Um, shooting a video on how to skate In case you want to know how to skate We’re gonna We’re gonna learn how to skate, alright? Let’s go! Ok, so we’ve moved on to a different platform So, I’ll just start where I left off Ok, so obviously that didn’t work Now we’re gonna go into a railed area Hopefully this works I’m just gonna continue from where I left off from when I was on the patio That didn’t go as planned Ok so I’ve worked out all my joints and my limbs and now we’re gonna get started It’s been a rough start but you know, practice makes perfect! So, we’re gonna start right now First, you want to make sure that your feet are leveled inwards So when you start to skate you won’t go like this and make a split [censor] I’m just gonna circle around circle circle around Make sure you make a full circle Clearly we can’t do this anymore Too hazardous [inaudible] We’re gonna do some sports inside We’re gonna get our exercise, alright? Get those abs Get those muscles [censor] [censor] My ass My back hurts [censor] mom [meow] Where’s your sweater?

How To Roller Skate – With Lucille
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