Hey guys this game over. We’re all just forces bro. And today. We’re doing that ice cream Diamond So with this bowl. We’re gonna pick what kind of base. We’re gonna have for ice cream And we get to put ice cream in it and we have three items of our choice. We got salted caramel chocolate and birthday..yay!! yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! And guys by the way finish tricks and the two of them fidget spears, so we decided to do a giveaway I made it in a way, and you get one of these visitors You’re gonna have to subscribe share the video comment, which one you want number one or number two, so this one is number one Let’s open it and show you guys so in terms of our awesome such a trick sticker Yeah, and it comes with the most important so comes with a basic that and purchase spindle oh So cool This is how it spins a cool design submission callum lumpkin this is a good quality for just bennett moving on to number two Number two is awesome as well because it comes with nuggets tacair, okay? So this is how it looks it’s mo it has bold touches on it And it’s also a very high quality finish minute so if you like all these definitely want this one So guys remember what to do if you want one of these also pretty stickers? Or get a chance you have to subscribe call a west register. You want number one or number two? Share the video on Facebook So you actually share wherever you want it? Alright moving on to my for the trans we convert We’re gonna have to find out rock paper scissors all right rock baby cuz it’s you It’s Gonna be your base sandwiches, it’s worse well, maybe it’s the yellow one – It’s beautiful mmm, notice – all right, so we’re Gonna get oh kissing me I never Went to the One that you crazier than do all right for you and one for you You can just all over my fingers literally touch my shame on it encases auto scream Sandwich. Oh Yeah, my why are you putting on? Don’t pick hair. I want to put it on right It’s like our number one favorite ice cream over the chocolate. Oh, you got your I feel super coming in Alright. I’ll be like no time to piece up Wow, pick it up Open it on the wreath floor naked Okay, so this second one is queenie Race now it’s time. I decide to Do my God I’m so excited. Oh Hmm. Oh I’m so good. I love it Hmm and show you yami, cuz I definitely recommend this language is so good delicious. Huh? Yes, Terry yummy Mm So would go don’t miss I think David is definitely above Moving on to the next one okay, so now it’s my turn to choose the base all right? Oh I always enjoy left to take oreo with crackers what? number one Sonya Tennis, okay oh, oh regular old crappy, I’m a very tiny ice cream said with Okay Now what I see are gonna like vanilla this time yeah, I mean in our door Chocolate it will usually be double around With our launch all I’m going to say chocolate for for you If there’s any oreo by better is so we need a tiny are tiny tiny. I’ll put this on t a person stupid ice cream There we go all right yes, so little ice cream. No a smile. It’s like a proper I c-can’t anguish and it isn’t proper. This is proper vegan Ice cubes and when pieces okay, so now let’s Try 3 0 1 and Crocker’s an ice-cream So good right anuradha hello. I know I start toppling crackers – Vanilla and you grab your that’s no good you guys definitely to try it I definitely recommend it thumbs up for this one. You can run the mixer now. It’s my turn to pick backtrack Alright Coming years. Oh yeah Good. I hope it’s good. Okay, okay, okay? he Remembers, it said I tried, then right here, okay? Yeah Looks like it Oh, oh, oh, I don’t like to choose Yeah, I like these but not swiss cheese alright. I’m gonna make this real good with adding salt and caramel icing Italy cap name again Alright. I hope this will taste amazing Okay, oh my God. It’s like nothing would’ve sangwich oh my God. He is pains with that’s what it is I’m trying my smelting Is it good? Hmm. Oh it what I was wrong. Oh Geez ice cream sandwich thumbs down. I love you so much, but with ice cream alright Alright Yeah, I hope my movie open must be good in the speaker I want #2 fijet spiner The Mega ball oh my God There are you? I’m Definitely picking chocolate for this aside. Why would anyone else been on chocolate. I’m getting chocolate. Oh We’re gonna see very soul mate. All right really one vanilla. Yeah, when you Put your ice cream on before my chest, but next Anime, oh, okay? I shoot oh my God. Oh Yeah, three two one oh, I can’t buy into it Cool. Oh my God this is my person Guys, we better try it right now is so good Pause the video Which fruits : Gold Edition yeah, I live in you Actually the best all right the bad your next one Okay, guys is my friend Epic Chakra. Can you pick this one? 11:7 yep all of the bad rattles oh my oh My God to have some omega You will so what? bagels and ice cream are going to taste so good I can feel it in my Ever I’m here trying to switch chocolate ice cream. I don’t know what to go Chocolate would be a good choice But you need a little business to move up. Yeah, you need a little bit I was going to fall right off the bagel like that little yes, although. That’s make a little that’s good Okay, you see it kind of burn time just a little bit you know matter. Oh, yeah Did you sell this as too important? Alright oh My ankle I definitely recommend this because it’s so good I cry to the side getting a thumbs down if I need your bow Moving on to the next one No, I want to know the future is always Students, I said I have no yet number seven all right. Let’s see if I’m right Okay, what is that? What is it? What is it? What is it? storage Injury oh do do manager All right, we gotta drop across Best class ever this will be more like the ice cream. We’re talking I’m no idea but okay. I’m going to choose vanilla buddy. I’m going to choose none Should I just don’t think we have to go for a what one? I’m gonna. Go rarely lice cream our office You literally gonna plop off let me go from Period Ice cream a he correct. This is definitely not enough ice cream. Let me get some more all right for you oh Mondo quickly my ice cream is melting off my feet. Oh nice. He does it all Alright alright three two one LlL never get all enrolled, it’s okay. I wouldn’t eat it You’ll get diabetes This is the retos of ice cream Not doing good. They both have like same case pregnant yeah And oh my gosh, all right next minute All right, Korea. I wonder what kind of crust. I’m gonna hear How am I going to be a widow for number five? It’s behind us the blue one okay. It’s buying everything wrong And I know Macy’s allah I love you really leave my friend baptisteries at school, and they just feed it all off and they go I just need a nice Wow This is Messy good. Well see what horrible houses Google I I gotta go caramel make everything better. I don’t know how it tastes like in the first place let me try it Is it good or bad? Wow Crowd, ohh quickly my ice cream is melting literally It’s not that I’m gonna come on now all right damn ego. Oh 51 you know It’s high five Sniffing. God it is a little yeah, just two screws dice him is good, but see we It just makes me well But sounds for see you ate an ice cream Sandwich don’t like it Livan see the next one now smashes big cruel Number seven is our lucky number is going to be oreos. I have a feeling it will change Because some people you see two packages big yeah Waffles number zero I remember said whoa-oh number ten you just do not feel one Won’t blow when I say It is delicious because I’m adding vanilla, okay? I Did hear a moment there talking to a dark chocolate ice cream? Oh, ma. I percent which can very often compete and alright great through one Oh, God, no, I’m so good favorite breakfast pudding favorite dessert equals dear That’s why is definitely up on top waffle ice cream sandwich Hey Next one, it’s my turn to pick up rocks outside it for anyone It’s about where my lucky numbers three two or seven At least we don’t get diabetes It was Ronald you got it all no All right, I’m gonna do salted kim. Oh, no. I’m gonna do chocolate Here I know it’s near desert space boys alright three two one oh Jackie wasn’t too bad. Well, I wonder Amazing you like me wanted too bad at all ice cream was honest. I get it’s not amazing but good It’s pretty good. I guess I would eat it with I have to Johanna Tyson Sandwich isn’t plunge Alright no the next one. Oh, can you please grab it? Oh my God, we only ask me, but hi, I’m back Please be like I want Stefan through the last seven list not pringle bring friend Alright, here’s some pringles for you my dear friend, and here’s some pringles for me alright Do chocolate I’m Gonna do Alright your chocolate okay cooper out alright three two one Mmm. Just because a guy’s good. I don’t know what Flavor dissing your things but over my mom’s womb Alright now now. I keep it, but I Wouldn’t eat it. No more. I wouldn’t I love it. You love that. I don’t like it I give it a big old thumbs up, and I use a big new bum Step on This is all right. Good. We all get an actual Alright, we only got two and seven go go go Please not. Oh you are on take the other one, okay? seven or two three three seven seven seven seven seven seven seven eggs That’s not very lucky big Ears on you got some egg no like you can you can make it like this you go with the ice cream and a little Hole there, you Gonna make it Cuz they’re yoga and I I don’t I don’t have anything. I’m Gonna add chocolate oh I’m Gonna add vanilla. This is Gonna be so disgusting but I know right? What’s that one’s gonna be amazing like awesome oreos there we go Nice Games, obviously Gonna be a oh Guys this is that gonna like 100% a thumbs down yep. I’m molly on set I’m not gonna hear no never tried it at all. It’s horrible. You won’t like you have egg breath and you’ll soon Probably go scoop gross okay moving on to the next one the final round here at all Is this table is Messy and long slumber, but here we go? We don’t even need a card. It’s number two. Oh, I’m not too surprised it has to be surprised. Oh Point is okay. Look inside the bag three two one Single with audiences doesn’t matter I want amenities, and I can get what are you gonna get to? Catch my orange. Oh, oh my God. II just open why so finn has an oriental teeth No, I stickers. Oh well, all right We’re Gonna add some chocolate icing We go tofu chocolate doughnut all Righty three two one boom of the bath top top done the dog run before That is worse and then let the strangers over bro It’s definitely like heaven try it right now. That’s the best one We had from all the languages and make one was worse. Yes, Mario is an ice-cream system Dead eye disease diabetes oh oh yeah, why okay guys tell us in the comment section down below which one you think It’s definitely or me if you like And don’t forget about the giveaway

Ice-Cream Sandwich Challenge!!!!
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