We are at La Hôtel Valcartier or the Valcartier Hotel it is a vacation village just outside Quebec City and it’s pretty spectacular The hotel has just recently been open so, all new rooms all new everything and it adjoins Restaurants Boutiques an indoor water park with tons of slides that makes you feel like you’re in paradise and an outdoor waterpark in the summer that also turns into a winter wonderland in the winter and that’s why we’re here We’re here for the Ice Hotel which for the first time this year takes place on the property it also has slides and ice and skating so we’re really excited to check out and explore it and see what there is in this vacation village (music playing) This is an example of the extra room you get when you stay at the Ice Hotel it’s a place where you can keep your stuff keep warm spend sometime before or after before you’re actually in the Ice Hotel take a shower and if you can’t cut it in the ice hotel room you can come back here when you first walk in you have your living room there’s a couch where you can relax watch some t.v enjoy some hot chocolate or coffee from their one cup coffee maker and just relax after you’ve been outside all day or in the water park and prepare for the Ice Hotel through here you have the washroom which is an essential if you want to heat up in the shower and not go to the hot tubs or the sauna it’s very spacious and it’s got everything you need lots of towels, bath robes everything to keep you warm before and after and then there’s the bedroom which is where you shouldn’t be sleeping but if you need to it’s right here waiting for you huge bed comfortable comfy warm sheets won’t be the sleeping bag experience that you get in the Ice Hotel room but.. it’s still pretty good so this is just part of the fun here as you can hear they’re having so much fun out there on the slide there’s tubing there’s a slide that has an 85 degree drop Nuts! Also the lazy river from the summer waterpark turns into a skating trail in the winter which is phenomenal and that’s just part of it because there’s also the ice hotel (music playing) Now this is the Ice Hotel it took 55 days to build it’s open for 75 days of the year and at the end of it all 5 hours and it’s demolished there are 40 rooms 3 bars saunas hot tubs a slide a chapel and so much ice sculptures ice carvings it’s it’s fascinating

Ice Hotel in Quebec: Tour Of The Hôtel De Glace

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