Hello there. So yesterday, when I got back,
I saw there was ice on the water. And now we’re going to ice skate,
right Sharon and Shoralie?
– Yes. That’s what we’re going to do.
We’re first putting on our ice skates,
because on shoes it’s not going well. Now, we’re ice skating on natural ice. Just the three of us. And… it’s quite chilly. But it is fun. Well, it is fun to go ice skating. Good to hear. What do you think of the weather? Yes, a bit cold still. Sharon, what do you think?
– Yes, fine. That wasn’t a great start. I used to do a pirouette when I was younger, but… OK. I was afraid I’d drop my camera. It’s also because I’m older now, and I’m more afraid to fall which is stupid since I used to not have that. Oh well… OK. We’re going to finish off our last round. We’ll go back to Hoorn. I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini vlog of ice skating on natural ice. We enjoyed going back and forth on ice skates. And I hope to see you in another video. Bye!
– Bye. I liked ice skating a lot.

Ice Skating on Natural Ice | andthenIfellinlove
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One thought on “Ice Skating on Natural Ice | andthenIfellinlove

  • May 8, 2018 at 9:31 pm

    haha funny ice skating with the sun 🙂


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