is it suppose to go all the way up? yep Finished ice skating, so i’ll be putting away my shoes now and after that i’ll show you guys around people are staring at me strange lol This video might be a bit blurry, because I am filming with my phone This is Saitama Ice Arena, if you ever visit Saitama you can try it! There are two types of ice skating rink For people who knew how to play, which is behind me and for beginners After this we are going to a farm Will probably have more stuff to do there come to mee Is it a cow cleaner? Maybe cows walk pass that thing and it spins and clean the cows I don’t think it’s open yet oh dang it opened come on cows bad kid! I got licked! is it good? let’s see who haven’t had some yet we share the same birth date! look at this cool guy and his fangs

ice skating & making butter in japan! // ไอซ์สเก็ต & ทำเนยที่ญี่ปุ่น!

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