I remember being in our
one-bedroom apartment, and we were painting
our room, my mom and I, and I was watching the
1994 Olympics on TV. And it seemed so far away, yet I thought, “It could happen,” like,
“I could be there,” like, “This could be my
moment in four years.” At that point, all I cared about was getting on that Olympic team. You know, you put your body through quite a bit when you’re training. I would wake up at three,
and I was on the ice at 3:30 and skating from 3:30 a.m. until nine. I’d get to go into school an hour late. And then, afterwards, I’d
go back for another session. Every day you go in
hoping to be an Olympian. And then, the level underneath is, not only do I want to be an Olympian, but I want to be an Olympic champion. That’s all you can think about. Getting named to the team was
a stressful experience for me. I was defending my national title, and in the short program, I missed one of the three major jump elements. You’re out there alone. There’s no one to help you. There’s no second chances. And you’ve worked your entire year to perform in a certain way that … it’s unpredictable, you’re
on ice and it’s slippery. I had all these hopes and dreams, and they all came crashing down, and I mean, that’s when you realize how much it means to be an Olympian. And that obviously, winning a gold medal and getting on a podium
or skating your best is icing on the cake, but
being called an Olympian is something that you’ll live with for the rest of your life. When you put on your Team USA jacket, when they hand you all of your gear, and you realize that the Olympics are so much bigger than yourself and your sport, it’s just this surreal,
emotional experience. And you know, I’m so
glad that I went early. I felt so old, but I really wasn’t. I was 15 at my Olympics. I really do feel that, you know, looking back, I wouldn’t
have done anything different. And I’m proud of the
decisions that I made. For me, it was always the Olympics. Always.

In the Chair with Tara Lipinski | The Players’ Tribune
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