when the snow gets over a foot deep snowshoeing is a great way to hike your favorite trails all winter long all you need is a pair of snowshoes comfortable winter boots and winter trekking poles there are different types of bindings but in general you want to step into the front of the binding so the ball of your foot is over the front crampon tighten the toe straps and then tighten the heel straps now you're ready to get started snowshoeing is just as easy as walking with just a few differences keep your feet a little bit wider so your snowshoes don't hit lead with your poles for balance adjustable poles work best they can be shortened for uphill travel and lengthens for descending when traversing a slope the uphill pole should be shortened while the downhill one is lengthened when climbing stepped firmly to engage the crampons into the snow for traction use your poles for extra balance some snowshoes are equipped with a heel lift for use on moderate to steep slopes flipping the lift up take strain off your calf and Achilles tendon while climbing when going downhill keep your knees slightly bent and weight over your heels to maintain grip and control keep holes in front of you as additional points of contact for balance and stability if you fall roll onto your side and get your knees underneath you use your poles as a brace to help you stand up if you think snowshoeing is for you and want to take trips beyond your backyard and local trails you'll have even more fun by carrying a few pieces of gear where appropriate outerwear and layers for the conditions be sure to have sunglasses on bright sunny days wear a pack and carry an extra layer an extra pair of gloves and hat a water bottle a vacuum bottle with a warm beverage sunglasses and a headlamp in case you are out a little longer than expected cold can make a phone's battery drain very quickly so carry in an inner pocket next to your body now that you know the basics it's time to get the whole family outside for a winter of fun in the snow

How to Snowshoe | L.L.Bean
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