Skateboarding For Beginner Tutorial Script:
Introduction for channel: JB “life’s not easy i’m not made out of steel”
Welcoming Introduction: hey everybody and welcome to my first skateboarding video where
today i will be telling you guys how to skateboard for beginners. Now i’m a beginner myself and i started about
a week ago its actually not that hard once you get the hang of it. Today we will be talking about the basics
like how to. Voiceover:
Balance Lean Turn
Tic-Tacking Pushing
Braking Cool Beginner Trick
*WEAR SAFETY GEAR* Hey everybody before we start the tutorial
make sure to put on some safety gear like a helmet and knee pads because remember safety
comes first. Videos:
Balance: Okay guys the first thing we are going to
work on today is how to balance. So first put your feet like this __. If you feel like you are going to fall down
feel free to hold on to something because if you are a beginner and you rush and you
can’t balance properly and it can be a huge problem in the future when you are riding
the skateboard, so just practice this for a while. The next step that we are going to do is if
you feel like you can’t balance properly try moving a little bit __. And so you will have a little bit of practice
when you are riding the skateboard. Lean Turn:
After you are really good at balancing properly try leaning back and forth because this is
how you will lean turn when you ride the skateboard. It will give you a little more practice when
you are riding the skateboard. Tic-Tacking:
Last thing we are going to talk about before we go on to how to ride the skateboard is
how to tic-tac it’s basically a way to turn all the way around while riding kinda slow
on your skateboard. Because if you are going to fast in your skateboard
while tic-tacking you can fly out your skateboarding. To tic-tac press one foot down on the edge
and lift the other foot up a little, then turn your body like this__. If you feel kinda unsafe like you are gonna
fall down try going near something because if you are going to fall down you can hold
on to something, because that might help you a little bit. Pusing:
(show video) Voiceover: to push put your non-dominant foot
on the skateboard and your dominant foot to push. First do baby steps then put your foot on
the back of the skateboard then start going fast. Braking:
If you are going to fast on the skateboard just put your foot down like this __. And then you can just keep going. Cool beginner trick:This beginner trick is
a very simple one and focuses on your balance it will help you do other tricks like ollie
and kickflips. First thing you need to do is put your skateboard
on your feet then jump up and and try to flip the skateboard then try to land on it. Now you may fall down on your first try so
put on some protective gear, because it may take you a few tries. But once you get the hang of it it’s actually
pretty fun to do. YOUR ALL SET: (Kids Cheering)
Thank you guys so much for watching my first skateboarding video and tuned because we may
be making more of them. If you like this video please leave a like
and a comment down below. Subscribe right hereBye guys and see you next time.

How to skateboard for beginners
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