Hey guys, it’s Catherine here and we are ice-skating and Rachael epically failing Rachael: Show me! I want to be in the video! Hello! Catherine: It is epic here! it was absolutely free because I’m an orthodontist patient so, it’s really cool and I had… (Derp…) I could bring a guest so I brought along my cousin Catherine: Heh this is Rachael epically failing she’s doing the splits it’s amazing! did I..(Laughter) did I get your hand I swear I, like, tripped over your hand! Rachael: No, no, no. It’s ok. Catherine: I’m sorry Catherine: Hey! Rachael is better, it’s all good! Rachael: Yeah! Oh…. Catherine: Kathleen’s coming in! Rachael: Yo! Catherine: It’s Kathleen! Catherine: Well guys, it is need time for us to rink. Catherine: So guys, um, they’re actually calling us off, so we have to get off the ice-rink now. Catherine: So, bye guys! Catherine: Hey guys, so, I’m actually waiting for my dad to come pick me up so we are going to be doing sword fight! Rachael: Woo-hoo! Catherine: Ready? Rachael: Yeah Catherine: Draw out your swords! Catherine: Begin! Rachael: Whoa-ho-ho-ho Catherine: You can’t… Rachael: I don’t care! Catherine: Why are you running… OUT! OUT! Catherine: Ok Rachael: No! Catherine: That’s it guys! Catherine: Hey guys! So we are actually at the Bellavista shopping centre, I think it is… and are at Macca’s, if u guys can see Rachael: and guys, guess Catherine: Macca’s sign! Rachael: Guys, guess what I was trying to move this chair… Face down to the chair.. and then guess what while I was moving it, I scrunched up the rest of my ice-cream, so I ate it and now I have to lick this bit! Catherine: and guys sorry the epically horrible… um… video because i’m actually trying to video with my left hand but i’m not a leftie. DUDE! that’s a precious chip right there! that’s a precious chip that’s.. OH MY… what are you doing putting it back.. eat it, eat it! that’s just… EW!! EWEWEWewewew! What are you doing? Rachael: You’re the one that dips the chips onto my.. onto the ice-cream! Catherine: AHHH! Tooth- freeze! Anyways guys, I just wanted to show you that are actually… at the Bellevista shopping centre having Maccas. Guys, I actually have terrible news so, you know that chip that on Rachel drop. Rachael: Yeah.. Catherine: so should put it on this napkin like right. Rachael: yeah yeah cuz Catherine: and I thought it was just a chip that I dropped and I ate it and then she’s like where’s that chip? I think lost it. I might’ve accidentally put it back in and Rachael: like inside here Catherine: yeah and then I was like wait was it that chip that was on this napkin right here? and then she was like.. “Yeah” and then I was like dude I ate that and now she’s laughing like crazy. Rachael: (pro talking skillz) and I had made her to record this down to show you guys. Catherine: Yeah, she wanted to you to know. Bleh! Sorry, excuse me, i just burped. Rachael: Oh by the way, it dipped onto this before. Catherine: Eww! Rachael: You’re the one that keeps on dipping it onto my ice-cream. Catherine: Double-chin. Rachael: I think… no that was actually because i never licked it before Rachael: Try this! Dip the… dip the Macca’s chip inside this and then press it on the like button and subscribe! Catherine: Bruuuuuh Rachael: Uh, you do Rachael: realize I licked that. Catherine: Ew! Rachael: No! No! Stay, it away from me! Catherine: Hey guys, so I just wanted to show you that behind us is this fish market and its smell sooo bad!! I don’t like the smell of fish but yeah… Bro! What is… dude! Rachael: what? Catherine: Stop! do you not see this? Rachael: No well I feel like it’s ice on me. Catherine: You’re a really dummy. Rachael: I’m gonna use this as sun-screen Catherine: EEEWWWW! umm… Rachael: Guys! Use Ice-cream as sun-screen!!! Catherin: and Rachael also has an account of her own! Rachael: Well, my account is popularCRS and it’s mainly about gaming Catherine: and I’ll definitely leave a link to her youtube account down below in the description box as well and definitely subscribe to both these channels and don’t forget to subscribe to Catherine’s channel!! Catherine: yes and definitely don’t forget to leave a like um.. while your down at the subscribe button! So definitely share this with your family and friends and don’t forget to follow me on twitter, instagram and snapchat! I’ll have the usernames linked down in the description box and that’s all bye guys! Rachael: Byeee!!

Ice skating vlog
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