Welcome to In the Spotlight. This week we
will be talking to Jacques, CEO of Survision to find out more about their recent
developments in the US and what they have in the pipeline. Jacques, why don’t you
begin by telling us a bit more about how Survision began, and what you bring to the
parking industry? So Survision was created in 2001 our business is to
develop, manufacture, and sell the best possible all integrated and real-time
license plate recognition technology, cameras basically. And those cameras
everything is homemade, the hardware and the software. So we do everything in the
camera, but we do only that. That means that we don’t do anything else from the
camera, we supply the camera to integrators, with an SDK, and then the
rest is theirs. So we are 100% focused on the LPR and we are probably the only
company which is 100% focused on LPR, we don’t do anything else. Everything we do is made in developed countries, Western Europe and
the US mainly, which shows that it’s possible to be efficient even in terms of costing
while keeping the operation in the same countries where we are selling to our
customers. We work through integrators, we have about 500 integrators in the world,
in about 40 countries, 2000 projects 25,000 cameras deployed, more or less. And
in that industry our vision is that LPR brings a quite unique value to the
parking access control security and tolling industry, but specifically to
parking. It’s the most convenient and reliable and cost-effective technology
to identify and track vehicles. And our belief is that this is gonna be massive
in the years to come sorry for many reasons
the use of LPR, especially in the parking industry, will definitely be massive in
the years to come upon two conditions that it remains cost-effective and that
it’s really performing. So we are working on both sides and we are manufacturing
probably some of the most cost effective and more performing camera on
the market. And we are meeting that goal through a permanent and massive effort in
R&D, which is probably one of our specificity areas. R&D accounts for more
than half the company’s people and spending, so that’s that’s really key
for us. It’s interesting to hear that Survision is so dedicated to R&D. In
terms of operations can you tell us more about your expansion into the US? So we
did set up a subsidiary, an LLC in Miami a little bit less than two years ago,
this subsidiary’s in charge of selling the equipment and doing all the
operations, not only in the US but on the whole continent, from the north to the
south from Canada to Argentina and Chile. Having said that most of our operations
are in the US and Canada, but we have very big projects also in Mexico,
Argentina and other countries so this subsidiary is selling the equipment and
doing all the operations around the selling of the equipment. So it means
that it distributes the the cameras, it does the support, it does the maintenance,
the project management when there is some additional services to bring to
our customers. And why did you choose the US and Miami in particular as a base for
your subsidiary? The reason why we did set up the company in Miami is
because it’s due to delivering cameras on the whole
continent. So Miami is pretty central, the state of Florida is very active,
especially in tolling, and and the fact that, of course, it’s not too
far from Europe, so that’s easier to work between Europe and the US. So Miami was really obvious for us. We could have done that in other
countries, but it’s really in the US that the size of the market and the
requirements from the customers, in terms of proximity, in terms of local services
is really high in the US. We came to the conclusion that if there was one
country where we should set up fully operational subsidiaries that was the US.
And the investment is plainly justified by the size of the market, which is really huge in parking, but in other segments too. We already
have with Survision LLC tens of customers projects in the US, Canada, Mexico,
Argentina, Chile, and significant revenues, so it didn’t last long before we did
catch some very interesting projects in airports, shopping malls etc.
It’s great there are so many opportunities when operating in the US,
what can we expect from Survision in the next year or so?
So for Survision we think that in that industry, given the fact that it’s so
demanding in terms of R&D, size matters. By size I mean the number of cameras we
would manufacture and sell every year. For that reason we will surely do some external growth, internal growth too, but external growth,
acquisitions, and some acquisitions are underway in order to increase the size
and keep reducing the cost for our customers and increasing the performance,
which are as I said before, are the two key things if we want to make of
that technology a massive technology for parking lots. In terms of R&D
precisely we are pursuing the integration of artificial intelligence
approach technology into our cameras, in order to reach even higher performance
and adding also new data about the vehicles. As far as hardware is concerned
we will issue this year a new police camera, very
compact, very smart, smaller than everything that has been made up to now.
It will be launched before the end of this year and that will be really a
revolution in terms of the size and performance compared to what’s available
on the market today. We will also launch within the next 12 months a new version
of our Micropak 3 which will be dedicated to the US market and that will
be able to process all types of plates within the same camera, whatever the optical characteristics from the plates, whatever the state, whatever the
type, whatever the jurisdiction of the plates. And all that of course is made
first exploring the huge growth we are foreseeing for our technology especially
in the parking but also free flow tolling and police forces. It certainly
sounds like exciting times ahead, we look forward to the new developments from Survision and seeing how video-based vehicle detection and identification
technology advances in the coming years. Don’t forget that you can read the full
interview at parking-net.com. Thanks for tuning in and see you next time.

In the Spotlight: Survision
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