Wow this fresh snow is going to make it perfect for tracking rabbits boy I can't wait you what's the farm posted no trespassing that's no big deal the owner doesn't even live around here I've never seen no one on this place look those are my tracks where I've crossed a lot of times in fact it looks like someone else is using this road too she had it all falling what somebody's property when they have it posted lots of people post their land that's just for legal purposes so they're not liable and get sued you know someone gets hurt on their property but they don't really care if you go there put another disk around there must be another way sure I guess so but it would take a long time so we're already running late I thought you came up here to hunt well I did but okay then look it's not gonna hurt anything by the time the owner gets back here next spring the snow and her tracks will all be gone you won't even know we were here so what do you say it's your decision

Hunting with a Snowmobile: An Educational Video
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