hi there my name is Tiffany officially snowshoes over here you're going to see that these tabs are gonna loop through so we want this part to be on the outside so that when we're stepping we don't accidentally step on them and ruin the bindings in a nice flat area if you're on a hill it's gonna be harder to lean down and put them to your feet so we want to be in a comfortable position so that my foot can fit in easily because it's always easier to tighten something to yourself and this pinches right through the hole I'm gonna have it stuck down so that's not flopping around now I want my toes to be able to move over this part of the crampon so I should take advantage of it on Hills if your foot is too far forward it's going to get the information to really dig in and take advantage of those front teeth my feel is nice and snug it's not moving around and the snowshoe feels really comfortable

How To Put On Snowshoes with Tiffany
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