– If you can play on a team where you can just be yourself, that’s where
all the magic comes from. All you had to do was just be DeMarcus. – I was actually Batman, you were Robin. – That’s perfect. And
I needed a Batman there to call the shots. – And you saved me every single week. – What’s up, man? – You good? – Yeah. – This is my son right here. He dresses up real nice. So, Von, I knew you when you was in college. Like, “O.K., who’s
wreckin’ shop in college?” To me, I looked at that player and I’m like, “That’s
gonna be the next me.” – DeMarcus, for me, you were the example that had to be set. I mean, you were already a superstar, and I emulated my game after you. – My first year being there, the first game, you gonna have everything right, to get on the plane for travel. And I went in your locker, and I unzipped…. – To see what I had in there? – … to see what you had in there. It was a dark gray suit, and I was like, “O.K., that’s nice.” And I actually watched you. You walked over to my locker, and you unzipped and looked
and saw what I had in my bag. This is what you did…. – That was that encounter, though. Like, “O.K., fashion is real.” – In the locker room sometimes I’ll see some boots that DeMarcus got on. I’m like, “Hey man, what you got on? These are clean right there.” If you feel good, if you feel swaggy, you’re gonna act and you’re gonna move accordingly. – And just meeting you
for that first time, you were like, “DeMarcus,
I used to wear those white sleeves like you used to wear. I used to wear them in college. “I play with you on ‘Madden.'” Am I really that old? You know what I’m sayin’? But then going to the
Denver Broncos with you, it made me feel like, “O.K.,
well, a new beginning.” I needed somebody that had
that fire that you had. – I wanted to do everything like you did. And our lockers were right
across from each other – Yeah, they were. – I talked to DeMarcus
about all type of advice. – You asked me questions that usually a lot of players don’t
ask and get deep into, to where like, “Hey, so
how’s your daughter?” You know, “How is your son?” Like, “How do you actually co-parent?” – You was like a big brother to me, and that was something that I never had. You know, they talk about
when you win championships like this you gonna’ have
these type of relationships for the rest of your life.
– Forever. – It’s definitely true. – And we were winning. And whenever you’re winning and you got winners on the team, you gonna want to show that. You’re gonna dress accordingly. We were the most fashionable team in 2015. We won that award. – We did. – Everybody was just swaggy. – We used to send pictures back and forth, like, “What kind of shoes you gonna wear this week? What color suit?” That’s what we like so
much about fashion is, “I don’t want to look like nobody else. I don’t move like nobody else. I don’t play like nobody else.” – Fashion is just self-expression…. – Yeah, it is. – … like how you’re feelin’. – We’ve built this relationship to where we’re like brothers now. I tell you what, good
luck with the season, man. And you know I’m always here. – I appreciate you.

In Conversation with DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller | The Players’ Tribune
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    Love this format! It is more like a conversation among friends instead of a scripted interview.

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