Hi Guys welcome back to London this evening
we are going ice skating the first time on the ice this festive season I’am at Liverpool
Street station basically behind those huge Victorian train sheds behind me is an ice
rink you can’t get out that way unfortunately it is super windy tonight so hopefully you
can hear me it is also raining this way this isn’t the best way to get where I’am going
but trying to walk through those crowds doing this at rush hour would be trickier than it
already is yeah the ice rink is behind Liverpool Street station it is called Broadskate because
behind Liverpool street station there which is a huge super popular station popular and
busy there is a circle and a square the circle is called Broadgate circle and the Square
is called Exchange square I think and the ice rink is on the square and the circle is
where we are heading now because this evening Broadgate circle is switching on its Christmas
lights and they are having a Christmas party basically there is a choir they are giving
out canapes and festive drinks now we are going skating so I’ll have to take it easy
on the festive drinks but yeah I want to check out the Choir and check out the festive lights
going on it is very difficult to compartment London into different sections districts there
are offices and residential buildings bars restaurants all jumbled up everywhere but
I would say very much that Liverpool street station there once you head I’d say central
from there it starts to become very business orientated there is more offices than residential
if you head the other way which we have dome many times in videos and vlogs it becomes
more of a I guess an adults playground and residential so if you head that way you’ll
get to Spitalfields in short walking distance Brick Lane Soreditch Whitechapel the East
End all that has to offer that way most people are working so as you can see today the flow
a constant flow of people down into the station from all these surrounding offices Broadgate
circle is very much an obstacle for them full of great bars great restaurants if you watch
my video from ice skating last year we came here after skating to get diner maybe we will
do the same again this year but first I’am getting some coffee and yeah this is Broadgate
circle next to Exchange square and home to Broadskate check it out it looks like the
choir is facing that way there is some great coffee shops here I mean it is very much geared
up for the ladies and gentleman that work in nearby offices for lunch and obviously
to come and have something some diner and drinks after work so for us it is some festive
entertainment and something to drink before skating check out the choir I want to get
a coffee from Beany Green but do I risk missing the start of the singing lets do it I think
the as long as I don’t miss the Christmas lights going on we will be golden OK a filter
coffee from Beany Green the choir is just getting warmed up in the centre of Broadgate
circle I’ll try to head around so I get front row I thought it would be busier free drinks
and free canapes the coffee is pretty good OK the choir are just getting warmed up they
sound pretty good coffee from Beany Green I’am going to watch the choir watch the Christmas
lights switched on meet my girlfriend here when she has finished work and we are going
to head next door to the Broadskate ice rink and do some ice skating OK I didn’t miss anything
its just a sound check so coffee from Beany Green that is pretty good I’ve just stepped
back off the circle it is not that windy tonight but it will it is windy enough and raining
a little bit well a lot of this is covered on this floor yeah most of the restaurants
there is some amazing restaurants in the circle here I’ve actually reviewed most of them are
small chains so I’ve reviewed virtually all of them one way or another Franco Manca Pizza
there is a video about the one in Brixton on my channel somewhere Shoryu Ramen I think
there is the one from Soho on my channel Comptoir
Libanais I don’t think I’ve video that but I’ve been there many times great middle eastern
inspired food we’ve got a couple of Japanese restaurants Jose Pizarro Pizarro Jose Pizarro
my Spanish is terrible yeah he has Jose’s is amazing Spanish Tapas bar I think if you
watch the video from this last year I’ll put a link at the end we go there for dinner after
ice skating last year may even do that again this year Beany Green of coarse where I got
the coffee there is a video on my channel from the one in Little Venice but yeah tonight
they are switching on the Christmas lights here at the Circle small fire switching on
the Christmas lights they’ve got a choir which was just doing a sound check so I’m going
to check those out and apparently they are handing out free drinks and canapes I might
take them up on the canapes but I’am on the coffee I’am not good enough at skating to
hit the booze before skating but yeah lets check out the entertainment the great British
weather is not being kind to the choir it is not raining to hard but it is still raining
you wouldn’t want to be on that you wouldn’t want to be performing on that stage right
now but that is where they’ve got to perform I guess I should explain briefly why we are
going to Broadgate ice rink tonight there are some incredible ice rinks here in London
Somerset House The Natural History Museum Canary Wharf Winter Wonderland Winterville
there is more than enough to go to a different one each day people ask me which one is the
best someone asked me last week which was the best because they are a pro skater and
they want the biggest with the most room is it Winter Wonderland and it probably is that
doesn’t mean you will get the most room because being the biggest I mean Somerset House you
have to book tickets and sometimes that is tricky so some of the most spectacular looking
which are great to for dinner are also the most crowded so I’ll go to Somerset House
but not to skate for dinner and drinks where Broadgate is a lot more relaxed as you can
see the promise of free drinks and canapes cant stop cant bring people here or stop people
rushing home from work where as they don’t even need to do that at Somerset House you
can’t move but yeah I love the other ice rinks but I go for different reasons it might seem
like a silly thing which is the best but it depends what you are going for Broadgate yeah
Broadskate we will come and actually skate maybe go for dinner afterwards at Broadgate
circle the others we will probably just go for dinner and drinks and spectate but I’ll
definitely go because you will be seeing videos all about them but yeah this is my favourite
one for skating OK this evening the rain has started and it is not stopping so I’ve effectively
swapped positions with the choir they are on the balcony exactly where I was standing
and I’am in the middle of the circle in the rain OK it is the moment you have all being
waiting for since this time last year the Broadgate circle Christmas light switch on
four three two one shall we do that again lets do that again ready five four three two
one they are like Christmas tree lights they are flickering how beautiful are they another
song while they fix that OK this Christmas lights at Broadgate circle didn’t go entirely
to plan but it was good fun the choir was amazing and yeah there is always another day
to check out Christmas lights Broadgate circle is just next to as I was saying earlier Liverpool
Street station these are all the old sheds that all the trains run out of in that direction
and here right next to the station is Broadskate the the rink we will be skating on this evening
I quite like this ice rink because we are super central well I love all the ice rinks
but for different reasons this one is super central as you can see Liverpool street station
there you see how busy that was earlier and so yeah a short walk out the back of the station
but the rink itself is a bit of a hidden gem it never gets too busy like some of the other
ice rinks in very central tourist parts of London so Somerset House and The Natural History
museum are amazing to look at but always pretty crowded when it comes to skating on them but
I definitely go there for dinner and drinks so lets go skating OK fingers crossed no accidents
OK skates on sadly Chloe is not feeling good enough to skate so I’am going solo as ready
as I’ll ever be is it on OK skating was great fun I just did a few laps and sadly Chloe
wasn’t feeling up to it but yeah I definitely recommend a trip here to Broadskate the key
is knowing when to get off they say pride comes before a fall but usually it is getting
cocky on an ice rink that comes before a fall so yeah I had a good session and the bar right
here a bar and restaurant and get some food maybe something to drink save the drinks until
after the skating they look good OK mulled wine from the bar and a white wine that’s
good popular with people regardless of whether they are skating or not it is a great spot
you can sit and enjoy a few drinks get some food we’ve hot Bao and some steak coming and
enjoy watching the ice skating OK we have gone for some Bao the steamed buns which look
amazing I’am going to enjoy these and then maybe some steak and chips OK lets try the
Bao soft steamed buns they should be soft like pillows in your mouth they are good just
the right mix of bun Bao and filling like a pillow in your mouth I definitely recommend
the Bao and steak and chips OK steak and chips mulled wine hot chilli sauce lets try the
steak you can’t go wrong with steak and chips and chilli sauce not all that festive but
neither is Bao OK what we’ve got here the bar man recommended spiced spiced apple juice
which is non alcoholic with a shot of rum to spice it up even more that is pretty good
the bar man was right I think I prefer that to the mulled wine OK guys thanks for watching
I hope you enjoyed this trip to Broadgate circle and then Broadskate skating is great
fun you’ve got the bar with some amazing food street food there and great festive drinks
a lot of people have asked me which is the best the best ice rink to come to and each
one each one has got its pros and its cons there isn’t one best one there is the biggest
one there are ones with the most spectacular I think the biggest one is at Winter Wonderland
arguably Somerset House has the best backdrop although you could argue that The Natural
History Museum is a s spectacular but the reason I like to go to those to spectate and
for drinks and something to eat the reason I like to come skating on this one as you
can see we are are in the heart of London that those there are the Victorian train sheds
of Liverpool Street station so one of London’s major stations we are right next door but
because we are off the tourist trail here it is really Londoners that work in these
huge office blocks behind us and all around and I guess people that live a little bit
further out in the East other than that very few people know about this other than via
social media because yeah we are off the tourist trail and the only tourists you will see here
are incredibly lost so what you get although it is not the biggest you get a lot of space
so people of all levels I mean the first time I have to go around hugging the the rail but
yeah because it is no where near as busy as say Somerset House or The Natural History
Museum you get people of all levels because you’ve got people hugging the rails and then
in the middle as you can see from some of the footage people who are great skaters and
super talented and it is not the biggest but they’ve got the most room so yeah I like coming
skating at this rink so I hop e you enjoyed this trip here and until next time thanks
for watching Toodles! It is a pretty good backdrop if you like Victorian train sheds
and office blocks a Christmas rainbow OK until next time thinks guys Toodles!

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9 thoughts on “Ice Skating London Broadgate Circle Ice Rink Broadskate

  • November 22, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    Your videos are awesome! Just found your channel. Will you be doing festive coffee / sandwiches video?

  • November 22, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    Hi. Yes, I see that Broadgate is much less crowded than Winter Wonderland was in your vlog yesterday, even though it is smaller. Thanks for answering my question. x

  • November 22, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    I noticed Chloe's rings and I remember you made her those for Christmas last year. They are super cute any chance you would start making them or similar ones with semi-precious stones for your shop along side of your other items you make?

  • November 22, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    Well done mate, but you denied us a whopper outtake not ending up spinning star fish style planted face down 😉 seriously though, I have to admit I'd be a 'rail hugger' me self, wise choice having the vino after, another good vlog mate.

  • November 22, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    I'm Visiting London next week, I'm from oxford so not far for me, The following week i'm visiting Amsterdam 🙂

  • November 24, 2016 at 1:20 am

    hell love tapas bar we are going to had a extra week if it carries on like this lol thank you for another great vlog X UK

  • November 29, 2016 at 9:08 am

    Ha ha that was funny watching you both ice skate. You didn't fall so good job. You eat take out a lot Robert. G-d bless you for making these videos for us. Would love to visit London one day. Maybe in the summer though. Happy holidays.

  • March 30, 2017 at 10:41 am

    great skating. does your friend Cloe have a instragram page. she takes a lot of pics when you're out together. your youtube videos are vey nice. keep up the good work. Toodles

  • April 24, 2017 at 8:02 pm

    Skating in a blazer???


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