I just feel like empty I feel like empty I just feel like there is nothing good It’s feel like Thats all I am I’m just a loser Hey Legends! It’s Sabre… It’s 12 o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep! I can’t sleep it’s because i’ve got the biggest skateboard competition that I’ve ever been in tomorrow I feel really worried! The reason why i’m so worried is because the skateboard competition is to decide whether or not i’m going to go the world championships for skateboarding in china and They, only take first place second place just isn’t gonna make it they only choose first place to qualify for the world Championships so if i get second i’m not going Anyway, i’ve just been up worrying all night but i’m not gonna get first And i’m not gonna land this is my skateboarding tricks, and i’m not, gonna win my skateboarding runs and i feel like Maybe talking to your legends might come at the i make me go to sleep Thank, you for just listening to me and listening to my problems and making sure That i’m okay? about 3:00 in the morning brooks bein up vomiting i’m just gonna say if she’s like i am my brooke Is it is it jerkins food poisoning. No, jerkins got tummy bug, where they reckon all right I better know film up see the more elections This morning i was meant to get up at 5:30 a.m.. But i’ve slept in till 6 i had Bad not last night i’ve just been so worried about because She hasn’t had many practices At this skate park and if she does a 540 and she hits a head it’s like The her chariot malformation it’s really really bad i guess it’s just really, worrying as a parent but i Know i guess you the email he said the right thing to do to, allow, her to skate should she not be skating i Just think you know, about stuff like that And how are you feeling little naazy Do a very good job as a point resistance hahaha how. Are you gonna do that cheering, oh Wow are they get a lot of that nezzie Everybody, dance dance for friends We’re just about to head to sydney for the biggest skate come it’s the qualifiers for the world Championship first place gets to go to, china so nice guys No, way thank you i have a very important job today we’re at the chin, and the poor sisters today they’re, gonna be the best Or justin’s a little bit angry In the white chocolate with the cookie pieces inside, oh it’s not that hard He’s getting, so angry man he’s gonna get the older correct wow a nice i reckon. 60% he, why an employer said he will Where, he i’m not feeling, too, well i’m feeling like i’m gonna vomit even though i haven’t even had much for breakfast, that’s how You know when i’m nervous? don’t feel very shaky i feel really twitchy i’m not feeling i Feel like i’ve just been in a horror movie you Go, great i’m very lucky that, sookie’s doing the competition with, me and that we’re Gonna, be able to help, each other when we’re both feeling really nervous Aren’t we lucky? The antigens i think it’s time to get ready let’s do I had it all figured out actually Every mikado He’s feeling, nervous, what because she forgot utt nervous All right ladies we’ll walk into the contest now it doesn’t make, we win or, we lose it just magically support, each other yeah Hi, guys! Okay, legend the girls have, gone in the competitors area to me this is not that fun it’s like sabre and saki are very nervous and i’m nervous Fine why are, we doing this I’m gonna, make you legends Hello, and welcome skate, fans we’re? Gonna qualify a couple skaters to go to, china, later this year run, from, men run, from women’s Super side to watch say birds Stocki north Then exactly on 11. You go saki norris is the youngest of the norris clan, that’s competing today Norris, crew is from up and newcastle what do you know about catch me knuckles yeah watch the video it’s got a it’s got like a million views on youtube yeah there’s a lot of coffee i think How important is it fair to stay on this hold on yeah i think i think that’s? Super important this is what you do not want to be a judge Hey, jerri chips i said here you go i don’t, want and i’m gonna land anything boyan Table other way one run i feel, sorry for my, patients all the time do you think should be sad You, lated three fine Pampers, me but i really care no i do i i’m very happy what they just announced my god The legends, don’t care, yeah, someone it’s like, oh so heba’s gonna do well steve is gonna really do Well all the legends of a mighty necklace lee, you know all like they, wouldn’t do it they all knew Your song and they all knew about you like kids and i felt like cuz I knew they’d let, everyone i’ll let. You down we’re not waiting you didn’t let, anyone can, say say You, let anyone down You, put too much pressure on yourself but I can’t go back and i can’t win like it no that’s okay at the end of the day it’s just skype audio me some shades if you got this, year yeah, you’re, still very young, i wish i felt like No, punk-ass a everyone if i just want you to go out there and do your best i can Do my best i didn’t i practiced a lot so many times i didn’t let him i feel, like a failure Shouldn’t have a chance if this is the world championship stones it is this a world shit just Like, sorry i’m so bad Even like eating, way make Me happy now like so he tried so hard to make me feel good and he gave me cuddles and everything i let’s feed And now i’m making a cry Awesome she care sake, do you, can’t you, say tomato rug guys can delete up it’s like, she Did decently i’ll be like yeah i did see right but she tried so hard i made up Okay, it doesn’t matter it really does i used to only thing, is that i kind of feel like? And it’s not empty I feel, like md i just look, there’s nothing good Just feel like You know that’s all i am? Doing it your, highness i’m just the louisa i’ll let the legend sail, away so pitted and i let me get down but now I’ll let everyone watching down Start any boy And it’s enough better than more skateboarding is this? All the business now, now that i’ve had a car needs i’ll Go, over and i need to shake everybody’s hands here Because they’ve done a good job and they deserve it and i need to not yes Think, about, me me me i need, to be a good loser Okay, lakers were gang a become we’re Going to the presentation if that’s my job now just to go over and beg words for this cheering Congratulate all the other girls for some reason, every time save felt no run i could just feel her pain And also every time she cried i cried they, still serve a per hour boucher’s who’ve done something to make her, not feel, like this Only, make, is he had All right i want to have all of our women are women top. Three come up to the stage our women’s Let’s hear for saber noise Anyway, congratulations everyone but i feel good for them i’m really proud of every, door the best i could, do And i say think about what you sow next don’t know, what happened a lot of these i would have thought Legends before we go on i just, want to say that there will be no more ugly cries i’m dinah Ugly, class today there might be a couple of tears in my, eyes but no more Mmm ugly, guys No, you, did beautiful prize i just go like I’d be poor at all i still can’t make sense of what happened today i’ve got i have really got any answers I’ve just got a. High feeling and empty feeling i think, which feeling hurts Me the most is that you legends always ronnie do your best and that’s all i want from you and Today i just did not do my best i didn’t i didn’t do the best i could do? Kind of struggling? And that’s all ye lickings wanted, was made to do my best and i just didn’t, do it i’m sorry Not they cried he told em you I’m sorry ladies i’m Sorry, for letting you down i feel like i did a really, bad job of representing the guys and i don’t feel like a Single like them should be proud of a syllable because i felt like a team If you, deserve oh really, sorry for not winning that Contest video edges i just feel like i let my family down I feel, like i let my mentors down and i feel like i let you guys down You know i don’t want to make you guys that i want to make you proud and i don’t want you guys to think less of me and i just You, guys, like everything to mean i want to make sure that you guys are happy But you were the best loser you congratulate everyone it’s probably then, be the best loser than the best winner Thank you disappointing, me today like it’s been so good so was i she did that sake didn’t do the best she could, do She did a really really good job and i’m really proud, sake i’m really you feel, bad because i didn’t do a Good job and then sake, feels like, she has to Make, sure i’m okay instead of enjoying her own moment and i kind of feel like i’ve ruined it for her baby, long i’m crying because i i did a, bad job Got savor i’ve got something to cheer you up one of the comments, from the legends and we’re also, going to give this legend a shout out her name is Leah, core, test. Hi leah core this Say, but don’t stress out. You never less down, go there and show Them, what you truly can, do and how Legend worthy you are and i am positive that everyone there will freak out And how amazing. You are and they will all want to catch me knuckle with you well i didn’t i Feel, like that comment but can. You up and down, making me emotional Let’s making me baby no
Dude thank you so much away a quarter thank you so much less than sports supporting us and being Here with us through happy times and really, sad times and Just listening to us when we to spill out our emotions and how We feel and thank you to all the legends, who came And watch today because i loved the one who held up a sign saying go sabre thank you

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