This isthe Ice Cup.Please welcome to the ice rinkNadezhda Lapshinaand Vladimir Leonov
of the Russian Federation.
Attention! Our athletes
enter the ice rink.
Nadezhda Lapshina
and Vladimir Leonov from Russia.
Of all the athletes,
they surely deserve the gold.
In spite of a most grievous injury,
Nadezhda Lapshina
found it in herself to come back.And not just to come back,
but to compete
for one of the most valuable
sports awards, the Ice Cup.
Yes. Everything is great so far.
These guys are in excellent form.
Great jump throw!Parallel pirouette.Parallel pirouette.Bravo! Absolutely perfect!
I don’t really know what to pick on.
And now, a crucial moment.
Excellent carry. Good for them!
Quite spectacular, guys!Jump!Well, you’ve seen it yourselves!It’s a cosmic performance.
I can’t find another word for it!
A textbook display
of the first three elements.
Ease, precision, smoothness.
The way it should be done!
Everything is at level four.
Each element is at its top!
We are waiting for the famous jump throwthat they demonstrated
many times. And…
My God, how could this be?It’s hard to believe such a long journey
to success will end like this.
Nadezhda had to live through so much
just to get to this day.
Will it really end up like this?ICE IRKUTSK, 2003Now we would like to look
at the competitors’ faces, of course.
There was so much hope.And here comes our pair,
and it immediately becomes clear
who the winner is here.Not a single error.-Such ease, such grace…
-Oh. Why aren’t you sleeping? -Hey.
-Hey. Hey, we had an agreement. -You do your homework and go to bed.
-I was making dinner. Dinner? Bread, vegetables, my signature dish. Vitamins for your heart. You’ll take them after dinner. Fork… -Do you need a knife?
-No, I’ll make do. -But it’s healthy.
-You’re my natural-born chef. -You’re just like me.
-In fact, I’m more of a figure skater. Cooking is just a hobby. Thank you, Doctor. Mom? When will I start skating lessons? Tomorrow. We’ll find the person in charge
of skating, and you’ll start. It’s just that I don’t have a dress. You’ll have a dress. The most beautiful one.Please, just liveYou can see that you’re my lifeMy great loveWill be more than enough for both of usDo you want the sun to be your lamp?Do you want the Alps beyond your window?Do you want me to blow up all the starsThat don’t let you sleep?Do you want sweet oranges?Do you want long stories read aloud?Do you want me
To give away all the songs
To give away all the songs about you?Do you want me
To give away all the songs
To give away all the songs about you?Please, pay attention!Come on! Come on!No. She really wants it. Do you understand? She’s only seven, and she already knows
all our figure skaters. Her coordination is bad.
And her feet are facing inwards. -She didn’t do any choreography, right?
-Yes… No. I can see that. If she were a boy,
I would maybe give it some thought. Irina Sergeyevna, maybe we can try again
after we practice? -Try…
-Thank you. Skiing. Karyakina, what’s going on with your
legs today? I can’t understand that! Hey, honey! Attagirl! You’re my best girl. Champion. Let’s go take off your skates. Irina Sergeyevna said that you skated
in a very special way. What does “special” mean? It means that it’s the way
only you can do, nobody else. She doesn’t really know
what to teach you now. -But I fell.
-So what? Everybody falls. Take a look. There. Belchikova, hold your back straight! Listen. Do you know who you are? You’re a champion. And Irina Sergeyevna
understood it at once. She just has to coach other girls, too. -Really?
-What do you mean, “really”? Of course. You know what she asked me? In confidence?
She asked us to come in a year. So what are we going to do now? What do you mean?
We’ll practice on our own. -What do you mean, “on our own”?
-On our own. See? You have a moustache now
to prove you can do it. There you are. Knock-knock. Can I come in? All right, just a little bit left. We’ll follow this book in your training. The Ice Suite What if I’ll not be able to do this? Like this? Why wouldn’t you be? We’ll work on it, and you’ll do it.
Hey, I’ll help you. I’m there for you. Good one! Excellent! Hold on! -Good girl.
-The ice is crackling. It’s crackling. It’s talking to you. Let’s listen. -Wow.
-“You’ll do just fine.” -Mom, let me show you the swallow.
-Okay. Mom, look! Mom, look! Mom! Mom. Mom? See? Anyone can fall. -Mom, is everything okay?
-Yes, I’m getting up. Come on, get up. Come on. Slide me. -Mom, get up. Get up!
-Slide me. -Mom, get up! Mom, get up!
-In a moment. In a moment. Nadya, where is your dad? Your grandma? Your grandpa? An uncle, maybe? She has an aunt! Me. Hold this. Nadya, my baby girl. You poor thing. Where can I get
the belongings of the deceased?There are my dreams, your dreams
Any kind of dreams
Bananas, coconutsAn orange paradiseYou only have to make a wishAnd you can get the stars, tooThis song is right.
It’s about healthy food. It’s okay. Cheer up.
Your aunt won’t feed you bad things. Look what riches I have here. Hold this. Look. It’s all right.
You’ll live in clover with me. If you want, you can call me “Mom.” We’ll clean it up here. Right, Nadya? And what garbage is this? Hold this. And where do these go? These go over there. It was hard for your mom, right? She couldn’t take care of herself,
let alone of a kid. It’s okay, Nadya. I’ll take care of you.
I have plenty of time and grit. I’ll teach you everything I know.
You’ll be a catch. Men will line up for you. Why aren’t you married? You should think before you speak.
I’m an Aquarius and a tiger. It’s my destiny to live without a man. I could feed and wash up all the men
in Irkutsk. Makes no difference. Don’t stand in the corner so long.
You’ll absorb dark energies. Where did your mother sleep? -On the couch.
-Right here? And I was wondering why she was sick
all the time. It’s no good like this. According to fengshui, it’s no good. How will I sleep here?
I have back pains. If you want, you can have my bed. She’s just like her mother.Olya! Olya, come here!THE BEST These are starting to rot.
We need to sell them before we close. Greetings to the trailblazers
of the fruit commerce! -Actually, bananas are berries.
-What, berries? Don’t confuse people. -Hi. Look, I’m taking a break.
-Genka. I got a couple of hours… What? …so maybe we could spend them in a romantic way? I just don’t want to waste time. Uncle Genka is joking. He’s laughing,
so it means he’s joking. I’ll leave for an hour. Remember,
the box must be empty by evening. Wow, what do you have here? You want to become a champion? Good for you.
I wanted to become an astronaut. And did you? Not really.
Mother Earth does not let me go. -The car is open.
-Okay, see you. Hip, hip, hooray! CLOSED -We’re closed.
-Do you have grapes? We’ve got bananas. Hello. Are you alone here? Okay, give me bananas. -How much are they?
-37.50. It’s you. I’m Nadya Lapshina. Mom and I came to see you.
Back then, you said I was very special. Do you remember? You and Mom agreed that I would come train later.
Can I come now? -What for?
-What do you mean, “what for”? To skate. Wait. I’ll give you different ones. -What did you say your name was?
-Nadya. Nadya, if I said no back then, -it means no.
-But… -Margo?
-What? Where do you keep the wine? In the refrigerator, of course.
Look for it there. I already looked. ATHLETIC BOARDING SCHOOL
THE LEGENDS OF BAYKAL Hi, Irina Sergeyevna! -Hello!
-Are you nuts? -You again?
-Mom and I practised, truly. I know how to do the axel
and the swallow, too. You promised! Check me out again! Please. Wipe off your snot. This is not drama club. Where to? You could’ve at least met me
at the door. Too late, honey. Hi, Figure Skater. Let’s go. I’ll feed you.An unprecedented case in figure skatingas the highest spot
on the pedestal was taken
by two couples.Ours, which was given the highest
score by the refs unanimously,
and the Canadian duo,
which disputed the decision
of the board and was
granted the right to share…
That’s all. Do it one more time! Show me the axel! Where have you seen
an axel like this, my star? I’ve been following the book! Dear Lord, give me patience. -Remind me, what’s your name?
-Lapshina. Nadya Lapshina. So, Nadya, I’m expecting you tomorrow
at 6:00 am. with your parents’ application for
your stay at the boarding school. And don’t you dare come late! Acceleration, prepare for axel, -jump, step sequence…
-Acceleration, prepare for axel… -…swallow, libella, sit spin…
-…step sequence… -…swallow…
-…spin… …feet reverse, twist, and effective exit. -Is that clear?
-Yes! Lesya, show me. -Do you like this?
-Yes! Okay, if I see skating like this during
the test, you’re all going home. To make your mamas happy on the rink. Preparation for jump on a straight line. Fail! Your ankles are not working at all!
You did not gain initial momentum! You lost your centring during the spin! I won’t even comment on the twist! And tell me, please, what was unclear to you about the words
“effective exit,” my star? We have a test from the commission
in four months. Those who fail will say goodbye. This applies to the newbies, too.I’m a soldierThe war’s premature childI’m a soldierMama, heal my woundsYou’re a soldierThe war’s premature childYou’re a soldierMama, heal my woundsWork! Faster! Come on, come on! Lower, lower! Come on, come on, come on!I didn’t sleep for five years
And I have bags under my eyes
I haven’t seen it myself
But I was told so
You’re a soldierAnd I don’t have a head
They busted it with their boots
The commander is yellingThe commander has a torn mouthLapshina, your arms!
What’s wrong with your arms?White cotton wool
Red cotton wool
Will not heal the soldierYou’re a soldierFaster! Good job! Lapshina! Nadezhda! You’ll go first. Is this your newbie? Yes, this is Lapshina. She got up. Look! The girl is doing a good job.Nadezhda Lapshina and Dmitry Gubenko,
from Irkutsk are invited to the rink.
Arms, arms! My beauty. Calm, calm. Don’t fidget! Sloppy. Well done. Good job, guys! It’s not bad. Two! Three! Why did he mess up
the position again. Why? It’s okay. We’ll make up for it. Good job, girl! Good job! She’s working for two. That was freaking awesome skating. You messed up the last position. Chill. Everything was cool. We can forget about the medal. Rubin and Semyonova will perform now, and we’ll end up in fourth place.…9.05 points.The next pair is pulling out
of the competition…
No way!…because of
Ekaterina Semyonova’s injury.
They are pulling out! Yes! We have the bronze! Shatalina, she’s being herself. You can be the best of the best,
you’ll never hear praise from her. Maybe you’ll try it at least once? We were trying hard. -We can even get to the Russian finals.
-You can get there, yeah. But you have no chance of winning it. You need a good boy. There’s a shortage
of them right now in the country. -What about me?
-Tomorrow, you’re going to Moscow. I have arranged it all.
You’ll show all you can do to Leonov. -Me?
-Her? -With Leonov?
-Only one girl in 100 ever gets such a chance to work
with the best partner in our country, maybe in the whole world. -What about you?
-What about me? No, I’m not going anywhere without you. I don’t need another coach. Okay, my star, why the hell
do you skate? To do what? -To win.
-Go and win then. Irina Sergeyevna, 10 years ago,
Mom and I came to you. You believed in me then. You said I was
special. I don’t need another coach. Did your mom tell you this? I told her back then
not to waste her time. You came with a back like this,
couldn’t control your legs. No skills, afraid to fall.
You had one talent, to sell bananas. I took you in because you wanted to work
despite everything you couldn’t do. Now you have a chance.
That is, if you don’t chicken out. Do you understand me? The medal
won’t be yours of its own accord. -And me? What about me?
-You’re a different cup of tea. Now, you have a talent. Really? Sure. You gobble on juice
like nobody else. MOSCOW Don’t chew on your nails.
It doesn’t look nice. Are you nervous? -A little.
-That’s right. Even at the Ice Cup, if you fail,
you can try again in four years. But here? There’s no second chance. He either sees you, notices you, and
takes you up, or you go home, honey. I’m so freaking sleepy. -I stayed up all night getting ready.
-Were you practising? No, I was getting a manicure and stuff.
Tanning, sugaring, chocolate peeling… Chocolate! God, I’m so freaking hungry.
I’m starving! I’ve only had water for two days so that
I could fit into this dress. Get it? Holy cow! Where did you get such a perm? -This is my own hair.
-You’re lying. Such curls don’t exist. These are really natural curls? -I got them from my mother.
-Where are you from? I’m from Irkutsk. You’re one of Shatalina’s? That’s tough. Look, don’t stress.
He’ll definitely like you. He’ll notice you.All right, next is Lapshina.
The one after her is Zhzhyonova.
Is that us? Is my hair okay? Let’s go.Only one girl in 100
ever gets such a chance.
Those who fail will say goodbye.I wanted to become an astronaut.Do you know who you are?
You’re a champion.
Despite everything you couldn’t do.
That is, if you don’t chicken out.
Hey. I’ll help you.Stop the music. Stop the music! Hello. Death spiral, forward and inside. Reverse lift. Rittberger jump. Come on. Ladies, thank you all. You may go. Why are you standing there? I said, go. What do you mean?This cheerful beat
A combination of orbits
Everything plays the right wayAll who hear my soul
Are filling up the dance floor
The rest are too shyDon’t be shyMy favourite music is playing hereI need alcohol
And they wait for you on the dance floor
I’m a special guy
Do you hear this tune?
Dance incitersFor 10 out of 100
The idea of the song is simple
Don’t be shyDon’t be shyMy favourite music is playing hereBaby, eyes up. Put all your thoughts
into your cerebellum and tailbone now! -What?
-Straighten your back, I said!Nadezhda Lapshina and Vladimir Leonov!Gold medallists Nadezhda Lapshinaand Vladimir Leonov!To what extent does Leonov’s new partner
meet your expectations?
To 150%…
No, 200%, 300%, 400%! She’s a bomb!My favourite music is playing hereI need alcohol
And they wait for you on the dance floor
My favourite music is playing hereI need alcohol
And they wait for you on the dance floor
-My favourite music…
-Lights out for you!“An alloy of youth and experience” is
too simple a definition for this pair.
They are literally made for each other.It is obvious
to everyone who’ve seen them on ice.
Although, only six months ago,
the debutante, whom nobody knew,
was called the dark horse,and Leonov himself was predicted
to fall in the ratings.
-However, their unique talent allowed…
-It was you who predicted this.-…them to do the impossible.
-Smart aleck.To represent our country at the Ice Cup.I remind you that the experts will
make their decision within the hour.
Andrey Zolotaryov,
Mikhail Kalashin, Moscow.
Katerina Andreevna
-Vladimir Leonov of the Russian Federation,
do you want coffee? Volodya? What, monster, didn’t you feast your eyes enough yet? Is everything okay? I brought this one from Shanghai. Mom had her birthday. She couldn’t come. I had to win so that I could wish her
a happy birthday at the interview. She could barely wait until I was three
so that she could put me on skates. And what happened next…
You know it yourself. I got this one when my jackass
friends were partying at the prom. I got this one
when my sister got married. -So, what, do you regret it?
-It’s just that all these medals have to be for something, right? You’ve already achieved a lot. Compared to the Ice Cup, all of this… All of this is meaningless. Have you asked yourself, what if
we don’t get selected for the Cup? We’ll keep on goofing off
in these cheap shows? What will happen to us? -I’ll be with you.
-Yes? And the Cup, we’ll put it here. -What do you mean?
-Ah, yes. I didn’t tell you. I just got a call. And they said something
like, we got selected. I didn’t really understand
what they said… Is that true? I don’t know. We have to cancel tomorrow.
We have to get ready. No. We’re still skating tomorrow, or Seva will kill us, and I know
for sure how he’ll kill us. Slowly. Telling his jokes as he’s doing it. Endless jokes. Seva. Seva, listen. I have a special mission for you.
As soon as we’re done skating, have someone
bring out a microphone, okay? -Right, got it. Why?
-It’s a surprise. -I’m going to propose.
-Seriously? It’s a great idea. Just in time. We set up a team, searched for the best partner for you,
but, to you, it was just a bride show? -Why are you getting so wound up?
-I’m not getting wound up. I just know
how these partner marriages end. Do you want me to tell you? At first, for a month,
it will be lovey-dovey, kissy-kissy. Then you’ll start
coming to practice late. You’ll be lacking sleep. Then there’ll be hormonal
imbalance, then pregnancy. Then you’ll start fighting. Then you’ll
divorce. You’ll start binge-drinking. And then we’re rolling out at the Cup
to defend the honour of our country with an ass this big. Best wishes! Have you calmed down? Look, you! Am I a sucker to you? Do you think I’m joking here? Think
how many years we’re been together. Think of how much
sweat and blood we’ve shed. If you’re not thinking about yourself,
think about the team, about me! I won’t let you trade
our medal for a piece of… I learned how to cook porridge. What? Porridge, Seva. Oatmeal with nuts and honey. The way she likes it. Seva, you of all people know me. I’ve never felt like this before. All right. You’ll have your surprise. -Thank you, Seva.
-Hello, Irina Sergeyevna, it’s me.We were selected. Can you believe it? Now we have a chance to win the Ice Cup. Yes, hi, I’ve heard. I’m sorry. Is this a bad time? Well, we’re working. Glushkova! I see everything!Are you waiting for the medal
to be yours of its own accord?
“Are you waiting for the medal
to be yours of its own accord?” -Seva says we have good prospects.
-Seva? Seva would give Hitler in ’45
good prospects, too. And you? Do you think we have a chance? You’ll have one if you do fewer
photo shoots and more work on the ice. Nadya, I’m working. Do you want
to discuss something else? No. Nothing. I just thought
you’d be happy for us. I’ll be happy when you bring me the Cup.-Is that all, Nadya?
-That’s all. Sorry to have bothered you. Nadezhda, you’re on in 15 minutes. Glushkova!Ladies and gentlemen,Nadezhda Lapshina and Vladimir LeonovpresentThe Snow Princess! Listen to me carefully, and remember. As soon as I put my right arm down, everybody is going over there. Who’s got the rings? Come on, the triple twist lift. Volodya, we haven’t practised. Do you trust me? Okay, everybody get ready.
Watch my right arm. Where? Where are you going?
Stop! Don’t go! Stop! Please, stay calm. It will help both you
and the doctors on the ice. Volodya? Is he all right? -Where is Nadya?
-Please…Eyes disappointed by the movie
And enchanted by the sky
I won’t be able to explain itBut I’m coming backSee me off
There will be nothing left but a sound
The sound is like a threadBut I’m still your friendWith frozen fingers
In the absence of hot water
With slowed-down thoughts
In the absence of you, of course
And I’ll freezeI’ll shoot in the backI’ll choose a mineAnd good nightI didn’t mean itIt’s just a coincidenceI have decipheredThe infinity signWith frozen fingers
In the absence of hot water
With slowed-down thoughts
In the absence of you, of course
And I’ll freezeI’ll shoot in the backI’ll choose a mineAnd say good nightI didn’t mean itIt’s just a coincidenceI have decipheredThe infinity signShe has a spinal disc herniation
with spinal cord compression.
But she got up during the show.It’s not rare in a state of shock.Our championship is in three months.And then the Ice Cup!Do you understand
what a spinal cord injury is?
If there’s no progress in the next
six months, then there will be no…
Listen. Seva talked to German doctors. We’ll transfer you. We have to try all the options, right? We’ve already tried. Hey! What’s with the mood? -I’m tired, Volodya.
-Listen, you’ll get up. Understood? What if I won’t? How much longer will you
muck about with me? A month? -A year?
-As long as it takes. You’ll give up your Cup and spend the rest of your life
carrying me around the apartment? -You’ll be fine.
-Volodya, what if I never get up? -You’ll get up.
-Are you ready to live with a cripple? Mom! VOLODYA I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it today. I had to go urgently. I don’t know how to say it.
I hope you’ll understand. Do you support me?
We wanted this, both of us. Did you get the flowers?Hello, Irina Sergeyevna?Take me home, please.-Hello, Irina Sergeyevna!
-Hello. Even the doctors say
that mindset is the key. -There are always chances to recover.
-They tell this to everyone. If there was no progress in six months,
there will be no progress at all. Nadya, nobody promised it would be easy. -Irina Sergeyevna, enough…
-One in a million can win the Ice Cup. -Don’t do this.
-You have to work despite all… -Irina Sergeyevna…
-Nadya, you have to fight. -You’ve been a warrior all your life.
-Will you shut up already! I’ll learn to walk on my arms,
and I’ll go win your Cup, right? If you want to, you’ll go win. It’s boring to be alone
all day in the apartment. And here you have a whole Tricolour TV,
as many channels as you want! Too bad you flew in today. If you stayed there
for a couple more days, it would be a surprise. Oh, the poor thing!
It’s totally out of carbon nutrition. You wanted figure skating? There you go! You want handball? You can have it. They show it on TV all day long! -Thank you.
-Handball is cool. Irina Sergeyevna? Will practice start soon? What practice? Yes, in a minute. Burov, what’s going on here?
How much longer? It will take just five minutes.
We’re playing overtime. Gorin, you son of a… Gorin, what are you doing? Everybody calm down! Everybody come over here!
That’s it for today! Get up! Get your stuff together! -Listen…
-Come on, quickly! You strike like a girl. What did you say? I… I didn’t mean to do it. Get the hell out of here! Leave me alone. Do you think
I can’t get up on my own? What a creep!
He screwed up half a period! But I didn’t mean it… Do you think I’m an idiot?
To smack an honoured coach in the face? Maybe you should disqualify him, huh?
For two months or so. I would find him an occupation. Irina Sergeyevna, I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean it! Why would you need someone like him? I need someone exactly like him. Andryusha, get off me!I’m grateful to fate
for giving me Lyuba.
I think that this is a rarityand a great joy when you feel as one
with your partner on the ice.
I believe we are made for each other.I mean, that’s what I think about her.
I don’t know what she thinks about me.
-Who’s there?
-Irina Shatalina sent me. -How long do I have to wait?
-Just a minute! A moment. I can’t open it. -What happened?
-Nothing happened. She just sent me to babysit you. -What do you mean, to babysit?
-I don’t know. -To help you get up on your feet.
-Are you a doctor? No, I’m Sasha Gorin -from BaykPromMash.
-Where from? It’s a hockey team. Don’t you know it? I don’t understand anything.
Maybe you can come some other time. Sure, no problem. Look, can you tell Irina Sergeyevna
that I came over here, stayed with you till 3:00,
and tried to cheer you up? -I don’t need cheering up!
-Okay, bye, then. Mister, did you come to visit us? Apparently, yes. Damn. Social support.
I’m going to do rehab with her. You’d do better
if you bought us some groceries. -Rehab, my foot.
-I’m not working in a veggie warehouse. Nadya… Damn, they told me she could sit. -Now what?
-Ride it back and forth. -Do what?
-Well, you know, slide. You know, they say that, like, if you wanna recover faster, you must do
everything you did when you were alive. I mean, when you could walk. You understand? And you’re, like,
a figure skater, so come on. -Who says that?
-I do. Listen, Sasha. I can see you have
your own stuff to do, and I have my own. -Let’s go our separate ways peacefully.
-No. -Why not?
-Well, I kind of screwed up there. And they kicked me out of the team. Not forever, of course. And Irina Sergeyevna said
I must visit you, help you with rehabilitation, and if I do, I’ll be able to come back. -Community service?
-Yeah, sort of. -So you’re a hockey player?
-Yes. -And how are you getting on?
-Well, it’s kind of cool. -I got a shot for the Supreme League.
-“Supreme”? Well, yeah. It’s…
Like, it’s not exactly Supreme. It’s kind of the second one. The supreme
is the Continental Hockey League. We are in the third right now.
It’s also called the Russian League. -For some reason.
-How will the team do without you? -What do you mean?
-Won’t they fall back to the fourth or fifth?
I don’t know. Do you have those? -What is that supposed to mean?
-You have so many on the team, though. They’ll just take up anybody, give them
a stick. No one will see the difference. They can even score in the last set. By the way, are you a starter or just a reserve? -You’re being rude on purpose, right?
-What else can I do? You’re a big freaking star, right? Listen, didn’t they put up
your monument here yet, no? So, listen up.
Your mama will pick you up, right? -Sure, no problem.
-Awesome. Just sit here. Enjoy the view. Do some meditation. And remember, there are no sets
in hockey, just periods, no sets. Is that clear? Good luck! Synthetics. And they said it was cotton.
I knew they would push me some crap. What is wrong with those people?
They have no fear of God in them! NADYA Hello. Sasha, my boy! Gorin! -Hello.
-Did I not make myself clear? Where do you have to be now, my star? -Hello.
-Hello. -Hello.
-I’ve seen her. We kind of, like… How should I put it? We don’t play well together. I’m not trying to bail. It’s just that… If you have some other
crippled girl, I’m ready. But this one, she’s impossible. She’s
crazy. I don’t know what to do with her. I don’t give a flying fig. Run around her. Play cards with her.
Go fishing with her. -Hello.
-Hi, Lyova. Don’t leave her alone.
For four hours exactly, every single day,
you have to be with her. Irina Sergeyevna, really, what’s the freaking point? Until she gets up, you can forget about hockey. Did you return your uniform? Damn. The uniform! Dear Lord, give me patience. Why didn’t your Mom pick you up? She’s not my mother. And you, did you forget something here? I forgot my uniform.There’s a lot of bad energy inside you.Where’s your bathroom? Over there. Why? We need to warm you up. You’re all blue. -Hello.
-Hello. Hey, why are you walking in your boots
on my clean floor? Listen up.
If she pops her clogs outside, figuratively speaking,
I won’t make it back to the team.And if I don’t make it back to the team,
I’ll come here
and live here forever instead of her. Is that clear? I have a spade, you know.
We’ll search for treasure together. Who do you think you are
to be rude to me? Who is this? -No, really, who are you?
-I’m her friend. -Nadya, tomorrow at 10:00.
-At 10:00, what? -Best of luck.
-That’s right. A friend, that’s sacred. Come on. -How are you, comfortable?
-Jackass. Looks good on you. I have to make you move somehow. -And hockey is the best cure.
-You need to get help yourself! Oh, yeah! Let’s call this method
“The Force Awakens.” -Sasha, are you mental?
-I’ve seen it in a movie. A guy with no arms was rehabbed.
We’ll rehab you, too, now. -Goal!
-What movie? Who does this? A movie about the Jedi! Trust in the call of destiny! Awaken the Force, Nadya! A strong fear in you, I feel. Move! Move! It’s working, Nadya! Move! -Feel, do not think, Nadya!
-You’re an idiot! Gorin, I’m going to call the police now! Aunt Nina, we’re playing. Come on. -Why are you yelling?
-Yeah, right. Nadya, when was the last time
you went tobogganing? -Sasha, you wouldn’t dare…
-What do you mean, I wouldn’t dare? -Of course, I would! Ready?
-Please don’t… -Three, two, one! Let’s go!
-Please don’t! Sasha! Don’t! Nadya? Are you alive? Damn, it should have worked. Nadya! Why are you laughing?
Is everything okay? I don’t want anything any more. How can
I make your busted head understand? You’re just chicken. You’re not fighting for life. Nadya Lapshina, champion of Russia, gold medallist
at the Europe Championship, the world champion, the Snow Princess, Russia’s candidate for the Ice Cup. Why are you looking at me like this?
It says so on Wikipedia. About the Snow Princess,
too, by the way. It’s your nickname out there. It’s in vain, Nadya. Fear is leading you
to the Dark Side. That’s all. What do I have to do to get rid of you? You have to get up. Madam, time to get up.
Your chariot awaits! Why are you so sad? We’re having fun, aren’t we? Or do you have a lot of stuff to do? You’re sitting there
with your level-80 witch, feeling sorry for yourself. Like, me, too, I don’t have any parents,
and I’m okay. I’m not whining. What happened to your parents? -Are they…
-They’re alive. My old man drinks, and it’s the same as if he were dead. And Mom left. She gave me a good luck charm. Wait. Ring facing downwards. Twelve games, a strike,
nine victories, seven losses. -You know, it works.
-And I keep my old skates. Mom gave them to me. Well, why didn’t you say anything?
It’s a good luck charm, too. Your keys. Sasha, what’s the point?
They’re too small for me. It doesn’t matter. The key is for you to keep
a part of the charm on you. Give me your hand.
And then you’ll be able to feel the Force. Do you watch any other movies
than your Jedi stuff? I do. Cartoons. Okay. Close your eyes -and repeat after me.
-Gorin, this is nonsense. Do you want to go home? We’ll be
freezing here until you repeat. Got it? -I… Good girl.
-I… -Good girl.
-Nadya, get it together! Do you think it’s a game we’re playing?
Stop smiling. Close your eyes. Come on. I… -I…
-…feel… -…feel…
-…the Force! Louder! -…the Force!
-…the Force! -I feel the Force!
-I feel the Force! -I feel the Force!
-I feel the Force… Sasha! Boy! Are you alive? Maybe
we should take you to the hospital? You got up! Nadya, I told you, the charm is working! Well, here, we have sensitivity.
Now try it yourself. It’s really good. I’ve never seen
anything like this before. You had one chance in 1,000. Of course, we will need to do a full
exam, but now the key is to develop your motor skills
and to increase the muscle mass. And, I think, in a month, you’ll see significant improvement. I’ll be right back. -Sasha, how are you?
-I’m fine. Nothing wrong will happen to me. Do you really, like, feel everything? I don’t know. It’s cool, right? Give me five! I have a game tomorrow, just in time. How we doing, Doc? I’ll fill out your file.
Then you can go with God. Sasha. Come here. -What, do you want to pee?
-I think I lost feeling again. No way! How about this? Still nothing? And like this? Nothing? -Sasha!
-Are you out of your mind? Put the instrument down,
and, come on, beat it. -Sorry, Doc.
-Excuse us. See, everything works
when you’re around. Sasha. Seriously. What do I have to do to make you stay? Is the episode long? It’s okay.A long time ago,
in a galaxy far, far away…
Did I ever tell you
what happened to your father?
No. He told me you killed him.No. I’m your father.No! No!It’s impossible!Hi, kiddo! Sasha, why did you bring me here? You’ll see now.Open your doors
Keep your eyes peeled
Get out from nowhere
Go nowhere
The soul is a trash can
The head is empty
A word reflected in the eyes
And silence in the ears
It’s my music and your lyrics hereOther people’s advice don’t matterEveryone has their own mind here
Don’t think about anything ending badly
Hey, girlfriend, look at meDo it like me
Do it like me
Hey, look at meThink of me
Do it like me
Hey, girlfriend, look at meDo it like me
Do it like me
Hey, look at meThink of me, do it like meI’m always with you
During the day
I’m with those who dance
On an empty stomach
Have fun and sing with me
Wow, look at him
He’s on fire
There are no limits or laws
In this dance
This is the music of the streets
And of the workers’ districts
There is no more tension
Or cheap blame
Don’t think about anything ending badlyHey, girlfriend, look at meDo it like me
Do it like me
Hey, look at meThink of me
Do it like me
Hey, girlfriend, look at meDo it like me
Do it like me
Hey, look at meDrink! Drink! Drink!The anthem of the Russian Federation
is playing.
Nadezhda starts her voluntary program. Oh, Nadezhda starts her voluntary
without too much confidence. What happened? Maybe it’s that
Nadezhda has bananas for skates? Maybe the problem isn’t Nadezhda.
Maybe it’s the ice. For sure! It’s slippery ice!
It’s the ice’s fault! Here she comes for a virage!
And it’s a miracle! She doesn’t fall! That was cheeky.Hey, girlfriend, look at meHey, look at meNadya! Gorin!Hey, pal, look at meThink of me
Do it like me
Hey, girlfriend, look at meHey, look at meHey, girlfriend, look at meHey, look at meThink of me
Do it like me
Attagirl, Nadya! Are you planning to go to the Cup
with this kind of program? Maybe you’ll try it. Sure, no problem. Put up your arms. Like this? No, a little lower. Pull in your butt! It’s already pulled in. Apollo… Come on, do a turn. -Like this?
-You call this no problem? How do I do this? Like this? How do you guys do it?
Like this? Maybe like this? What are you looking at?
What’s so funny? -Sasha. Calm down. Don’t mind him.
-Come here! -Sasha, come on, it’s not hockey!
-Come here, I said! -What do you know about hockey?
-What do you know about figure skating? I know. I used to do it. -Watch your ice hole!
-What did you say? -What?
-What did you just say? -I said nothing.
-Did you do figure skating? Well… Sasha… Tell me, did you do it? -What?
-Figure-skating, what! Well, till the age of eight, I was doing
figure skating. Grandma used to take me. Then I asked her to transfer me,
and she did. To do, like, hockey.
What is there to do? Why are you laughing? What’s so funny? Now I understand it all. What do you understand?
Come on, that’s enough! Look, curly, stop laughing.
I opened up to you like to a bro. Sasha! -Figure skater!
-Screw you! I’ll show you figure skating now! Can you hear it? Don’t freeze your ears off out there! -Irina Sergeyevna!
-Irina Sergeyevna, how come you’re here? -Getting back in shape?
-Trying to. Moscow asked for someone from
our school to do an exhibition gala. Do you want to try? Well, if my partner doesn’t mind. Okay, stop. Irina Sergeyevna, I did what I had
to do. Mission complete. It’s over. If you tell anyone I did figure skating, I’ll twist your head off. Got it? Bye, Irina Sergeyevna.
It was nice seeing you. Best of luck. -Nadya?
-He’s what you chose to send to me. Seryi, do you ever wash your socks? -Hi.
-Welcome back, bro! -Hi there.
-Look who’s here! Listen, we thought you’d be babysitting
your cripple up until the semi-finals. -She’s not a cripple.
-Okay. So she got up on her feet then?
Did she at least thank you? Like, service for service? -Screw you.
-Come on, Sasha, tell the guys. -Come on, tell.
-Nothing happened, come on. You sucker! Well, give me her number. I’ll take her to the park, take her for a ride on my scooter. -I’ll help you!
-Okay, shut your mouths! What’s wrong? Do you regret it? Don’t worry. Shatalina will find
more damaged goods for you. Guys! He got smashed
by the wheels of love!Puck! Puck! Puck!-Where is Gorin?
-Come on, come on, come on! You’re being indulgent, Nadya. You are. -You’re good as new. Come on!
-Hi. Sasha, what happened to you? -I’m okay.
-Well, hello, panda. -Why am I a panda?
-I’m making the decisions here. If I say you’re a panda,
it means you’re a panda. We have three spots
in the exhibition, right? Maybe we’ll pull off something.
Show me your extension. Do a split. -I won’t.
-What do you mean, you won’t? Do a split, I said! -I won’t.
-I don’t get it. Are you kidding me? -Why did you come here then?
-Why are you yelling? You do a split! You’re only good at yelling. Well? Irina Sergeyevna, I… I’m, like, a hockey player. I know where the ice is and what
to do with it. These extensions… Look, I came here. Maybe you’re right. I don’t get it.Now, with their exhibition performance,please welcome Nadezhda Lapshinaand Alexander Gorin from Irkutsk.Grace incarnate. He could have
at least straightened his back. Dear Lord, give me patience. Excuse me. Pardon. Thank you. -Hi.
-Hi. -Is this actually…
-Seva. Don’t say anything right now. Okay. What bull… We danced to this…Thanks, guys, for this fun performance.
Nadezhda Lapshina and Alexander Gorin
-from Irkutsk.
-Did they like it for real? For sure. You’re special. You’re a natural-born figure skater. -Really?
-Really. Oh, fu… Holy cow. The stars came down
to see the mere mortals. I wonder why. -I need to talk to you.
-He’s a good boy.Needs work. We lost a lot of time.
We need to go for the Cup. It’s time to come back, Nadya. We both understand
why she’s doing it, right? Out of gratitude. But, unfortunately,
it has nothing to do with sports.You have to make up your mind.Are you an athlete who fights till
the end, or are you like everyone else? What are you thinking? I’m debating. Should I smash
you in the mouth now or later? It’s your entire life’s cause.
You’ll have to make sacrifices. You’re not a figure skater. You tried.
Good for you. But she’s a champion. She needs to go into the big leagues. Nadya, the only person
who can help you win the Cup is… Is me. So if you really care about her… I can’t make you do it. If you want to be a champion, you’ll be a champion. I want to be happy. And it only works when I’m with him. -I made my decision.
-Really? Now.I’m sitting and looking
At a strange sky
Out of a stranger’s windowAnd I don’t see a single familiar starI have walked all the roads
Here and there
I turned around
And was unable to see my footprints
But if you have a pack of cigarettes
In your pocket
It means things are not so bad for todayAnd a ticket for the plane
With a silvery wing
That leaves only its shadow
On the ground as it takes off
And no one wanted to be guilty
Without wine
And no one wanted to scoop
Hot coals with their hands
And without music in public
Death is not beautiful
And without music
One does not want to disappear
But if you have a pack of cigarettes
In your pocket
It means things are not so bad for todayAnd a ticket for the plane
With a silvery wing
That leaves only its shadow
On the ground as it takes off
NADYA LAPSHINA Do you have a smoke? That sucks. Come on, it’s going to be all right.
Trust me. I know. You want a drink? I don’t drink. I’m an athlete.Nadya.Nadya.Nadya, open up. It’s me. -Gorin.
-Nadya. -Why are you yelling?
-Hi, there. My God, Sasha. I’ve been calling you all night,
533 times. Did you think I was dead? I thought all sorts of things. So, what, didn’t you get through to me? -I wasn’t answering?
-Idiot. Listen, do you have gum?
My breath stinks. -What, are you drunk?
-No. It’s the first time I see you like this. Why? Were you celebrating? Why did you celebrate without me? We’re going to have
a serious conversation now. -Well, if it’s serious…
-Yes. I’ve been walking around
and thinking a lot. I was remembering things,
the hill, everything that happened. It was, like, good. It was sort of fun when you were sitting there
alone on the ice and… Back then, you were sitting there.
You were frozen, like you were inTitanic.I thought then, “Damn,
what strength of character!” Nobody cares, and… You’re sort of lonely, alone,
and so am I. Turns out, I’m alone. And I said you would get up, and you got up. And I could see that you kind of… You sort of fell in… You fell for me, let’s say. And me, I… I just… I just pitied you. I did it out of pity. Like that… -Did something happen to you?
-No. Nothing happened to me. -Go get some sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow.
-No, no, no. The Ringed Seals
are waiting for me at home. BaykPromMash is the champion! I don’t owe anything to you.
You can stand now, after all. You stand on your feet. You skate…
You’re doing just fine. Let me go. And don’t hold me, please. I’m not holding you. The good luck charm. Take your charm. This is Alyoshka. It’s for you. I shot it while hunting. As far as I know, the doctors assured us
that Nadezhda wouldn’t recover in full. I’ll answer. Excuse me.
You know, a miracle happened. You can’t call it anything else
but a miracle. -One more question.
-Please. Rumour was that Vladimir and Nadezhda were going to get married
before her injury. Change of plans? My dear, you cannot trust rumours. Rumour has it they milk hens in Moscow
and bake pies with eyes in Ryazan. Enough. Stop it. I’m a figure skater. I don’t have anything else,
and I never had. You can think
whatever you like about me. I’m going for the gold. And the key thing is that
we’re going for the gold together, and the key thing is that… I also want to announce
that we are replacing our coach. We’ll be working
with Irina Shatalina from now on. Thank you. Wait. It’s wrong.
We have to do something about her. It’s not your concern any more. Wait. You’re abandoning me for her sake? I’ve had it up to here
with the both of you! It’s just that
I won’t get the medal without her. But without you…
Now get your hand off me. Nadya,what on earth did you say on TV?That’s right.
You and I are going for the Cup. Nadya. -Are you all right?
-Never better. I’m in perfect form. It’s what you
wanted, Irina Sergeyevna, right? THE ICE CUPToday, here at the Ice Palace, the
athletes will perform short programs,
and in a few days, we’ll find out what
they prepared for the voluntaries.
It’s interesting that our pair,Lapshina and Leonov,
registered at the last minute.
And it is, for now, unclear whetherthe athletes were able
to duly prepare for the competition.
Anyway, this is Leonov’s last chance
to win the long-awaited Ice Cup,
so let’s wish them luck.Attention! Our athletes
enter the ice rink.
Nadezhda Lapshina
and Vladimir Leonov from Russia.
Of all the athletes,
they surely deserve the gold.
In spite of a most grievous injury,
Nadezhda Lapshina
found it in herself to come back.And not just to come back,
but to compete
for one of the most valuable
sports awards, the Ice Cup,
although, only a month ago, just
her walking seemed like a miracle.
Yes. Everything is great so far.
These guys are in excellent form.
Great jump throw!Say what you will, but Nadya
and Volodya are one
of the most gorgeous pairs
at this championship. A great duo!
They look so good together!Viewers in the stands can see it all.
What a disappointment, friends!
I don’t even want to think what Nadezhda
and Vladimir are feeling right now.
It’s very painful.It’s obvious that their score will not
be the one we were counting on.
Of course, there is hope.Volodya and Nadya…There’s still a chancethat Nadya won’t be able to skate
at all, unless the physicians
allow her to perform.Stop! Stop! Listen, I need to get to the airport. Once again, I say no.
In her condition, it’s impossible. She only got worse since last night. What are the options? -Painkillers? Blockade?
-You know it yourself. -You need to forfeit.
-I know. Explain it to her. You see, the problem is not the back
or the joints. It’s the head. It’s purely psychosomatic.
You’re not ready to perform. We must perform. What for? Use your head, think. We won’t do a single element.
You’ll shame us all! I must perform. Nadya, do you understand that any fall
will put you back into the wheelchair? -It doesn’t matter.
-I won’t take responsibility for that. -I’ll sign what it takes.
-How will you perform? How? -On my arms, if I have to.
-Why are you keeping quiet? Say something! Look, I’m not going
to shame myself for the second time. The problem is in her head, not mine.
You understand? I was the one who found her! I made her!
And she ruined everything! Who was she before me? A nobody!
A nullity! She was nothing! Shut your yap.The problem is in her head, not mine.
You understand?
If you want to be a champion,you’ll be a champion.You’ll have to make sacrifices.I said you would get up, and you got up.And don’t hold me, please.Please welcome to the rink
Nadezhda Lapshina
and Vladimir Leonov
of the Russian Federation.
Present your accreditation, please. Accreditation? You know what, my star… Excuse me. This is an exit to the arena
for athletes only. -I can’t let you through.
-I have an athlete on the ice right now, and he… I mean, she is all alone.We’re waiting for our pair.
We’re waiting impatiently.
Hopefully, the delay is not caused
by old injuries coming back.
Nadya? Where is Nadya? You give her this good luck charm.
She won’t be falling then. Where is Nadya?…she could recover when many
did not believe that she could.
My God, how can this be?A few more minutes, and our pair will be
disqualified because of a no-show.
Why is she there?
Why are you sitting here? Is something the matter?
Did you eat something bad? Is it your stomach? Do you hear me? Go out there
and jump your axel-shmaxels! Do you hear me, pal? I’m here!
Look at me! Go on the ice! She’s there!
Why are you here, but she’s there? What’s your name? Sasha? -Sasha.
-Get lost, Sasha. What do you mean, “get lost”?
Go there! She’s there! -You’re wasting time!
-What do you want from me? Leave me alone, all of you! You hear me, figure skater?
Take off your tights. Gorin? Why are you standing there
like a monument to the great coach? It’s too early for that! I don’t give a fig about what happened.
We have to rescue Nadya! And if you try to stop me,
you’ll be sorry. Is that clear, Irina Sergeyevna? Follow me, my star.And here, finally… No, wait a second!Get up. Russians never surrender.I can’t really see from here,
but it’s not Leonov. That’s for sure.
Call security, please. Sasha… Who did you expect, Masha?
Sasha, Sasha… Don’t cry.-Get off the ice immediately!
-I’m sorry. -What are you doing here?
-We’ll skate. The voluntary. Pull yourself together. This is my… This is part of the performance. Sorry. Can you play their music now? Music, please? Start music! -Come on, play along! Come on!
-Did you come out of pity again? What pity?Please leave the ice.You need to be rescued.
Look, I’m all dressed up. See? Why are you standing here,
Nadya? Come on! -It’s awkward. People are watching!
-Are you drunk again? Why are you saying I’m drunk? Talk about jumping to conclusions.
I’m not drunk. Why did you come here? What do you mean, why I came here? Why did you come? So that you could get
a medal around your neck. -It’s what you wanted, right?
-Sasha, why did you come? Can you tell me? Why did you come? -Tell me, why did you come?
-Because you can’t go on without me! And… And it looks like
I can’t go on without you, either. Yeah, something like that.Lapshina and Leonov duo,
please leave the ice.
Let’s skate then. How?-Please leave the ice.
-There’s no music. There isn’t. Do you understand you’re
acting in breach of all regulations? -What did he say?
-That you broke the regulations. Okay, we’ll file an official complaint
with the ISU, but the counsel will raise the question of your expulsion
from the Union, all right? -What did he say?
-That he’ll file a complaint. My star, you can go as far
as the UN with complaints, but please play
some music for them, okay? Please… From my heart. Can we get this woman out?
She’s out of control, totally.Lapshina-Leonov pair, you’re being
disqualified. Please leave the ice rink.
Once he…-Are you nuts?
-Wait.Said-Quiet! Be quiet!
-Margo, wait.That your flightIs just a dream-Come on, get up.
-God.And you didn’tWhat song are we singing?Go on flyingYou became like him.You became like himAnd to walkOn the EarthYou learned like a childBut you still couldn’tForgetThose transparent heightsAnd to fly around the wide world
Becoming one with the wind
To fly somewhere far awayAnd not to think about landing
But to learn freedom from the birds
Leaving all regrets behindAnd to fly around the wide world
Becoming one with the wind
To fly somewhere far awayAnd not to think about landing
But to learn freedom from the birds
Leaving all regrets behindOnce youGot used to itAnd almost stopped flyingBut only somebody’sScreamSuddenly called you to flyAnd youLooked upUp high where the voices floatPeople up thereIn the skiesAre calling you to join themTo fly somewhere far awayLeaving all regrets behindAnd to fly around the wide world
Becoming one with the wind
To fly somewhere far awayAnd not to think about landing
But to learn freedom from the birds
Leaving all regrets behindNadya! Nadya! Nadya! BaykPromMash is the champion!
Guys, cheers! It was awesome! It’s understandable, but do you realise you’ve just disrupted
a very important performance? What do you mean, disrupted?
The whole stadium was going crazy. Did you ever see
anything like this, pal? Something like this has never happened and will never happen again!
Lapshina is the best! Excuse me! Just a second. Do you realise
you’ve been disqualified? What’s the plan? What’s next? Do you
plan to come back into the big leagues? I’m not going anywhere.
I’ve got it all ahead of me. We’ve got it all ahead of us,
if my partner agrees. ICE Translated by Anastasia Stratu

Ice. Russian movies Turkish, English subtiles.

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