what is up shares we just serve 30 minutes of the FedEx office to pick up a very special package I am super excited to get this thing let's go in and see if it's been delivered if this package is here you guys are in for a huge treat because this is going to be the most epic vlog I haven't done in a while it's going to be awesome lives you think it's gonna be here yeah I think so this is the moment of truth shares I really hope the package is here I hope it's deliver it I hope she can find it I hope we can take it home and unbox it for you I think I see it yeah I see it there it is oh my god it's so big okay I think this is it we're good to go we got another huge box let's go home thank you okay yeah we got it check it out shares it's another Traxxas x-max oh yeah we don't know what these giant Xbox trucks are these are awesome RC cars that they can drive on water and it can be even jump over people we jumped it over the Liz remember that Liz yeah that was so awesome kind of scared but still really yeah it almost hit you this box is so big it's like bigger than me check this thing out and when this thing is all put together it's even bigger it's in there let's get home whoo-hoo we were back we got the box let's open it up and see what it is yeah I know it's an x max but I don't know what color it is did you come in three colors blue red and green so chairs comment right now what color you think this one is I'm hoping it's the green one because that's my favorite color but I don't know so let's open it up it's almost open okay I just realized this is so big wait to move to the floor this is just so this is such a giant RC car okay I got it out of the box but it's still like inside a box how do I even open this thing oh it's upside down okay sure it looks like it's the green one so if you commented hashtag green you were totally right do that thing this is the green X back oh yeah look at this thing this is awesome it's so big we got batteries in the controller now we need to put big batteries in the xmax these are the giant batteries that the xmax takes and it takes two of them just to power it so it's loaded up we got the batteries on let's test it out let's see if it works controller is on let's turn this on oh okay it's all just ready to go let's do this let's take this to the slopes and see if we can snowboard behind it whoo-hoo-hoo iShares we were at the ski slopes we got whiz in her skis we also got the giant green xmax we're gonna see if an x max can pull this on her skis let's see if it works let's see how it does wants to know I've never driven one of these on snow before so let's see how it does here we go whoa oh this is so awesome it's like drifting on the ice this is so cool let's do a Burnout test let's see how this thing does ready here we go well your cup to huge so caterpillar this I guess you look at that way bigger than the XS oh this is so much fun to drive on the snow come on Liz let's go she's going a little slow let's give her some help with the xmax see if we can tore up the hill a little bit then Dina handles tight on you we got this a rope we're gonna tie to the xmax liz is gonna hang onto one side we're gonna see if we can tow her up the mountain I don't know if it's gonna work but the XX is pretty big so I think it might actually work let's give it a try here we go okay I latched it on the back Liz got the other side let's see if we can tell her up the hill with this okay let's see if we can get you to go up the hill you're ready Liz yeah let's go okay it's pulling they're working maybe you need like a push to get going here we go [Applause] working he was so that didn't quite seem to work I'm going to try and see how much power it has just by holding it and letting it tow me ready and see how strong it is oh [Applause] yeah it's got some good power this will definitely be able to tell you Liz it might not have enough power to tow uphill but definitely a flat surface let's try on a flat surface now okay Sherry's here we go this is the setup we got the xmax we got a yellow tow rope that connects to Liz who's the skier for today and we're gonna see if we can tow her with the ski with the xmax down this hill it's basically flat and normally you'd have to use her poles so we're gonna try to do the xmax and see how fast we can make her go down this hill let's see if it works hey Lizzy you ready okay Sharra's let's do this thing let's see if it works oh if you think it's gonna work comment right now hashtag RC car okay if this works Liz will never need to use her ski poles ever again because she'll have the X and X to pull er down the mountain and over the flat spots let's see if it works you ready whoa spun out of control whoa that totally works list yeah that was so fun let's do it again yeah you started getting a lot of speed a lot more than you she would even with the pole so this thing is totally awesome so this is a total success and I have one more trick up my sleeve to make this work even better we have paddle tires this will give us even more grip and maybe then we can total is up the hill up the mountain so she won't even need to use a chairlift anywhere that would be so cool let's go back to the car okay I got the pedal tires insurance if you don't know what paddle tires are you've got to check this out these are paddle tires look at these huge paddles this is going to give it a ton of traction in the snow and they're even bigger than the regular wheels by a little bit look at that these are going to be super awesome let's give them a try when you use the wrench I would take off the old tires and we're gonna put on the paddle tires I really hope this works I think this is gonna make it go super fast it's like a sleigh do you think we'll win against the race the horse carriage or the xmax carriage Liz what's the xmax carriage this Oh me tying you with the skis yeah it's like a carrot oh they're going so slow look how slow they're going if this works going uphill you're definitely gonna go faster than those horses this is gonna be so crazy I got one tire on let's do the next let's take the other paddle Tyrone you just stick it on like this and then stick them up back on go see how much faster this thing goes with the paddle tires Sharra's I have a feeling this is gonna go super fast on the snow with these new tires here we go this thing is super fast I think it's definitely to pull lids on those skis we got the paddle tires on this is the ultimate test let's see we can climb that super steep hill with the XX it's really steep I don't know if it's gonna work but let's give it a try this is the x max with paddle tires versus this giant ice cliff right here let's see what we can climb and here we go I don't know if I should go fast or slow I think you should try to go way faster and try this route right there yeah it looks like it's carved out right there oh you happen to get a try let's do it sure is you think this is gonna work I have no idea it's really steep one last time even more speed here we go at 3 2 1 [Applause] [Applause] came from ollie on the top it must have jumped over and landed it all the way down this is awesome let's see if this thing can really with the paddle tires here we go at three – what that was awesome it can do wheelies on the snow that's so crazy what happened to the snow man now that we tested these awesome paddle tires those are you ready to see this will make you go even faster when we tell you yeah okay let's do it here we go it's time to strap Liz up to the X Max and see what this thing can do if you think this is gonna work make sure you smash that like button because I think this is gonna work let's give it a try you ready let's ready okay here we go I did my blush to get going did it work I think it worked a little bit we're gonna try the downhill test again and see how fast we can go she's gonna go so faster these new tires here she comes we're gonna try one more test this is the flatland it's not downhill at all it's pretty flat so let's see if it'll work on the flatland here we go ready okay shares we're about to do this here we go in three two one oh yeah that's mark that was awesome it worked with a flat ground too okay so the final results are that it works uphill a little bit even with the panel tires it still struggles a little bit but downhill and on flat surfaces it goes super super fast right Liz yeah it goes so fast I caught up to those skiers like in a second this was totally awesome chairs it absolutely works with a flat ground the downhill and even worked a little bit uphill I think we can mod it a little bit to make it work even better uphill by putting more weight on the top but what do you think I want to know what you guys think of what we could do to make this work even better yeah this is so much writing maybe if we got like treads instead of tires like tank treads yeah that would be a really awesome but so shares what do you guys say combat hashtag RC car and you're awesome crazy mods we can do this thing to make it work even better in the snow and it's so next time you know what to do stay awesome and share the world peace [Applause] [Applause]

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