Hi guys my name is Barns and I will show
you today how to roll in your skateboard first you have to find your stance and
then we’ll show you how to push. There is either goofy when you have your right
foot at the front of the board.. so when you step on the board first with your
right foot then you push that’s goofy and when you regular you have your
left foot on the front so you step on with the left foot first then
you push that’s regular. So then find a pole to be safe step on your board your preferred
stance and push yourself. There you go. So after that you can actually try your
push, pushing your skateboard is required to change your feet position so either
goes to side way… when you’re standing on the board and go straight facing when
you push the board… and then you get comfortable rolling
around you can push your board.. when your both feet up you can carve like
to your toe side.. you put pressure on your toes or you can carve for the other side
when you put pressure on your heels. So it’s fairly simple, it is fun everybody
should go and thank you very much guys for watching the video please
go skate and have fun.

How to roll on a skateboard | Basic Skateboard Trick

One thought on “How to roll on a skateboard | Basic Skateboard Trick

  • March 8, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    Are you good at pushing your skateboard?


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