Thats actually frozen, the glue in my beard is frozen…roll on summer yo it has been a minute it’s pretty been
about a month since I’ve last skated been active but more with my artwork so
link in the description what I’ve been up to with that
so yeah the Sun is finally out so we’re actually gonna try and get a little
Thursday club in they get whitty and then head out see you there trying to be productive, but we’re stuck in traffic he wants a better one, buts that’s sick thats actually frozen, the glue in my beard is frozen, roll on summer that’s what happens when you don’t skate for a month we gonna do some magic whitty do one for me edit that bit out f##king I don’t even like this trick
i’ve just never done it really so I’ f##king wanna do one! go one! look at that… angles mate shall we just call it a day its pub time the silver lining i’ve never done one
before, It’s icy, it’s cold w’re gonna leave it there subscribe hit the bell notification till next
time, stay tuned

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