Hey guys! It’s Karina. It’s Ronald. And we are from sis vs bro And today we’re doing the ice cream test challenge. Which means we’re going to be testing these 1b (jk) 13 ice creams blindfolded. And try to guess their right name. I’m gonna feed Karina, Karina’s gonna feed me. Who is going first? Me! Me! Fine, rock paper scissors. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. (whining) (karina won) And if you haven’t noticed, Ronald looks amazing with his new glasses and haircut. (chime) What do you think? Let us know in the comment section down belowooooooooooo I’m going to put my blindfold on and Ronald is going to choose one ice cream. Mmm mmh! I cannot wait! Hmm. Which one should I pick? The best one. [Laughing] Ok, this one. Karina? Do you like popcorn? Yes. I hope you do. Where are you? Open your mouth! Shuts. Which one? Is it cappuccino? Yes! How do you know?! It has a coffee taste! WOO! I knew drinking coffee at this age would help! I didn’t know cappuccino was coffee! Ughhhhh! You’re a professional at coffee. Ok, so I’m going to pick…. This one. Ok I’m ready. I’m ready Stop touching me. It’s me, it’s my head. Welcome to my head. Okay, Ronald, open your mouth. Close. Cappuccino no It’s mocha. What what what?! Mocha. ‘Cause this one Mocha? I choose that. Just for you. Okay Karina, it’s your turn.. Okay, I’m ready! Which one should I pick..? Chocolate! [Laugh] hmmmmm… Don’t look! I’m not Aummmmmm! this one.. mmmm! this one is the one I pick It looks so tasty.. I many gave you taste side Okay I gave you opposites [Laugh] Hey! Heyyaaa.. There’s a tasty side I think there’s ice cream on my shoulder. No.. I felt something there.. Open mouth
Wide! [Laugh] Close! Okay.. mmmm! Wha is… I know what is this Berry Swirl Some WHAAAAT’S ?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME NOW?! I know my Ice Creams! Your turn Ronald! Put your blind fold on… Okay.. Blind on All right.. I’m gonna.. Okay this one. GINGER COOKIE may I open? NO Tell me when it’s perfect timing.. Now.. All right? mmmmm! What? I KNOW IT! What? Nickie Coconut? NO. Huh?! MMM! It’s a.. Ammm. Ginger Cockie Oh! I taste that ginger now.. Are you kidding me? YES! I mean NO, I’m not kidding [Laugh] HAAAAAAAAA All right! My turnnnnnnn! [Clapping] [Laugh] I pick This one.. CHOCOLATE Which one? It’s some kind the one [Giggle] All right! I’m excited! hmmmmmmmmm! Oh! AH! AH! okay, I guess I’ll do this one.. [Giggle] What? Did it fell? Open wide! take a bites and then take the rest… Suck the end of the spoon. [Giggle and laugh] This is weird! [Laughter] Okay! Take this! Ah! Ew! Okay, I’ve had enough of this lady. [Laughter] It so taste of Vanilla? Nope. Its chocolate. Eat the rest How? How can I not guess chocolate? RON! PUT YOUR BLIND FOLD ON! CAUSE IT’S YOUR TURN! You be got feed and luck baby! [Laugh] All right.. All right.. I’m gonna pick hmmmmmmm… hmmmmmmm… Ow! This one This.. When it’s a perfect time to open my mouth.. its getting scooped up Aw! nnnnnnn What’s the name of it? I forgot. Guess now.. Ow yeah! Cherry.. Opps! [Laughter] Yes! Yehey! YEEEEEEEEEEESSSS Ops! Okay, anyway I gonna give it to you.. [Laugh] Is it cherry? mmmmmm Is it? It is all good! Cherry? Is it cherry? It’s Cherry Swirl matter… Okay, Which one should I pick? One you are now forget it.. Minted Galactica mmmm Ow! don’t you wanna guess! [clap] owww it taste like.. Toothpaste yeah I know.. It’s mint! Mint what? Mint something it doesn’t matter. It’s mint! Mint’s what? Minted Galactica [Giggle and laugh] Ow.. Okay? I kind of I will never guess that? All right Ronald, your turn! Blahhh! Okay now Ice cream just start… All right.. I.. WILL PICK Which one.. which one do you want? pick one which one do you want? Pick one WHICH ONE DO YOU WANT! This one.. Which one? None one.. [Giggle and laugh] None what? mmmmmmmm Woooaah! this one look so good.. NOOOO! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Open your mouth! AHHHH Chocolate. Dark Chocolate NO! It’s Chocolate Banana! NO! HAHAHA! HAAA! Banana! WHY?! Ew! It’s gross! I know, I don’t like banana’s.. Ewww! All right! My turn! hmmmmm this one.. It say what it’s called? Amm.. It’s called chocolate Pure chocolate.. [Laugh] This one looks slimy It’s called slimy Just so.. You know? [Grinned] Open! Close. Open. [Giggle] Go out.. [Laughter] Oh my goodness! I know it! What? I know half the name thought.. what? It’s coconut.. Something… Coconut.. No. There’s something before it. WHICH COCONUT SOME No! Coconut Coconut The BLUE one! The one what’s BLUE! It was on this side! Right here.. Name? Name? I don’t hear the name! Coconut! [Laughter] Naked Coconut! You just [Laugh] I had no choice! Okay! Next one! Is coming out! Berry’s one… All right! Yehey… those… Is… Going.. To beeeeeeeeeeeeeee This one… Which one? I doubt you, I like it. Oh! no! I KNOW!! You figure it out! But I pass [Grinned] Oh my goodness.. The colors is amazing Ronald. Are you giving me one of your favorite one’s? No. [Laugh] WHAT IS THIS? [Laugh] Which chocolate? Chocolate Orange? No. It’s Its Orange Pineapple Ow. But I don’t Orange in list?! Nope That’s not gonna do. All right. My turn! Hmmmmmm I’m gonna give you miserable one.. No! You’re not gonna get this one. Maybe you gonna like this one maybe not.. Burp! Ah! Open? Well. [Laughter] Stop. [Laugh] Open? Close. Okay. Oww! [Laughter] Awww. You stab me , with Ice cream. [Laugh] Open? Close. Open. [Laughter] Cherry What’s? Just Cherry! The red one! All right Ronald. It’s your turn! I’m scared YOU! WILL HAVE Your fav! Huh?! my favorite! I’m ready! Oh, you good doing worst! Hello No! Put it that, put it that All right. Put it down.. No. I’m gonna give Ronald this one. No! Here. [Laugh] Open your mouth. [Laugh] Close. Open! Close. NO! [laugh] Okay fine, okay open? close. [Laughter] open. close okay fine. I just give you this time. close. mmmm. what Salted Caramel I knew you gonna get that one right. you can never go wrong with your favorite except me ’cause I got wrong with my favorite favor My turn Okay.. I pick! This gross one which gross one I love them that gross [Laugh] So you know which one.. [Laugh] Open. close. [Laugh] Okay fine! open. close. [Laugh] Oh wait, close. Some on the side of your cheek [Laugh] you just grab it. yeah?! which one what is the called lately am.. oh men.. DARK CHOCOLATE! mmmmm.. maybe [Laugh] It’s Dark chocolate! yey! FINE! Dark Chocolate! eh eh eh ate! EHHHHHHH It is your turn! And I will give you this one.. which one? All time favorite’s Which one? Chocolate Oh, no, no, thank you AHHHH! close. [Laughter] open. AHH! close. mmmm hmmmm [thinking] [clapping] Vanilla! Your right. You can never go wrong vanilla Okay. Open. Close. hmmmmmmm what is it? [clapping] Ginger Cookie NOOOO! Ginger I already lost just stop the shout. Ginger cookieeeeee!! Last taste test for Ronaldddddddddd! I hope you like it! Objeccctttttt! O.. M.. Abject I…. will give you…. when you we’re ready Oh I’m kidding. I…. Will give you this! One.. I picked this one if you have it.. Open it. Close. mmmm mmmm Aum.. It was.. Salted Caramel? No. It was this one [ pointing the Ice cream] Oh yeah!! I love that one… A mint! A mint! A mint’s. [while clapping] A mint’s. A mint’s. A mint’s. A mint’s. mint mint mint mintttttttttttttttt’,! Obviously I’m the winner! So now you can sing a song for me.. hmmm Mint! A mint’s. A mint’s. A mint’s. A mint’s! A mint’s! A mint’s! A mint’s! A mint’s! Mint Mintttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! put the mint on the chocolate. The one you get! Minted Choco oh oh oh oh late! mixed So guys we hope you like this video! if you did. Oh SMASH LIKE THAT BUTTON AND.. We hope you say MINT! with us.. [Laugh] Mint Mi Mint Mi Mint! Mi Mi Minnnnnnntttttt’s! So anyways! If you like the video give it a big like thumbs up! And we will see you next time good! GOOD BYEEEEEEEEEE! Subtitles By all of People who Watching This

Ice Cream Challenge!!!
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