How are you, people ? I’d like to have
a badass intro… But it’s 7.00 am
and … … my brain is cloudy. So we’ll do
with this intro… Hi everyone !
Welcome to this new vlog Right, today the weather is
pretty bad. I think it will rain
very soon. Right.
It’s been 2 weeks I didn’t go
to the ice rink. for the simple reason that I got injured
just after the training session 15 days ago. Like, 2-3 days after it… I don’t know if it’s a knock
or… a pulled muscle.
I don’t think it’s a muscle strain because… Today, it’s not hurting anymore But I had to stay a couple
of days without practicing any sport And almost the first 2 days of injury without walking
because Because my calf
was very tensioned and very hurtful So today we… we’ll see what I can do
on the Ice and we’ll see if… I have any problems or not. And more, to practice again
very slowly and to avoid a
new injury. Right !
I’m going to… Pick up Lucas. Right.
Now I’ll pick up Lucas. And we’ll drive to the Ice Rink. And for the first time… In one of my vlogs…
We’ll be in the company of Dimitry. Because I asked him
to skate some times with me. But it’s the first time
he accepts so… we’ll have Dimitry
on this video today ! Right !
Let’s go to Lucas’ home ! Fine !
We’ll arrive to Lucas’ home ! 15 MINUTES
LATER Jeremy : Did you see ? My car works ! Lucas : It’s better though… to come here and go back… Jeremy : Oh right ! It’s the big road here. Jeremy : I don’t know why I’m
driving here. Come on ! Jeremy : I’m gonna have to
get gas… one day… Lucas : Yeah. Better not to running out of gas… Jeremy : It’s fine. I still have some of for… Jeremy : I have some of for today… (Lucas show a snap from Marie)
Jeremy : What are you doing ? Jeremy : Ahhh ! Okay ! Right !
But what does she do the… The Marie Ducard ?

(I answer her on Lucas’ snapchat) Jeremy : Last time,
I had to stop here. Jeremy : The Last time
I drove there, I had to stop there because
Marie-Pierre called me. Jeremy : Because Guillaume and Marie-Pierre
call me when I do the dishes Jeremy : Or when I drive.
Lucas : Or when you’re at home… Jeremy : Yeah when I’m at your home. Generally, it’s when I drive to your home that they call me… Jeremy : And that… It’s not that it gets me on nerves but… Jeremy : It’s frustrating that, every time they call me…
every time I had to decline because Jeremy : I am in my car Jeremy : Or I have wet hands… Jeremy : So every time, they got my
answering machine. The cheesy one I had before… Lucas : Oh yeaaaah….
Jeremy : But I changed it since… Lucas : Yeah I saw it… because I tried to phone you to listen your great machine… Lucas : but there weren’t your great answering machine anymore… I was so disappointed… Jeremy : It’s Marie-Pierre who made me change it. Jeremy : We arrived at the Ice Riiiiink ! Lucas : Yeaaaaah ! oooouch ! Jeremy : From all driving time, I asked myself if I had my skating shoe in the car… Lucas : It’s would be stupid If
you didn’t have it… Jeremy : Yeah but they didn’t get out from the car 2 weeks ago… Jeremy : They’re here… Lucas : Are you trying to drive ? Lucas : Marie said you are a paw paw… Lucas : … and that you almost get passed by a bicycle… Jeremy : So no, we didn’t meet any bicycle…
Lucas : It’s would be surprising… at 9.00 am… Jeremy : But earlier… I didn’t understand how… Jeremy : You know, between Pouilly-les-Nonains and Saint-André… Jeremy : I drove a 60km/h (approximately 37 mph) Jeremy : Yeah ! I drove at 60 km/h instead of 90 (approximately 56 mph) Lucas : He didn’t want to see me so he delayed the moment to go to my house… Jeremy : It was… At one time I was like “You are at 60 km/h buddy, maybe you have to…..” Jeremy : (Reading a message from Marie) “If he’s empty, he can park…” Jeremy : but empty of what ?
Lucas : I don’t know either… Jeremy : Hummm Marie, this is nonsense ! Jeremy : (answering to Marie) POOPY !
Lucas : Any reaction ?
Jeremy : no… (On Lucas’ phone) : poopy ! Jeremy : Why are you…? Jeremy : Wait !

(Showing my answer to Marie) Jeremy : (On snapchat) POOPY ! Jeremy : This is… this is… I don’t know
what to say… see ? Jeremy : See Marie ? You’re not with us today
but… we have a good laugh ! Dimitry : yo ! Dimitry : Hi !
Jeremy : Damn ! He came with a sheep wool ! Dimitry : YUP ! Dimitry : Today will be cold !
Jeremy : Right. What will we do ? Dimitry : We’ll skate !
Jeremy : Yeah we’ll ice skate ! Jeremy : That’s it ! We’ll go to the iiiice ! Jeremy : Tada ! Jeremy : Oh yeah I don’t have my blade protection anymore so Jeremy : Right ! I just did 2-3 laps… Jeremy : … and this is magic. My calf doesn’t hurt at all. Jeremy : Honestly, it’s unexpected because a few days ago… Jeremy : …I still had some pain… Jeremy : So… Jeremy : We’ll see… (Lucas comes) You are… whaaaaaaa ! Jeremy : This is my buddies ! And this is Dimitry !
Dimitry : Hi everyone ! Jeremy : He didn’t go with us until now… Lucas : Because he doesn’t like you.
Jeremy : He doesn’t like me…
(Dimitry protests) Jeremy : So I will go very slowly today. Jeremy : I will try quite everything… Jeremy : To see… Jeremy : If some stuffs are hurting. Jeremy : If some stuffs make my calf be tensioned… Jeremy : because I think it because of it in fact… Jeremy : HIM ! He’s my buddy ! Jeremy : Right ?
Dimitry : Okay… Okay…
Jeremy : You’re my buddy ! Jeremy : Right ! This is a Russian boy… Jeremy : A bit lost on the ice… Jeremy : He doesn’t know what to do on the ice but it’s normal… He’s Russian. Jeremy : So we can’t ask him to much… Dimitry : I have to say that it’s been 1 year that I didn’t skate ! Dimitry : I have to find back my balance… Jeremy : Oh lala
Dimitry : but I will start by a Flip Jump… Jeremy : Poor thing… Jeremy : He’ll start with… It’s… It’s been one year he didn’t really skate… Jeremy : He needs to find back his balance… He’ll start with a Flip Jump…
Spot the mistake ! Jeremy : Ow Dimitry, what will I do with you ? Jeremy : Any problem Lucas ?
Lucas : Yes ! The mistake is you… Here… still here ! Jeremy : Right !
I ended with… all turns session Jeremy : and so the steps… Jeremy : It’s fine. I can say that there’s no… Jeremy : … pain. So I am very very happy. Jeremy : I think I say it a lot of times but I don’t care… Jeremy : Seriously… Jeremy : I will be able to go
to some stuffs in a more confident way… Jeremy : Because If it have had, at least,
something hurting… Jeremy : On the turns/steps… Jeremy : I wouldn’t have gone on jumps while now, I will be able to start a jump session. Jeremy : We’ll start with simple rotation jumps, which means Jeremy : … one revolution of rotation. Jeremy : Right ! I already finished my Simple jumps session except the Axel jump. Jeremy : And… Jeremy : Nothing ! Nothing ! Jeremy : It’s like I am fixed.
But I still have to be careful… Jeremy : Because I got injured
not so long ago so… Jeremy : I have to beware about it Jeremy : And I mustn’t go like a bull, knowing that… yeah… Jeremy : I don’t have any pain… Jeremy : Because it doesn’t mean that my
calf is totally recovered… Jeremy : When it’s good, it’s good ! Jeremy : Dimi…… Jeremy : Diminou…. Awwwwww
Dimitry : YEAH ! Jeremy : leave me alone ! Jeremy : Right ! I already did all Double rotation jumps. This is so, so cool Jeremy : And still no pain so… Jeremy : I will go at least on the Double Axel… Jeremy : … and…. Jeremy : Yeah…
Lucas : …. Jean-Marc and welcome to your new Cooking show : Lucas : “When it’s good, it’s good”

(Imitates French Southern accent) Jeremy : Peuchère ! (Expression from South of France) Jeremy : Right…
Jeremy : SHUT THE F***K UP ! Jeremy : Thanks Jeremy : I’ll drift apart because he annoys me. He’s running my video… Jeremy : So yeah, I’ll go back on Double Axel. Jeremy : I know I won’t have any problem
on it because I don’t jump it with my ankles… Jeremy : … but with my thighs. Jeremy : And we’ll see after for… Jeremy : … the Triple Salchow. Jeremy : How’re going my buddies ? Lucas : What does he say ? Jeremy : How’re going my buddies ?
Dimitry : Good.
Lucas : Great. We skate a lot… Jeremy : I can see that.
Lucas : We’re practicing new stuffs. Jeremy : Right. I’ll try some Triple Salchow Jeremy : Knowing that, now… Jeremy : … The full Ice rink doesn’t work in my favor… Jeremy : I don’t want to say it but… Jeremy : I say it anyway ! Jeremy : Wooooo ! This is crazy… Jeremy : You mustn’t be scared, for once… Dimitry : Nooo ! I don’t want to fall ! Jeremy : Yeah !
(Dimitry make a weird sound)
Jeremy : Seriously… haha ! Jeremy : Who’s the boss ?
Dimitry : Without any warm-up ! Jeremy : I will stop the Triple Salchow
because now it’s… Jeremy : …it’s not possible to skate anymore… Jeremy : … in a confident way with everyone…. Jeremy : …who skate everywhere and more… wherever… Jeremy : So… Jeremy : I know that Dimitry asked me something… Jeremy : What do you want me to do ? Dimitry : I don’t know… Jeremy : You don’t know ?
Dimitry : No… Jeremy : Really you don’t know ? Dimitry : About ? Jeremy : What do you want me to do ? Dimitry : Oh ! A Baxel/Axel ! Jeremy : We’ll do a Baxel/Axel ! Jeremy : Yeah it will be fun ! (incomprehensible words from Dimitry)
Jeremy : He’s so convincing as an actor… Lucas : It’s a gentle amazement ! Jeremy : I’m hurting for love… Dimitry doesn’t want me… (Lucas shows a snap from Marie who says “What’s his problem ?” about me) Lucas : (reading the snap) : What’s your problem this morning ? What’s your answer ? Jeremy : Right, I will answer to Marie.
Marie Ducard. Lucas : What’s HER problem this morning ?
Jeremy : What’s my problem ? First… Jeremy : … I apparently switched into a woman… Jeremy : then I’m hurting for love. Dimitry doesn’t want me… Jeremy : He declines… Jeremy : My proposal… Jeremy : This is sad… More because Lucas already… Jeremy : Gave me hard times for years because of it… Jeremy : Because he was the love of my life… but I wasn’t… Jeremy : …apparently the love of his life… Jeremy : So I fell back on Dimitry because… I needed someone… Dimitry : Okaaaay…
Jeremy : Right. Dimitry doesn’t want either… Jeremy : I’m sad, Marie. Really… Jeremy : I’m an outcast… Jeremy : I don’t event if you really like me, Marie… Jeremy : Let’s go ! We finished ! Both : Eat ! Eat ! Eat ! Jeremy : Hopla ! Jeremy : We’re the best ! Jeremy : It sucks ! It’s going to nonsense… Jeremy : We’ll find… Ow… The problem is that… Jeremy : The keys are in the jacket which ARE there… Lucas : The Jacket which ARE there ?
Jeremy : Yeah ! The Jacket which ARE there… Jeremy : I don’t speak french very well… So… The Jacket which IS there… Jeremy : Right Pocket… Normally. Jeremy : I put them in my right pocket. Jeremy : We find the keys this time ! Jeremy : And we have a padlock. Lucas : It’s been at least the 5th time we have it… Lucas : Stop it ! Jeremy : You messin’ with me ? Jeremy : Oh yeah ! Jeremy : We’re get out my friends ! Lucas : We get out from the Ice Rink.
Jeremy : We get out from the Rink to go to… Jeremy : My Bibi ! Lucas : The Jeremobile.
Jeremy : The Jeremobile. Jeremy : The Jejemobile.
Lucas : No. Jeremy : Yes.
Lucas : This is ridiculous.
Jeremy : No. Jeremy : Because they call me “Jeje”.
Lucas : No.
Jeremy : Of course you do.
Lucas : No. Jeremy : So, I’ll try to press it with my ice shoes. Jeremy : It’s great. I am so strong ! Jeremy : There’s Dimitry behind me !
Dimitry : Yas. I’m here ! Jeremy : He’s the best. He’s my favorite. Jeremy : But don’t say it to Lucas, he ‘ll be jealous.
Dimitry : I think he heard it ! Jeremy : Oh ! It’s full of cars !
Lucas : I didn’t hear it ! Jeremy : It’s full of cars. Lucas : there’s a match. Jeremy : So, I have to have… Jeremy : The car keys… my phone and the ice shoes… Dimitry : Hard…
Jeremy : Hard.
Lucas : Bla Bla (Car) on board.
Jeremy : Bla Bla on Board ! Jeremy : Bla Bla on Board.
Lucas : This car is sponsored by Apple…
Jeremy : Yeah ! Dimitry : of course.
Lucas : The tail misses…
Jeremy : The Apple tail misses… Jeremy : I will do this…
Dimitry : A Renault Clio sponsored by Apple… Jeremy : Yeah ! Jeremy : I can’t find my keys… Oh I did it ! Jeremy : Right it’s an old car so it hard to open it sometimes… Dimitry : She peed…
Jeremy : Yeah she peed… Jeremy : This is nonsense ! (Lucas plays with the keys…) Jeremy : But he’s annoying !
STOP IT LUCAS ! Jeremy : ENOUGH ! Jeremy : Calm down kids ! (Lucas presses a button on the board…) Jeremy : He’s boring me… Jeremy : Right… where do you lEAive ? Jeremy : Yas ! I need to drive to the middle school…
Dimitry : closed to the middle school.
Lucas : “Where do you lEAive ?” Jeremy : “Where do you lEAive ?” Jeremy : There’s too much cars here ! (Lucas just closed us…) Jeremy : He gets me on nerves ! Jeremy : Right, Dimitry…
Lucas : It’s to avoid the departure of Dimitry.
Jeremy : Yeah. Jeremy : Lucas will kidnapp you. Lucas : I don’t drive so i’m not guilty. Jeremy : Plus, I am the only adult in… Jeremy : … this car.
Lucas : Right. Jeremy : To turn the wheel…. Lucas : I think we listen to it every time we go back… Jeremy : No we listen to it only with you… Jeremy : … 3 weeks ago. Lucas : Are you sure ?
Jeremy : Yeah. Jeremy : I’m am 100% sure because last… 2 weeks ago we didn’t listen to it… Jeremy : 2 weeks ago, we listen to… ( doing the Queen’s “We Will Rock You” rhythms ) Lucas : Ah yeah ! Lucas : A great song title ! Jeremy : WE’LL EAT SOON !!! Lucas : No. You’ll eat soon ! Lucas : There’s a snail’s killer. Jeremy : Right here Jeremy : Closed to the bus. Lucas : closed to the bus.
Jeremy : I’m doing something wrong… Jeremy : I don’t care we’re Sunday.
Lucas : There’s no courtesy bus today. (With a Russian Accent)
Lucas : Goodbye.
Jeremy : Goodbye. Dimitry : Goodbye.
Jeremy : Goodbye.
Dimitry : до свидания (do svidaniya) Jeremy : We say it like this ?
Dimitry : до свидания
Jeremy : до свидания Lucas : You say “Dacia”
Jeremy : DACIA !
Dimitry : or you say “Пока!” (paká) Dimitry : It’s easier.
Lucas : Пока
Jeremy : I would say “Vodka!”
Lucas : Like the country (P.A.C.A. in France) Jeremy : I would say “Vodka” Dimitry : That’s it. Vodka.
Jeremy : Goodbye… Jeremy : Goodbye.
Lucas : It’s 12.15 pm. Jeremy : What ?
Dimitry : See you next week maybe.
Jeremy : “See you next week maybe ?” Jeremy : Oh my god, He will may be here next week ?
Dimitry : Maybe
Jeremy Oh My God ! Jeremy : 2 following weeks…
DIMITRY 2 FOLLOWING WEEKS ! Jeremy : Ouh LALA ! Dimitry : See ya ! Dimitry : Bye !
Jeremy : See ya ! He’s the love of my life.
(Dimitry comes back) Dimitry : I didn’t closed the car door. (Beeping) (Singing Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us”) Jeremy : I don’t have any Rhythms Jeremy : Come on babe ! Believe yourself ! Jeremy : COME ON ! COME ON ! Lucas : Won’t believe itself ! Jeremy : What’s happening, buddy ? Lucas : How funny…
Jeremy : HOW FUNNY ! Jeremy : This is the only Lyrics I know from this part Lucas : okay. (Singing Linkin Park’s “Bleed it Out”) Lucas : I understand why you remember it.
Jeremy : What ? Lucas : I understand why you remembered it. Jeremy : Wait…
WOOOOOW ! Lucas : Okay…
Jeremy : Jean-Michel Noises… Jeremy : What’s next ? Jeremy : What does she say first ? (Singing Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”) Jeremy : This is here…
Lucas : Good ! Jeremy : I don’t drive here anymore in fact. Jeremy : Look ! With my perfect accent ! Lucas : … to what it looks like but it looks likes nothing… Jeremy : Do you have your badge ?
Lucas : No… ehm… yes ! Jeremy : Right, You’re back home.

(Lucas plays with my auto radio) Jeremy : No ! You’re a pain in the ass… Jeremy : You didn’t do it right. Jeremy : Goodbye Lucas.
Lucas : yeah. Lucas : Goodbye.
Jeremy : Goodbye.
Lucas : We’ll see each other this week so it will be fine. Jeremy : BYE !
I will act like Marie Ducard.
BYE ! Jeremy : CIAO !
ON INSTA… Jeremy : ON SNAPCHAT and Jeremy : Ehm… Jeremy : WHATSAPP !
XOXO Lucas : It’s not very credible… Jeremy : She did it last time…
Lucas : It’s definitely not credible… Jeremy : Tschüss people ! Lucas : Tschüss.
Jeremy : Tschüss. Lucas : Tschüss.
Jeremy : Tschüss.
Lucas : Tschüss.
Jeremy : Tschüss.
Lucas : Tschüss.
Jeremy : Tschüss Tschüss (Locomotive joke) Lucas : Your car is not happy when I get out. Jeremy : goodbye Lucas. Jeremy : Good bye ! Right ! I bring everyone to their home
so I’ll go home to, for a meal
because I’m starving. Really starving… Anyway.
About the session and especially about Be back to sport after 2 weeks break I though It would be worse Finally, There were more… More fear than pain 2 weeks ago, when I got injured. So… At the end, I will consolidate my stretching part… Out from the ice to avoid a similar problem each time Because it’s my weakest point. I had Achille tendons very small because I walk on tiptoes and… In consequence, It pulls a bit like when I do Triple rotation Jumps. So This is why some muscle knots happen or worse… So I need… I need… to improve it. But… I think I will be able to do again a weekly training session in a normal way. That’s a start. We’ll see this next week. But, we’ll meet again normally before I will try to invite some friends for an afternoon of night hang out. together. Because it’s holidays for them and And I will enjoy it to meet some of them
Because it’s been months I didn’t see them, for some… Jeremy : Thanks for watching this video. Jeremy : If you enjoyed it, don’t hesitate to press the like button…
Lucas : But as you didn’t, don’t press it… Jeremy : I get me on nerves ! Jeremy : So I said that if you enjoyed it Jeremy : Don’t hesitate to “Like”, “Comment” Jeremy : … and “Share” to your friends.
Lucas : This is the arrow like that (mime) Jeremy : If you have a friend to sell… That’s it. Jeremy : I sell this one too. Jeremy : Cheap. Worthless… Jeremy : And… Jeremy : So I put my,
my Facebook
my Twitter… Jeremy : that I don’t really use in the description. Lucas : Very useful to remind it each time.
Jeremy : Exactly. Jeremy : The Instagram, The Facebook and
Website of Patin’air Jeremy : What can I put also… Your Instagram ! Jeremy : And Your Instagram that you never use.
Dimitry : No. Dimitry : I don’t go there.
Lucas : Useless too…
Jeremy : It doesn’t matter. Jeremy : We don’t care Lucas : Doesn’t matter.
Jeremy : We’re crazy. Everyone is crazy. Everyone love each other… Lucas : Back to tomfoolery !
Jeremy : It’s cool…
Lucas : No… Jeremy : And Dimitry will… Jeremy : … decide where the thumbnail to subscribe me… Jeremy : … to my Youtube Channel will be. Jeremy : Where ?
Dimitry : There. We can’t see.
Jeremy : We can’t see ?
Dimitry : Here ! Dimitry : Right here.
Jeremy : Okay. So I will put it here !
(showing on my screen) Dimitry : right.
Jeremy : Okay, cool. Anyway… Jeremy : See you soon !
Dimitry : Bye !

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  • March 4, 2018 at 5:26 am

    Salut ! Je viens de tomber sur ta chaîne un peu au hasard en vadrouillant sur YouTube, 😎 et franchement j’aime beaucoup ✌️😉 . Du coup je te lache un pouce bleu direct sur cet vidéo pour s’encourager entre YouTuber,
    Quand tu auras deux secs peux tu me dires se que tu pense de ma vidéo ?
    À bientôt sur ta chaîne. 👍


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