Harold : Say something
huhuhu Michael : Talk about What ? M : We’re heading to McDonald’s H : We’re heading to McDonald’s H : Um … he is….
Tell us what’s your name ? M : Michael.
H : Michael.
(So… remember who’s who now) H : Michael Chi H : Alright , we’re now on our way to McDonald’s H : After that , we will go ice skating H : What are you ordering ? M : I’m getting a Double Cheeseburger , fries and a bottle of water M : Coz I forgot to bring my own water today (Music started…) (It’s a timelapse if you still haven’t noticed) (Hi , I’m Marco , I’m the one who’s typing the subtitle) (How’s your day ?) (Did Harold send you this video ?) (The music is still going ….) (Where’s Harold ?) (The music is getting LOUDERRRRR) (Mate ?) (Why did your order took so long ? )
(Your buddy is already eating his ….) (… Still here ? )
(Nice .) (Man , I’m having fun making this subtitle ~) (There he issssss) *TRANSITION ~~~~ (Picture timeeeee) M : I don’t think they’re with us H : Are we even in the right place ? M : Tickets ~ (Heeey , guy in the white shirt , you’re on YouTube.) (Smile at the camera )
(GoPro is a camera right ?) *Bell ringing H : ICE SKATINGGG *Standing with a camera awkwardly H : It’s really hard to walk Really hard to walk x2 H : Alright , we are at the ice skate rink
(if you don’ already know 🙂 ) H : Ice skate shoes are on H : Ready to go H : This is only the W.C. H : Ay yak.
(Cantonese) (A whole new worldddddd) H : Let’s goooooooooooooooo *Squeezing through (MUSICCCCCC) (Hey another timelapse) (Ice skating…) (Can anyone see Harold and Michael ?)
(I can’t) *Gas gas gas , i gonna to step on the gas*
(humming the song) (Heeyyy , someone is using the penguin thing) (Go away , you’re blocking the camera …) (Thank you….) *TRANSITIONNNNNN H : This is my computer tutor AH. Hello. *laughing H : Yea H : This is my first time (Yea….) Yeah, it’s good , how would you find it ? H : Ummm… very good
(*unsure*) H : But it’s very tiring*
and painful to the leg ?
(not sure) yeah , yeah Did you like… Did your skates hurt ? H : Not quite
(hehe) H : But my butt When you fell over ? H : YES. Yeah , fair enough H : Yeah.. Will you come back again in the future ? H : Yeah , we will H : Still got 30mins left M : You wanna keep skating ? M : Fine , let’s do it H : yeah , do it M : We rarely come here H : Gooooooo H : How was it ? H : Had fun ? M : Yeah, it was fun M : And tiring too H : Tiring and painful too
really painful x2 M : If you like ice skating , you should go
Buy you’re own ice skating shoes H : Yeah, buy you’re own M : Renting shoes here is like…. H : They don’t fit H : They don’t fit
They only got size 8 and 9 M : The shoes , if you have flat feet
or something like that M : You’re gonna hurt your feet H : Wow , you sound professional
hehehe M : Yeah , i know H : We’re done . M : I’m really tired…
really tired x2 M : Lucky that we are able to get on last train H : yeah
there’s no one here H : The next train will arrive in 15mins ? M : Yeah… H : Congratulations , you are the first person
who’s on my vlog H : The first companion H : Bye bye

Ice Skating with the computing tutor??? ft. Michael Chi
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