– Race day! On our way to the rink for the 500. – Slow start today, Kristian.
– I think I made a PB on the first 100 with 12,7. – What happened? Record at standing at the start. – I noticed that there was a lot of false starts and thought I had to stand a little longer. – Then I decided to go for a good lap. Didn’t get a great lap either but I think it’s promising for the 3k. – In fact it was because I wanted to save myself for the 3k! – I really wish I could tell you that today’s race went really well. But it didn’t… – Just didn’t do as well as I hoped for. Now I think I have to get in and shave away some of my beard and get more aerodynamic. – Home again. – I’ve spent most of the day preparing to tell you guys that my skating career is over and that I quit skating. – It’s sad and hard to handle. But I’ve had a lot of struggles for several years. – I don’t feel the pleasure of skating anymore… – I’ve given it a lot of thought today and this evening. I am not quitting yet. – Crossing my fingers for a better skating adventure the next weeks! – Have to sleep now and get back to the hard work tomorrow. Good night! -It’s a comeback. I can say that I’m doing a comeback! – Comeback with Camilla Lund. We’re doing 25 x 500/500 today. – Camilla says it’s crazy. I say it’s wise. We’re not telling how fast we are doing the 500’s. – We’re scaring everybody… – Done with the training. How was it?
– Good. Lots of 500’s at long distance speed. – Yes! Finally I can be behind the camera! – I’m actually happy. Just helping Camilla because it’s slippery and icy here. – I think it was good. So now the comeback is official. I’ll take at least one more training. – At least we tried… What do you think of this? – It’s awful…
-Far from skating conditions and no point in skating. – I’m just going off the ice and do something else. Good luck! – Now it’s almost Christmas. Tomorrow when the vlog is out it’s the day before Christmas. – Ending the vlog here beside the tree. Almost Christmas spirit. Just missing some more snow… – I want to wish all of you a great Christmas. Thanks for following the vlog so far. See you next week. – Enjoy the Christmas!

I quit skating for one day | Vlog 31
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