So we’re here for the show, and, check this out. Katie: It’s like a scene out of a horror movie, there’s probably a demon crawling out of the toilet. Me: Like straight up, let me see. K: It’s pink Me: Oh my god! Me: So we’re here for the show,
it’s show day it’s Saturday we have two shows a day and we just got in our
locker room it’s like real sketchy and a little creepy and dark and this is gonna
be fun we had an early practice this morning
because that’s what we all wanted was to come to the rink early and run through
the show about four times but it was good productive and we feel a little
better and we’re not gonna completely shame ourselves Me: All right so it’s
intermission, our number is like what how many numbers after intermission? Julia: uh four we’re number four. Me: Four numbers after intermission so yeah so we’ve got a little
more, more waiting to do we’ve been sitting in the locker room freezing our
butts off, and then after that we’ve got another show and then one more tomorrow. J: Yay! Me: So we gotta like what like 20-30 minutes before we go how many? Brianna: Like closer to 20 than thirty Me: Closer to 20 minutes. B: We are number four B: Or more like 15 actually, ’cause there are only three numbers ahead of us. Me: And, like the little kids that go right before us, it’s like a real short number. B: Oh they don’t know carol of the bells
go before us anymore Me: Oh, they don’t? B: Carol of the Bells goes before us, that’s a solo. Me: Oh, I don’t know, oh well. Me: Hey, how are the nerves feeling? Ay: Good, I’m doing well, but when we get on there, that’s when they start Me: How you feeling? Me: How you feeling? Jaclyn: I have to call somebody important. Me: How are you feeling? Katie: I feel fine right now. Ask me get in like five minutes, I’ll
probably be like shaking Me: That’s fair K: Probably because it’s cold. We do skate on ice. Me: Yeah B: (Hoarse singing) You’re the best…Around (Laughter) (Fun upbeat music) Me: We be killing time we’ve got like two
hours before the next show and so we’re bored and we’re on some really really A: Icy roads! Me: really crappy ice (Fun Upbeat Music) (No audible dialogue) Me: Tell us how you feel about hockey players. The hockey children. Kate: They’re wonderful kids we have wonderful parents who watch them diligently. Me: Oh the sass! A: In her eyes she says ‘Please help me’ Get me out of this torture. Addison: It was probably us Evan: Honestly, yeah! Me: The ice is snow Me: This one right here all she does is mess with me (Shrieking) (Laughter) Me: Here we are day two, final show we’re
watching the first half it’s not started yet but we’re waiting for it to start. You wanna be in this? Hey, you excited for our last show? Jessica: Ah, yes Me: How you think we did yesterday? J: We survived Me: Hey the first one was good the second one was much better. J: Yes Me: We survived, no one died J: No one died Me: no major disasters and it was we all good. J: And we all remembered our parts Me: So yeah, we’re about to watch the first half of the show and then we’ll hop back there at intermission and get ready, so, Yay! Me: We lined up for the finale, but they lined us up like, super early there’s like four or five numbers to go, so we’re practicing our curtsies. I’m not, I’m just sitting here Ain’t that the truth they just told us they wanted us to curtsy for the third show Julia: Oh my God! Ashely Wagner signed these little baby skates! (Indistinct Chatter) Addison: I did my catch! Me: Yay! How are you feeling after your fall yesterday? A: Um yeah, my elbows hurt, but I did my catch today! Jaclyn: Hi! Me: We at the cast party. We survived, we made it through, we lived, and it was a good show. Don’t you dare! I will… Ja: I thought you were just gonna like, hit me straight in the face. Me: Dude theres… J: We’ve done our vow, now we must eat cake together Ja: Now you have to feed me, that’s how it’s supposed… Me: Eww I hate chocolate cake I hate chocolate cake Me: Jaclyn just fed me some chocolate cake, but I don’t like chocolate cake. Julia: Oh I hate chocolate Ja: Now that means we’re married Me: No, we did not! What did you just say? Ja: I said we just got married. That’s a thing you do, you didn’t feed me chocolate cake. So that means you should… Me: No, I don’t want to do that. Here I got you, I got you. Ashley: Hi guys! Me: You were awesome! A: Thank you! Me: Take a bow.

Ice Skating, Demon Toilets, and Storytime
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