutions today we're independent debt resolution specialists who have helped Australians turn their financial lives around by consolidating instead of taking on multiple payments for free debt assistance talk to capital debt solutions today one 300 107 one double five next one 300 107 one double five capital debt solutions calm today you what's happening Troy we're meant to finish this job today sorry gab the youths broken down the job sites flooded the powers out and it's getting dark gee any good news well I've got the number for Ken out haha no matter how big your problem ken odds hire has got you covered here you go my pump generator work lights and the Utes and the Drive anything else you may be sooner on the therapy candles to relax the boss when you're in a fix don't sweat it Kenneth hi ah snake being sick is great for a voice-over artist but this sore throat means I have to take a break from something else giving blood during the winter flu season the amount of Australians eligible to give blood declines putting the squeeze on regular donors so when you hear a sneeze don't say bless you booked an appointment at donate blood calm today you because the Red Cross Blood Service needs new donors so patients can get the blood they need hello I've I've got something important – excuse me sorry about that I just needed some water kind of like greater Sydney right now the long hot summer and lack of rain falling over our dams means we're in drought and that impacts all of us but if we all do our bit and save a little together we'll make a big difference see how you can save water at love water Sydney are you 55 or over and looking to live in a vibrant community consider global living communities built in prime locations global living communities provides stunning architectural redesigned housing spacious villas and apartments with the very best on-site resort style facilities whether you like to walk swim play golf or relax there's something for everyone and you're guaranteed to receive your entry price back onto pasture visit global living communities calm dada you where living is easy Quarry sports radio all sports all the time the quarry national news is next hello everyone I see here again Roy with an update with an update yes ten o'clock Saturday mornings Macquarie sports radio but if you're in Perth eight o'clock it's just short of a link with Roy registry bridges notorious serial killer Ivan Milat has likely seen the outside world for the last time the 74 year-old has been transferred back to prison from hospital where he's been undergoing tests for terminal cancer is expected to die in prison serving seven consecutive life sentences over the murders of backpackers in the 1990s a pregnant woman's been charged over a vicious assault on a pro on a pregnant woman in a Sydney mmm reports the 26 year old who is seven months pregnant was walking to work in Surry Hills this morning when a woman lunged from an alcove and repeatedly punched her in the head ramming her into a light post security footage shows the woman trying to protect her womb before an off-duty officer and a passerby go to her aid detective Superintendent Gavin wood says a 28 year old woman has been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm it was a despicable act it was a very very serious assault the victims husband says their baby is unharmed as the couple thank those who helped her in Sydney a me me and Macquarie national news a fiery crash on the Queensland Highway has killed a woman and four children they were in a car which smashed head-on into a truck on the Bunya Highway in the South Burnett region the 35 year old and three of her children died at the scene while a fourth child died while being fined a hospital local MP and Queensland opposition leader Deborah Clinton says it's a horrible tragedy wake up this morning and hear of the tragic accident at cumbia it's so sad that from what we understand a mum and her entire family has better oxygen it's beyond catastrophic the Prime Minister has warned his ministerial colleagues they can be easily replaced if they don't perform Scott Morrison says there is a wealth of talent in coalition ranks and anyone could step up the comments come amid suggestions people are upset at the makeup of the government front bench team Malaysia is going to start sending back rubbish from bigger nations including Australia the Asian nation has become the main hot spot for plastic waste after China banned imports Malaysian environ Minister Europian says people from developed countries often don't realize the rubbish is being dumped in Malaysia and disposed of using environmentally harmful methods we are here to urge the developed countries to also review their management of plastic waste and stop shipping garbage out to the developing countries if the ship to Malaysia we will return it back without mercy support is growing for a bid for Brisbane to host the 2032 Olympics a new survey has revealed 65% of Queenslanders want to see a bid go ahead for the games Brisbane Lord man Adrienne's trainer says is great to see community support growing I think a big part of that community support is linked to infrastructure and the delivery of infrastructure and that's the our focus as well and Olympics quite clearly puts a deadline on the delivery of critical infrastructure that's in the interest of the community and the region and that's something that council absolutely supports as well and in other news ITA kilograms of snakes have been released back into the wild in Cambodia after being seized to by a local police in finance one Australian dollar buying 69.2 for US cents John Millman has taken the fifth step back it's a week how bad is your habit if you'll buy


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