[Applause] well on yellow so Philippine espero quadruple in value modular rosa eyes ksama for me on an ice hockey team non filipinas they are going to teach me how to work out on and off the ice sir debut Nang sport 'no ice hockey's a Southeast Asian Games a Malaysian in 2017 na commitment Philippine team and gildo Metabo state-owned mapa and mighty Thai squad Supino's it's such a great experience for you couldn't actually expect given you feeling nothing after the games like the whole team was crying guys my own popularity dominancy games Susumu cannot Pilipinas number depends on on corona labonza a teen manga karate Kwanza ya know carla guy young physical fitness at conditioning to be a good ice hockey player young be not prioritize the boys : Corey workout we're at William balance before moving out balance put my push before we start going on the ice we do a little warm-up usually warm up our lower body a lot because we will be doing a lot of skating safety first diabolical beginners important thing is open my gears we're gonna do today is that we're gonna work on some skating some fundamental basics that's what we call in the hockey stance yes no yeah because we really concerned that Isis a slippery surface you have to make sure everything is activated our torso has bent over because they always want to have maintained that forward momentum because once you go back that's where you lose balance and that's where you see people falling backwards next doing that that is from scheme day we're gonna move over to stick handling it about the book this is our forehand then concave that was next will be our backhand this is one to dribble the park will be the move over from her forehand to work backhanded so if it's coming from the right all the way to the left so vaidamins last in Chicago with the next lesson we're gonna learn about passing first of all before you pass make sure you have the office yes if you pass hard we might fall down there's actually two types of pass for the basics just before this backpack Bryn you use the back hand of the lid you just push it [Applause] [Applause] ice hockey final issue and parcel of nun gold because that's what matters how many goals you score correct so we have about four or five types of shots and snap short you control the book here then you kind of push it forward creating this much space then that's when you apply the shot so this is called the wrist shot so your wrist shot so for the snap shot you're standing straight toward the net for the wrist shot no man you're on your side so it's kind of like God [Applause] for the next shot is Batman so opposite [Applause] the most powerful spot in ice hockey snapshot so people actually do is they cooperate the snapshot and make it the one-timer so it's actually coming from up another players the book sign for another player and he's gonna pass it you

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