[Music] our skating I think that’s the new generation of the skating development I finish my ice hockey career 11 years ago so and after I go to Europe first of all was Russian to make some trainings for the good clubs in Europe after I came here in Freiburg and I feel that I should stay here every day learned something from the kids from the first team from another culture so I’m open-minded person I’m not inside the box [Music] Makemake City of Toronto Laval Aquila also are some character Colossus or son application approval automotive mahjong with developing issues avec une équipe person Molly fairly common phenomenon we devolve disco morally in a pappardelle is for a class a week Lila’s on funky on season in our very soul for a glass of equipo the acoustical cocky chair a flexible at dawn [Music] now for me it’s important to keep the laughs to the hockey for the young it’s very important to keep the love to learn them the simple thing and enjoy about the hockey for me that’s important to see how they kids grow up and I enjoy about it when I saw how the kids maybe sometimes in the game make the good fake shot and last week we did that so for me that’s the love I feel that I am the right person in right time in the right place with the right people

Ilya Khanenko – Coach de Power Skating à Fribourg
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  • August 18, 2019 at 8:05 pm

    Great Hockey Teacher


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