ICE stood out because they have a bean to bar chocolate lab and it really draws me and it just sticks with me. I grew up in
Hong Kong and it wasn’t until I went to the UK to study that I was fascinated by cooking and
especially chocolate. I studied archaeology in York, which is also famous for their
chocolate production and one day I wandered into the York Cocoa House and I
had their famous chocolate drink. The texture, the body and the flavor of the
hot chocolate drink really amazed me and that’s why I asked them, can I come here
and work for a while and then they said yeah sure. I had been studying chocolate
making for some time before I enrolled in the ICE pastry program but it wasn’t until I
met chef Michael Laiskonis that I realized there was so much more to learn in
chocolate making. The chocolate lab in ICE is one of the main reasons that drew
me over other than ICC or CIA, because having a bean-to-bar chocolate lab
in the school makes ICE more modern and forward-thinking. While I was in school I
looked forward to going to school every single day. The feeling of stepping into
a professional kitchen, it’s a little bit scary but the teachers in here are really
helpful and supportive and you become better and better and you just start to
love it and you come here every single day you look forward to each day. In
Mod 1 we have a lesson with chef Michael Laiskonis and he taught us about
chocolate, his lab and also his work in school. He showed me as a chef himself
how people can achieve perfection and that just made me want to learn more
from him and so I did a few recreational classes with Chef Michael and you learn
things in a way that you can actually digest and understand it and after that
it just motivated me to learn more from other different chefs. I love
helping pastry chefs beyond the classroom at ICE. They always have
recreational classes and also their own projects going on
and there’s always something new to learn. For example I helped Chef Jeff with
his classes and events. He’s kind of chef that you hope to become: he cares about
his students and he’s also very talented. I love working with him. When ICE hosted
the Top 10 Pastry Awards I was given the opportunity to work with Chef Stephan,
the executive pastry chef from Disney World. He gave me the insight of how a
professional pastry chef should be, which you need to be motivated, encouraging and
also the attention to details. The education I received from ICE and all
the experience that I’ve worked with these talented chefs, I am confident that
I will succeed in the pastry world.

ICE Student Stories: “I Know I’ll Succeed in the Pastry World”

3 thoughts on “ICE Student Stories: “I Know I’ll Succeed in the Pastry World”

  • November 1, 2017 at 8:29 am

    I wish I could go study at any pastry colleges there is 😭

  • November 1, 2017 at 8:30 am

    I have no money to go😭 from malaysiaaa

  • June 15, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    i love ice and would like to take the baking and pastry art course…. but i can't afford ICE now as my country nigeria is in an economic recession.i hope i will be able to afford ICE soon or get a scholarship.ICE is loaded and the best culinary school anyone can think of.


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