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I live in Utah and we live at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains and there is a lot of
back country to being able to go up and snowshoe. However, I am a safe snowshoer and you should
be to. You need to pay attention to where you are snowshoeing, if you are around mountains
and other areas. You need to become familiar with avalanche danger and stay away from areas
that you can get in a lot of trouble snowshoeing. Here in Utah we have a avalanche center and
there are many avalanche classes to teach you where to hike and snowshoe and where not
to go. There are certain kind of strains to look for. Especially you should stay away
from deep areas where you can get caught if the snow started to come down on you and also
mountains that have a 35 degree pitch. You want to stay away from steep hills like that.
But especially if you have a opportunity take a avalanche class and don't be foolish and
go out and snowshoe just anywhere. It can be a big serious problem in your life if you
get caught in bad country.

How to Snowshoe : Safety Tips for Snowshoeing
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