This is the SM Ice Skating Rink for Summer! Cue in Vlog Intro: Pop Music (Stay) Yes, it’s literally ice. – Gensan already has Ice Skating here. I thought I heard “Ice Candy” “They have *ice candy* here.” Then my camera suddenly slips. Thankyou! We’ll be inviting Gensan Youtubers. Everyone will be ice skating here. Right, Kyle? That’s for sure, right?
– YES, why not? So that we’ll see how this kid stumble on ice! But we have penguin and polar bear skate guides there. Like that. Look at the happy children. Perfect for kiddies and families, of course. Welcome to Gensan. Is Ice Skating an ancient sport? I think it is, like from the Jurassic Period, maybe.
– It actually is. Based on my own experience. It’s definitely old. I think that it roots from an incident where a Tyrannosaurus rex slips on a flat wood. And it’s in Iceland. While the thing is vlogging…
– the Tyrannosaurus rex. Tyrannosaurus rex. So that’s the history of Ice Skating. And the dinosaurs are figure skating. Do they remove the shoes, bro? SKATES. They remove the shoes? – Mmm. Because you are to wear skates shoes. Those are the shoes. It’s only at the center of SM. 160 Pesos on weekdays and 200 on weekends. So today’s weekend, Sunday, we’ll let it pass. WOW! Gensan Fun! [Singing an EXB Song]: Yea-yea-yea… [Singing EXB signature laugh] Daa-a-a-ah… So if you don’t know how to do ice skating, hold on to the bear and the penguin. The kid! The poor kid just tripped!
– Where? There! Poor kid. Didn’t catch that (I thought) The kids are doing great, aren’t they? Sure, they’re good. We don’t have snow here, right? How did they practice? Because plastics are already prohibited. . . but their container is excempted? Why did they not include the container, they did it in their straw! They should have made paper containers, right? Anyway, thank you Cafe Amoree for your chilling, iced milk, chilled milk. We ordered this one, because we stayed at the cafe for 2 hours not ordering anything. Doing fine there, Kyle? [Outro Music]

ICE SKATING History in SM GenSan: Cool Summer!
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