Hello guys, it’s summer and everybody loves
ice cream. Today I’m gonna show you the best ice cream
in Bratislava, so come with me! Our first stop is Luculus on Hviezdoslav Square,
but you have to wait a few minutes, but it’s definitely worth it and let’s go taste it. My favourite one is “čučoriedka”, it
means like ‘blueberry’ and you should try to say it like “ču-čo-rie-dka,” because
it’s a bit hard. And the second one is chocolate, a really
sweet, Sacher, from our Austrian friends. It’s really great, because the fruits taste
like real fruits and the sweet one, it’s just chocolate, everybody loves chocolate. On the other side, you can find our next stop
and it’s Ice Cream ‘Koun’, it’s next to the one of the oldest hotels in Bratislava,
Carlton. I have a chocolate one, but it’s vegan chocolate,
and this one is yellow melon – and it’s really fresh, it’s great! No, this ice cream is like a little heaven
on Earth. Our last stop today is Arthur Ice Cream and
it’s a neighbour of “Čumil.” And you should definitely find it because
of this huge line. Hello! Can I have this black cone with a lemon? My belly is full of an amazing ice cream. But I can’t choose my personal best, so you
should definitely come and choose your favourite ice cream here. We have lots of other great ice cream shops
in Bratislava. Thank you for watching and for more travel
tips you can check the description down below. And I hope you will come to visit Bratislava
as your next trip. Bye!

Ice Cream in Bratislava | Experience Bratislava with Barbora
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One thought on “Ice Cream in Bratislava | Experience Bratislava with Barbora

  • February 20, 2019 at 10:42 pm

    reklama pre súkromné podniky za štátne peniaze, čo je ešte možné v tejto malej Bratislave?


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