Hi, I’m Dr. David Hill, with today’s tip for kids from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Children love to play. But did you know play is important for healthy brain development? Play helps children learn language, math, and social skills, and lowers stress. This is good for kids – and their parents. The next time your child wants to play with you, say yes! It’s one of the best parts of being a parent. For more information on child development, visit healthyChildren.org, or talk with your pediatrician.

Importance of Play
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One thought on “Importance of Play

  • July 30, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    Attention, Earthlings. Earth's assigned angel (Physics) is giving you her report.
    I don't like folks. I only like God and math so pay attention.

    This is not a drill.
    The mafia (abusers/violators of the legal code), including their bully state anti-math/pro-stunting-the-growth-of-children-for-their-own-financial-"reward" enforcement squad (a.k.a. the first responders, set up by Caesar Augustus for the singular purpose of keeping Rome's slave population in line with the groupthink of state religion <Rome didn't ever have a free population & the U.S. population is considered to be the slaves of Spain according to papal bull, papal bull the Pope has refused to reverse as recently as 1993 C.E. and 1994 C.E.>), doesn't like you and they are systematically killing you for their own amusement. Religion is illegal for a reason. Any advocacy for a reality other than mathematical reality isn't legal and is child pornography. You are being killed in gas chambers disguised as modern day conveniences and designed singularly to keep you thinking about being fashionable and getting ready to celebrate religious holidays like and including Christmas, a.k.a. the po-po's pension fundraiser drive. Jesus "Give me your kids and I'll abuse them along with you/I don't want this cup gig, thank you very much" Christ was a mafia (pornographer) advocate, not a math (legalities) advocate as one needs to be in order to support God legally. Math is the only legal language. Sin doesn't exist, the afterlife isn't an actual occurrence, the "soul" is a schizophrenic sort of construct folks are encouraged to develop in order to fit into the bully state and be permitted to have access to resources and gets constructed only at the expense of one's own legal self development. The mafia doesn't want you thinking about legalities, they want to "entertain" you supposedly, the thing is is that they want to be entertained by you at the expense of your professional legal development. They want consumers, not professionals. Your kids are going to figure this out real quick because I've been telling them that the Santa routine is a grooming technique rather than a real person enterprise, the po-po are set up to be against the kids' professional development, and the Puritans were folks who came to the U.S. to abuse their kids in private. The Puritans (a Roman mafia cult spin-off) set up one of the most vulgar and child abusing societies ever here in the U.S., you're gonna vomit once you realize the extent of it and how very non-polite they are despite their insistence that they are civil. Here is my U.S. Security Advisory Report submittal with further explanation, it includes all of my sociological findings and field notes with updates and is the same report I gave to the U.S. Military and I update it for court records and if you think my findings and conclusions are legally wrong, sue me, seriously because I want legal reality agreed upon: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMI4ZwX7H4Dd4TmA5hR4sVJRBmOFTVFnPfQrOOaKtdG6jka8f1B9vKVNwK83T2_Rg?key=eDZvc09BME9mQkRXUDVsUDlIbmF1ampNTXlqb1FB.

    Sincerely, E.L. (Physics) Ferko, Sociologist (B.A., University of Washington, Seattle, WA, Class of 2000 C.E., 3.55 G.P.A.), certified teacher (CTEFLA, St. Giles, San Francisco, CA, 1997 C.E.), U.S. Security Advisor (you fuckers needed me. 🙂 I'm a Scottish/Russian/Native American Adirondacker [natural born windtalking-Medicine Woman] and U.S. Military brat and I volunteered for a decade teaching math and literacy in the Steilacoom Historical School District whilst investigating my ex-husband, the volunteer despot, WMD ["modern" day gas chambers are its specialty] builder, and undisputed math-avoiding, pornography [abuse] addicted, terrorist and obstructer of justice. I know the rules and my feet are tidy. I'm where you'd want me to be if you want to see me. I've been working on this case for over 25 years [there are PacBell phone records to prove I took this on as a case in 1993 C.E.] and I WON 'cuz I'm an autistic Adirondacker of a windtalking-Medicine Woman and I only like God and math & city slickers don't impress me at all.), and God's Legal Guardian Angel & The Owner as a consequence of having written the replacement to the binary code (U.S. SSN: 044628060).

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